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Diamond poems       In  class  we  have  worked  with  the  theme   BEING  YOUNG     ONE  TASK  WAS  TO  WRITE  A  DIAMOND  POEM         <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3    

                                                   1  Hi                                                  2  you  are                                                  3  beautiful                                                    4  But  not  so  smart                                                    5  No  matter  what  you  do                                                    4  my  lovely  girl                                                    3  are  you  so                                                    2  nice  and                                                    1  cool                    

Friday night     You   Go  to   Party  at   Friday  night  with   your  friends.  You  take  a   drink  and  start  to   dance  and  you   get  too   drunk         Diamond  poem     You  only  get  one  chance           Young You shall Always be Yourself and not Anyone else, you Are beautiful Teenagers Enjoy It

No friend You Walk down A long road drunk and abused looking for a friend no one hears you you are alone vanishing       Party Time Fun   Party   Alcohol   Music  and  Dance   You  make  funny  things   The  whole  weekend   Hangover   Next  day   Sleep  


How Am I Supposed to Like my self when Everyone else doesn't I find it hard Perhaps you Also do Who knows It     Drinking     Sick   Drunk  girl   Take  some  sips   Sitting  outside   Lying  on  the  floor     Empty  bottle   Rolling  eyes  

Being young   Hard     Love     How   Can  you   Say  goodbye   To  me  when  I’m   Still  in  love  with  you   I  miss  you  and   I  really   Do  love   You         Reach  The  Sky       Live   And  stay   Always  strong   Cause  otherwise     You  will  get  tempted     And  drink  poison   To  reach  sky   Before   Time                      

Drunk: You     go  to   a  party   in  the  city,   with  some  boys  and  girls.   They  go  inside   and  to  dance.   Drink  drinks   drunk     Poems  and  food:     How   Can  it   Be  so  hard   Too  write  poems   Oh  wait,  it  is  not.   I  want  to  eat   I’m  hungry   Food.       Booze  =  fun     drink   All  night   Does  the  thing   Party  without   The  booze  is  boring   So  bottoms  up   To  get  the   Final   Drop    

Money over bitches – Poem First We fuck Bitches Then We get money Fucking bitches is Super awesome And the thing We should Do

That’s how it is I’m Young and Free so yeah I smoke weed and I get drunk, don’t blame That’s how it is Chill mom cause I’m having Fun

Party   You   Go  to   Party  at     Sarturday  night     And  drink  too  much  so   You  wake  up  next   Morning  with     Hangover  

To be  young  and  party     Drink     All  night     I  smoked  weed     Party  is  fun   And  that  made  me  sick   I  fucked  it  up   And  today     My  head     Hurts         Diamond  poem     Drunk     Tonight   Feel  the  lights     Shining  so  bright     Its  all  about  fun     Life  just  begun     Be  young   Drunk    

English Poem     Help   Bad  stuff   Can’t  focus   Running  from  all   Trouble  alcohol   Bad  Influence   Lot  trouble   Madness   Done      

Diammond Poems hold 7  

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