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Diamond poems     In  class  we  have  worked  with  the  theme   BEING  YOUNG     ONE  TASK  WAS  TO  WRITE  A  DIAMOND  POEM     <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3      



Your life   As  a  rose   on fire, because I  want  to  live  not   just survive. Be who

you ever liked to be, and just live out loud

Being young

girl or boy, white or black, rich or poor, laugh or tear no matter the country we could all drink a good beer


Dreams we  want.   Hope  we  need.   Achieve  your  goals   so  you  can  succeed.   Fight  for  your  life.   Staying  young   is  our    Dream!    

Love is a great feeling that cant ever be explained by anybody on this great and big world  

My amazing  poem   I   Have  no   Idea   Why  my  parents  are   So  worried  for   Me  when  I   Am  drinking   Beer  

About life   .   You     live  only  

once in  life   So  take  a  chance  

and try  and  you  will   discover  that  it’s  

not as  bad   as  you   thought  

.   Being  young     When     You  are   Young  and  free   You  have  the  world   In  front  of  your  feet   Life  is  short   So  enjoy     Life   Now  


Young You   And  me   Dreams  comes  true   Am  I  happy?   Give  me  some  answers   I  do  love  you   So  why  this?   Forgive     Me         My  mind   You     Make  me   Go  deeper   Down  of  this  road   My  steps  make  me  tired   And  sleeping  is  close   Dreams  consumes  my   Mind  and   Soul  

Sport I   Love  sport,   Football  is   The  best!,  that’s  a   Good  thing  about  being   Young,  my  body     Can  handle     Lot’s  of     Sport     Hopes  and  dreams   Hopes comes true dreams will be remembered Give me some answers keep the faith and i will pray for you too


Hey My  friend   Long  time  ago   We  were  best  mates   You  stole  all  my  money   That  was  not  cool   What  the  hell   Suck  it   ’Friend’     Summertime   The Skis are Blue my eyes Are to The sun Is shining and the Weather is warm Summer Time

Dreams Dream Dream  big   Dream  out  loud   Dream  with  your  heart   your  dreams  are  wishes   so  chase  your  dream   feel  the  beat   of  your   life  


I Love you And I hope you love me as much as i love you If you love me we could love To the End

Alcohol   Control   Lose  footing   Unpredictable  and  drunk   You  should  have  stopped   All  to  late   Laying  down   Hangover     Girls,  girls,  girls   Girls   Girls  are   complicated  but   sweet  and  frustrating   thoughtful,  lovely  and  kind   although  girls  are  sweet   i  will  always   prefer  my   friends        

Being young   Young   Fresh  and   Having  fun   Out  of  control   I’m  freaking  wild  that   Parents  get  mad   Trying  to     Be  good   Fail      


The   skies  are   blue,  your  eyes   are  too.  Blue  like   the  sea,  looking  in     your  eyes  makes  me   feel  young,  wild   and  free.   Done!          

Food I Like food Everyone likes sleep a nice and warm bed is nice too good night

Being young Young   Wild  and       Free,  is  all   I  want  to  be   I’m  to  cool  for  school   Yolo  all  the  way   because  i  am     here  to     stay          

Dreams and  hopes     We   All  have   Dreams  and  hopes   Those  we  try  to     Achieve  and  succeed     If  you  struggle  and   Fight  you  will   One  day     Reach    

Young Silly,


Buys, Histor










Boring Old

Alcohol I Wish that I knew then What I know now Because then I could Have done it all The way that I Should Have     Substance   Roll and smoke Smoke and roll out of control See how it all goes When you are god damn stoned    

Diamond Poems  

Engelskundervisning Oure eftedskole

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