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INTRODUCTION Hello, my name is Jens Dominque Oscar Nicolas De Bleecker, and this is some of my work which I created over spring semester of 2019 at San Francisco State University. I am currently studying Industrial Design, however found out I enjoy working on graphics as well. I hope you enjoy my works and I look forward to completing more projects in the future. Jens De Bleecker

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Poem Project


Family Crest


Mass Customization

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The first Project i worked on this semester was the Poem Project. Students received a peom written in a different language and would have to sketch, explore and design using only the feeling of the poem since we could not read the langauge, To me it felt like I couldn’t read the language, but somehow I was still able to understand the feelings and emotions that the piece giving. The end product of this project was my favorite piece of the entire semester and was my first proper introduction into designing graphics. De Bleecker, Page: 7


After getting my poem I stated drawing the symbols, they felt ominous and mysterious to me, and I tried to replicate that feeling. I enjoyed the shape and feeling of the letters, but I did wanted to create a more concrete objedt, like a building or a web, both of which I though the symbols would suit. De Bleecker, Page: 8


I decided to explore the web like feeling of combining the characters and how they felt like an old scripture by creating a web of lines and having them connect to structures, as well as drawing structures that I felt would suit the symbols.

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EXPLORATION I then took the web and structure idea and created 3D representations of them and tried using light to explore them. I wasn’t sure what that meant and did not do a solid exploration, however I liked the idea of manipulating light to change the objects.

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FINAL EXPLORATION My next exploration session had me going into my closet with two lights and shining light through various objects to create interesting patterns, something more abstract compaired to literally shining a light under made objects.

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The next phase of the project had me use my explorations to create a series of posters. I chose words to explore that

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had to do with a lack of light, #First: Fear again something too literal Second: Shadow since we were told to still think Third: Silent abstractly.


Later I changed the words to be emotions that you can feel, shadow and silent are not emotions, and I would continue

to explore the grimey nature of First: Regret the light exploration in photo Second: Fear shop, where I got beautiful and Third: Sorrow interesting colors to appear.

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At this point in the project I was told to create a brand based on everthing I had previously worked on. I was initially confused and did not know what to do, however I was inspired by my friends to create a fake band, in which we were all members. I created a logo to represent the band name, based both off the chemical symbol and the geometric symbols of the poem to create “The Codeines�, a modern indie band that does weird sad music and is generally around just to have a good time instead of being serious. I also wanted to make an LP because I think they are cool.

I spend quite a long while to create the cover of three albums, all based apon my previous posters.

My personal favorite was sorrow, I really loved the pinkish purple as well as the layout on the back.

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FINAL DIE CASTS Finally, here are some of the elements I used in the final parts of my LP’s.

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INTRODUCTION The second project we focused on a personal family logo. This was a strange project to me, as most of my family is away in Belgium, however I enjoyed working on it.

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IDEATION These are my ideation exersizes, I did a mind map to get words out. I then took words that meant something to me or my family After I did some simple sketches to come up with important shapes.

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IDEATION This is my mood board, to help me see what I wanted to focus on.

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I did some quick sketches, but I ran into a creative block, and was ultimatly unhappy with what I produced.

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My first logo was a total failure. I was trying to work with illustrator, a program that I was still learning and getting comfortable with, and I would decide to do a redesign.

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SECOND LOGO My second logo, it was still too rough, and not to my liking, however I liked the general shape and feel, I would not change the entire thing.

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PRODUCT IDEA I came up with the idea of creating a traditonal Belgian french fry bag (a puntzak) and the concept of having the three lions representing the three countries I grew up in.

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PRODUCT SKETCHES Some quick sketches I did to get the feeling of color and form of the final products

Three Lions Flemish Lion for Belgium Merlion for Singapore Guardian Lion for ShangHai De Bleecker, Page: 26

THIRD LOGO Third and final logo, it has a cleaner typeface and a better color scheme

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For the final product I produced a custom die cast. I am happy with the outcome and it represents my vision well

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IN USE Here they are in use!

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Here is my ideation for the thrid and final project, I wished to produce a coffee machine that was portable.

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Here are some concept sketches that I did to get a general feeling of what style I wanted and how it works

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FINAL SKETCHES These are my sketches with measurements, so I know what to produce in CAD software

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FINAL PRODUCT This is the final outcome, it was my first time rendering in AUTOCAD. I think ACAD is a bit clunky for making 3D objects so I would like to reproduce this porject in Solid Works

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FINAL LOGO I went back to this project after I turned it in to create a bigger brand feeling. Due to time constraints I was not able to go deeper into Branding The logo is a coffee drip spelling “Drip”.

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My process book for DES 300, get it while you can cause it wont be up long


My process book for DES 300, get it while you can cause it wont be up long