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Fall 2012

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

PLEASURE PUFF Soft mesh surrounds a hidden waterproof bullet to leave you invigorated from head to toe. 4 button cell (included). $22

A. ENTICE Entice with skin so soft, it begs to be touched. Luxurious body lotion contains soothing oils, shea butter, and aloe. 4 oz. $15 ISLAND BREEZE OR PLUMERIA





in a sensual get-clean routine! B

D. Sugar polish Begin your day with the sweet indulgence of Pure Romance’s Sugar Polish. Natural sugar crystals gently buff away dead cells while beneficial oils moisturize your skin, revealing your softest, silkiest self. The result: skin that’s beautifully scented and gorgeously glowing. 4 oz. $24 Green Tea, Pear Berry, Pink Cupcake, or Pomegranate

E. BODY DEW Hydrate and beautify with the after-shower spritz that's infused with essential oils. Spray legs before going out for extra sexy shine! 7 oz. $16 green tea,

EXCAPE Soothe the senses with this gentle body wash. Fragrant and softening with pink champagne and ginseng. 8 oz. $15 Island Breeze or Plumeria


pink cupcake, or Pomegranate

E, G


Pure Romance By Jen Roy

F. SKIN THERAPY Sensitive skin after shaving? Protect it with Skin Therapy! This innovative, protective mist moisturizes and shields newly shaven skin, creating a barrier between it and the rest of the world. This pure botanical extract has soothing properties, softens your skin and tightens pores, minimizing possible irritation of your most sensitive areas. 4 oz. $15 G. PULSA BATH BALL Use this foam sponge to lather up, then turn on the discreet vibrator for a water adventure. 2 AA. $18

COOCHY VARIETY PACK These tubes of Coochy conditioning shave cream are TSA-approved and make it easy to sample sexy scents. 1 oz. each. Includes Açaí Berry, Original, and Pear Berry. $20



C. KISS Body spritz leaves you feeling rejuvenated with scent that's sexy and alluring. Perfect for after a workout or as an all-day refresher! 4 oz. $19


COOCHY Shave with this fragrant cream and keep unsightly bikini bumps from crashing your intimate moments. Gentle for all areas of the body—in fact, it can double as a moisturizing hair conditioner. A must-have! 8 oz. $18 Green Tea, Original, Pear Berry,

B. GLOW Delicate blend of essential oils and moisturizing silk proteins create a diamondlike shimmer for legs, arms, and décolletage. Perfect for your next night out. 2 oz. $18

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5 3

Experience the power of touch!








a. Super Deluxe Mitten Sensual massages made easy. Super Deluxe Mitten is equipped with soft nubbies that caress and pamper for pleasurable massages in and out of the bath. Best with Serenity massage lotion. $18 B. SAVE MY SKIN Nutrient-rich oil helps skin stay healthy and sexy during and after pregnancy. Essential oils moisturize, nourish, and promote elasticity, reducing the appearance of stretch marks. A mom-to-be must-have! 4 oz. $24

C. Heart Massager This reusable heat pack warms to over 120° and stays warm during your massage. Soothe your partner, massage yourself, or warm hands during chilly nights. Use two to experience the sensation of a hot-stone massage. $15 D. Serenity The calming aroma and silky texture of this massage lotion leads to blissful relaxation. Pairs perfectly with the Super Deluxe Mitten. 4 oz. $19 Pomegranate Ginger or Cucumber lime


Pure Romance By Jen Roy

E. Burning Desire The sexy flicker of candlelight, a sensual fragrance, and warm massage oil—all in one. Natural soy melts smoothly and never gets warmer than your natural body temperature. Up to 20 massages. $24 F. Between The Sheets Powder-based spray leaves sheets feeling like satin. Doubles as a freshener for anywhere you want a soft, gentle scent. 4 oz. $15 island breeze, LAVENDER VANILLA, OR Seductive sage

G. miracle oil A miracle on cuticles, dry skin, and more! This 100% naturally sourced formula leaves dry skin feeling relief from chapping, cracking, and roughness. Blended with nine essential oils including hemp seed and tea tree to keep skin looking its healthiest. A true miracle! 1 oz. $20 H. Aura Soft and silky with a tropical coconut nectar fragrance. Aura's special blend of essential oils and herbal extracts softens skin while providing the ideal sensations during erotic massage. 4 oz. $15

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A. meet me in tahiti Liquid bronzer leaves skin looking healthy, illuminated, and gorgeous. Long wearing with subtle shimmer. No-mess measured pump. 1.7 oz. $28 NOW $19 B. bedroom eyes Mascara for smoky-eyed sexiness, luxurious length, and volume that makes an impression. .22 oz. ORIGINAL OR WATERPROOF $15 NOW $10 C. scentuality Sexy scent on the go. Silky, solid stick for wrists, décolletage, and more. INNOCENCE, ISLAND ROMANCE, pure romance, Red Hot Romance, SEXPOT, OR Shameless $9 D. bosom buddy Moisturizing, tingling balm for lips and nipples. An excellent nighttime lip conditioner, it's great for both men and women. 30 ml STRAWBERRY OR VANILLA CUPCAKE $15 E. shimmertime Enhance eyes, cheeks, and décolletage with the cream that gives you sexy sheen. Includes bronze, gold, pink, and silver. 2 oz. $12

Let the beauty in you shine through with the cosmetics collection that takes you from day to night!

F. PERFECT POUT Plumping serum's essential oils help lips feel firmer, smoother, and more defined. In kissable cinnamon. For best results use daily. 4.8 ml $24 NOW $18


G. LIP LINGErie Before your lipstick, apply this smoothglide primer for so-rich, no-feather, lasts-longer color. 4.8 ml $24 NOW $12 H. Kiss & Tell Luscious gloss gives you hydrating moisture and sexy sheen plus thrilling, kissable tingle. .12 oz. In the Nude (Caramel), Little Black Dress (Strawberry), Make Me Blush (Peppermint), Raspberry romance (CHOCOLATE Raspberry) $14


I. basic instinct Use alone or with your own perfume for an extra dose of sex appeal. The fragrance that develops will be unique to you! 10.2 ml $28


J. body bling Golden body shimmer powder can be worn all day and kissed off all night. Arrives with a brushin container that makes beauty easy on the go. .15 oz. CINNAMON OR VANILLA $20



K. sun of a beach Skin looks best when it's sun kissed. Pressed powder bronzer blends flawlessly and accentuates every skin tone. 7.6 g. $20 NOW $15


L. more drama Transition from day to night with rich, Cashmere (Butter Nut Caramel), kissable, stay-put color. ¡En Fuego! (Apricot), Like You A Latte (Coffee Vanilla), Looks & Personality (Strawberry Cheesecake), Raspberry Romance (Chocolate Raspberry), Wine-O (Vanilla Mint) $15 NOW $9




M. tell me more Lip gloss texture, lipstick coverage. Long lasting and deliciously kissable. Caribbean Romance (Apricot), Girl Next Door (Strawberry), Scarlet Starlet (Black Currant), Sunkissed (Caramel) $15 NOW $9



Pure Romance By Jen Roy


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sexy secrets

tempting tricks 52 Weeks of Naughty Nights Enjoy hours of excitement when you perform the intimate suggestions on these 52 scratch-and-win cards. A great gift! $15

Date Night GAME Date night just got more exciting! This card game for two helps you and your partner tap into your most intimate desires. $19

lip locked It's the lip balm for two! What happens when cool vanilla and spicy cinnamon flavors mix in a tingling kiss? Make-out magic! Two .15 oz. tubes. $10



Tickle & Whip With soft feathers on one end and rubber strands on the other, this two-in-one toy teases and pleases perfectly. $15 Black, Pink, or Red

When you try foreplay together, you pave the way for more pleasure than ever. These new tricks make it easy to tantalize your way to a bed-shaking finale!


B-G Dust Me Pink Dust each other with the powder, and then take time smooching off the sweetness. Sugar free. .77 oz. $16 Barely Berry or cinnamon swirl

A. PURE ROMANCE Between the Sheets Pure Romance is proud to present Founder Patty Brisben’s celebration of sexuality with an all-encompassing approach that covers intimacy, bedroom toys, lubricants, sexual health, and the importance of communication in and out of the bedroom. 239 pages. $24 CHOCOLATE FANTASY Drizzle your lover with this delicious assortment of chocolate-flavored kissable body toppings. Brush not included. $18

ICE BREAKER Enjoy icy sensations during foreplay with this unique freeze-and-fill system. The nubbies will feel great as the ice heats things up! Waterproof. $24

Spicy Dice Spice things up in the bedroom, kitchen, or wherever the dice may roll! Three dice dictate the action, the body part, and the location. $9

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

B. Tickle Your Fancy This illustrated woman’s guide teaches more than 30 self-pleasure techniques. 89 pages. $16

C. Tickle His Pickle Discover 50 sizzling oral lovemaking methods to drive him wild. 147 pages. $16 D. Ride ‘em Cowgirl This sex position guide has more than 100 easy-to-imitate illustrations. 217 pages. $20 E. Love On The Menu Sensual cookbook includes recipes for bubble baths, love potions, and sexy aphrodisiacs. 136 pages. $29

F. the Complete guide to Sexual Positions More than 175 positions! This pictorial guide delves into g-spot tips, sexy reflexology techniques, and more. 126 pages. $19 G. Erotic Massage– the touch of love This illustrated, step-by-step guide helps you become a master of erotic massage. 112 pages. $20

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P leasure



Make every sensation more pleasurable, more comfortable, more fun— because a premium lubricant is where truly incredible lovemaking begins!

A. Pure Silk When it’s time to play, it’s time for Pure Silk. This premium lubricant glides on with the silky feel of silicone and is specially designed for perfect performance with every kind of bedroom accessory. Plus, the long-lasting formula ensures you won’t need to put away your toys any time soon. 2 oz. $20


B. Sweet Seduction Go ahead—lose control, just a little! Sweet Seduction is a water-based lubricant that flows generously to give every sexual encounter that extra toe-curling “wow” factor. The high-quality ingredients are long-lasting and naturally sweet, so the excitement lingers from foreplay to the afterglow. 4 oz. $15 Original or Vanilla


C. JUST LIKE ME Our bestselling water-based lubricant is designed to imitate your body’s natural moisture and help prepare you for an unforgettable experience. The pH-balanced formula is smooth and easy to control; in unflavored Original, it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive woman. 4 oz. $16


key lime, Original, or Strawberry

D See all foreplay must-haves on p. 8


Pure Romance By Jen Roy

D. PURE PLEASURE Pulling an all-nighter? This gentle, silicone-based formula is sublimely slippery and will enhance every sexual experience. Ideal for anal play and water play, this lubricant is highly concentrated so that a little goes a long way. 2 oz. $18

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The Flavor will set you over the edge! SENSATIONS

Turn up the heat and amplify the flavor. Sensations is the stiletto pump of the Pure Romance lubricant collection—when you want an experience that's extra sexy, daring, and unforgettable!

Strawberries & Whipped Cream


Hot Buttered Rum


Out of the bottle, Sensations feels cool on the skin. Add a little friction, and the lubricant warms. Use your steamy bedroom breath, and the air-activated formula delivers exciting heat! 4 oz. $15 berry vanilla, Cosmopolitan, Hot Buttered Rum, Original, Strawberries & WHIPPED Cream, or Watermelon

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

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So delicious, you'll

want seconds!

Whipped is a perfect treat for two! Each crave-worthy variety of Whipped is luxuriously rich and creamy—perfect for pleasing you both! He'll appreciate the non-sticky emollient texture during erotic massage and oral favors. You'll love the kissable, lip-smacking variety. Also ideal for pairing with any of Pure Romance's c-rings (p.38) or male enhancers (p.40). Try them all! 3 oz. $16 Cinnamon Dolce, Original, Strawberry Cheesecake, or Vanilla Cupcake


Pure Romance By Jen Roy

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great for both of you!

CHEMISTRY The two of you together plus a little extra magic can magnify your moment.

‘Not tonight’? Never again! Are you satisfied with your sex life? Millions aren’t—and that’s understandable. The pressures of everyday life can leave anyone wondering where the magic went. But Pure Romance’s enhancement creams can help. They deliver a cool tingle to your most intimate areas, making every touch more electrifying. Make “not tonight, honey” a thing of the past!

EX-T-CEE Formulated to thrill. Air activates the mint base to provide amazing sensations and increased pleasure. 1 oz. $15 Peppermint Patty, Strawberry, or Sugar Cookie

Experience the enhancement cream difference! Life happens. Stress and busy days can get in the way. On nights you're not feeling it but wish you were, reach for your enhancement cream. When a pea-sized dab is applied to the clitoris, air activates the specially formulated mint compound to increase pleasure to your body’s most sensitive erogenous zone. Suddenly, you're ready for anything!


Pure Romance By Jen Roy

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X-SCREAM Our most powerful enhancement cream is strong enough for him to use too! Pulse-pounding excitement for you both! 1 oz. $20 Cool Mint or vanilla Frosting

STAY UP All Night Long!

Great Head Variety Pack Turn oral favors into delicious treats with a smooth feeling he’ll love— All the benefits of Great Head in sizes you can sample! Includes 1 oz. of each luscious, kissable variety: $20 grape berry, strawberry banana, and

Great Head If oral favors feel like all labor, no love, Great Head is a must. The kissable formula helps keep you comfortable during oral favors—and he’ll love the slippery sensation! 3 oz. $17 citrus punch or succulent strawberry

yumberry blueberry.

Sleep? Who needs it! Now you've got epic, go-till-dawn pleasure that's totally unstoppable!

UP ALL NIGHT Make great lovemaking last longer! Up All Night is a kissable passion fruit cream that slows down your man, yet allows him to still have enjoyable sexual experiences. He’ll spend more time pleasing you! 2 oz. $15


Pure Romance By Jen Roy

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The clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings. Introduce each one to sheer pleasure with a must-have bullet!

detachable bullet!






A. PERFECT TEN Intriguing shape, soft texture, 10 speeds. The double-bulb design cradles the clitoris for pleasure that envelops. Cycle through the 10 speeds to experience an array of clitoral excitement. Waterproof. 2 AAA. $32 B. HOP ON IT Add some versatility to your collection. Slide the soft jelly sleeve over your bullet, and the bunny’s perfectly positioned ears are ready to please. (Bullet not included.) $12


C. JACKIE "OH" Jackie “Oh” is a stylish and sophisticated clitoral vibrator with personality! Her 10 functions and soft coating really puts the “Oh” in your experience! The beautifully designed handle features a textured latex grip and single, push-button functionality, adding extra extravagance to this silicone bullet! 2 AAA. $49 D. HOT DATE Hot Date’s micro bullets have a soft coating that traps heat and warms to the touch of your skin. Plus, with two powerful speeds to choose from, the compact bullets deliver concentrated pleasure right where it counts. 2 AA. $36

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

E. DOUBLE "O" 7 Your secret agent of satisfaction! The push-button remote puts you in control as you navigate through seven speeds, giving you a license to thrill. The soft-touch coating warms to your body and intensifies the vibration. Waterproof. 3 AAA. $39

G. just sayin’ This clitoral tickler makes pleasure possible with 10 incredible speeds, strong pulsations, and an easy on/off switch to give you total control. The slender design works great with c-rings. Waterproof. 2 AAA. $32

F. It Takes Two Double your pleasure! When you add two five-function, uniquely shaped bullets to your lovemaking, you can please two of your own erogenous zones at once—or give one bullet to your partner to join in the fun! Waterproof. 3 AAA. $49

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PLEASURE ESSENTIALS With so many bullets to choose from, there are multiple ways to hit the mark!

Micro Bullet Don’t let the size fool you: this bullet is sure to satisfy with explosive power. Push-button operation and dual speeds. Coating warms to your body. 2 AA. $24

Ultimate 7th Heaven It's our classic 7th Heaven, improved with a soft rubber coating that intensifies the vibration. Control all seven speeds from the wired, push-button remote for ultimate pleasure every time. 3 AA. $34

7th Heaven There’s a reason women choose 7th Heaven again and again—it works. Seven incredible speeds deliver the intensity and pulsation to achieve toe-curling pleasure. 3 AA. $28

Partying has its rewards. Earn your favorite products­­— free! Book your party today, tell all your friends, and get ready for an unforgettable experience! Your Pure Romance Consultant will take care of everything. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and have fun!

WATERPROOF Power Bullet Looking for fun in the water? Whether you’re playing with a partner or having fun by yourself, this dual-speed bullet adds vibrating excitement to just the right spot. 2 AA. $21


Pure Romance By Jen Roy


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Toy. Lubricant. Cleaner.

our first gyrating bullet!

protect your pleasure investment!

Everyone loves a little TLC, and so does your toy. With the right lubricant and cleaner, your new little friend is primed and ready to give you maximum pleasure again...and again...and again!

secret service Who said the Secret Service is just for the President? This clitoral vibrator is one smooth operator! You’ll love its soft, sensual shape and the coating that warms to the heat of your body. With a sleek design, wireless operation, and rechargeable battery, this eightfunction clitoral vibrator is the perfect bodyguard against any lonely night! USB rechargeable. $89

Magic Fingers Soft texture perfectly surrounds you for direct or indirect pleasure. Two motors please at variable speeds. Waterproof. 2 AAA. $49

earthquake This gyrating bullet has 10 amazing functions to rock your world! Earthquake has a multi-textured sleeve, adding even more possibilities! 2 AA. $45

Oh Zone A new way to score! The soft silicone ring encircles your nerve-rich hot spot. Ten quiet speeds offer plenty of vibrating options. Waterproof. 1 AA. $42


HANKY PANKY Give your partner the remote—and control over your pleasure. Ten speeds and a 25’ range. Waterproof. 6 button cell (included) and 2 AAA. $69

Your pleasure is an important part of who you are. Give yourself permission to play with a discreet clitoral vibrator, and discover how great it feels to be mmmpowered!

hidden drama Don’t leave home without this discreet lipstick-look clitoral vibe. Four speeds. Waterproof. 4 button cell (included). $39

Shown with Just Like Me (p.10) and Come Clean (p.47)


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jaguar This luxurious vibrator features an ergonomic design that fits right in the palm of your hand! You’ll love its soft coating, low-profile controls, and several speeds. 2 AAA $59

USB Business meets pleasure in the Ultimate Secret Bullet. No batteries, no outlet required—simply plug into your computer's port and enjoy. One speed. $19

dear john Get ready for an experience to write home about! Dear John is one of the most unique clitoral vibrators to be featured in the Pure Romance line—and doubles as a functioning pen! 1 AAA $27

VIBRATIONS for great sensations!

PHILLIP Perfectly contoured vibrator is smooth along the twisting, tapered shaft and is great in the shower, too. Variable speeds. 2 AA. $19 Length: 6”, Girth: 4”

Romance Ink This vibe walks on the wild side: it’s inked with a Pure Romance tattoo! It’s smooth, twisted, and waterproof; its seven speeds provide rebellious possibilities. 2 AAA. $27 Length: 4.25”, Girth: 3.75”


Versatile Pleasure! Your vaginal vibrator is no one-trick pony. Try slipping one inside our Super Deluxe Mitten (p.4) to add a little vibration to your next sensual massage. Then try pleasing yourself and discovering what you like, even using your new vibe as a clitoral pleaser. Finally, invite your partner to play! The possibilites are limitless, and you'll be hotter than ever for each other!

disco stick It’s time to dance the night away! Disco Stick has an LED light for lots of fun in the dark, plus a textured shaft for exciting sensations and added pleasure. Variable speeds put you in control. Waterproof. 2 AA. $29

SHOCKWAVE Others have a bullet at the base, but Shockwave has one in the middle for excitement where it counts. And look closer: the raised nubbie is ready to please. Variable speeds. Dial control. Waterproof. 2 AA. $32

The Legend You’ve heard the rumors. Now meet The Legend. Impressive in every way, this girthy pleaser gives you generous size, three powerful motors, and seven functions worth gossiping about. Smooth silicone warms to the body; low-profile controls never get in the way. Waterproof. 3 AAA. $119

mr. longfellow Let the realistic contours, impressive size, and three speeds bring a new level of sophistication to your bedroom experience. This vaginal vibrator boasts a lifelike shape and girth, and it’s made from a soft material that will send your senses soaring! 2 AA. $36

Length: 6”, Girth: 4”

Length: 6”, Girth: 5.5”

Length: 6.5”, Girth: 5”

Length: 7", girth: 5"

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

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THUNDER VIBE Want girth? You got it! This soft jelly vibrator provides full, intensely satisfying sensations. Low-to-high vibration and strategically placed nubbies. Waterproof. 2 AA. $29 Length: 6.5”, Girth: 5.5”



Pleasure Hunt! The g-spot is a nerve-packed zone located about two

inches inside the vagina on the belly-button side with plenty of pleasure potential! Discover your g-spot yourself with any of these special accessories or get with a partner and try some of the exciting lovemaking positions illustrated in The Complete Guide To Sexual Positions (p.9)

curved to hit the spot!

the marilyn This 10-speed silicone vibrator features the Pure Romance heart and elegant, swirling designs down each side of its shaft. The Marilyn will have you asking, “Who said nights were for sleep?” 2 AAA. $59


Ocho Pinko With eight incredible speeds and a firm, ribbed shaft, its angled head has soft nubbies positioned for g-spot thrills. 2 AA. Waterproof. $45

Buzz Count them: nine speeds! This soft g-spot thriller has butterfly wings and a head positioned to please. Waterproof. 2 AAA. $39

Thumbs Up Perfectly angled. Soft nubbies tease, variable intensities give you control, and the waterproof construction leads to bathtime fun. 2 AAA. $30

Length: 4.5”, Girth: 4”

Length: 3.5”, Girth: 3.5”

Length: 3”, Girth: 3”

LUXE g Three speeds and a perfect curve make this accessory ultra luxe. Ribbed shaft is coated with a soft texture for smooth, satisfying pleasure. Waterproof. 2 AA. $42

Length: 5”, Girth: 4”

Length: 4.5”, Girth: 4”


Pure Romance By Jen Roy

privacy please Discreet in every way. With an ultra quiet motor, this waterproof g-spot wonder offers variable speeds and nubbies perfectly placed. 2 AAA. $28

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A new spin on

For ladies who love a little twirl, these dual-action accessories have



ball bearings that rotate just right!

A. JACKPOT Perfectly positioned along the girthiest part of the sizable shaft, the rows of ball bearings rotate at three speeds and reverse direction at the push of a button. Soft jelly clitoral teaser vibrates at seven speeds. Waterproof. 3 AA. $79 Length: 5”, Girth: 5.5”

B. B.O.B. Your battery-operated boyfriend has 70 twirling beads, a reversible rotating jelly shaft, and a clitoral vibrator outfitted with three prongs and three speeds. Waterproof. 3 AA. $89 Length: 5.5”, Girth: 5”

C. big bang With four rows of reversible rotating beads and a triple-point, variable-speed clitoral vibrator, prepare for Earth-shattering experiences! Waterproof. 4 AA. $59 Length: 5”, Girth: 4.75”

D. wild harE These bunny ears are generous in size and positioned perfectly to tease. Reversible ball bearings and powerful two-speed motor add to the fun. Waterproof. 4 AA. $49 Length: 4.75”, Girth: 4.5”

E. ROGER THAT An ideal first dual-action accessory thanks to a seven-speed clitoral teaser and a comfortably slim shaft that gyrates at three speeds. Along that shaft, five rows of pleasure bearings rotate at three speeds. Waterproof. 3 AAA. $79






Length: 4”, Girth: 4”


Pure Romance By Jen Roy

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Double your pleasure! Packed with features, these dual-action accessories know how to zero in on every zone!

pops and locks into position!

women around the world will attend a Pure Romance party this year. They’ll be educated and empowered to learn more about their health and their desires. Be part of the revolution that’s sweeping the globe— the Pure Romance revolution!

As a Consultant, you’ll enjoy: Unlimited Earning Potential Flexible Schedule Incredible Rewards A Job That’s Actually Fun ...And So Much More!

BEN D. A master of contortion, Ben D. changes shape and angle thanks to articulated joints that give you total control. With two speeds, slim textured shaft, and a petite clitoral vibrator. Waterproof. 2 AAA. $36

Daddy from the ‘Nati This mechanical wonder has an impressively sized shaft and an independently controlled soft clitoral vibrator operated by low-to-high slide controls that make it easy to choose your adventure. 3 AA. $48

Length: 5”, Girth: 4”

Length: 4”, Girth: 5”

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

all night bender Flexible made fun. Bends at every angle, plus offers 10 functions— for versatile, thrilling experiences. Waterproof. 3 AAA. $59

Start your business for as little as $199! Ask your Consultant how you can start earning today.

Length: 5.5”, Girth: 5”

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PLATINUM Performance


T.O.M. Meet your triple orgasm machine. You control the way his sizable shaft vibrates, rotates, and thrusts; the speed and direction of his revolving row of pleasure beads; and the intensity of his hummingbird’s flutter. Waterproof. 4 AA. $159

Platinum Pete With seven mind-blowing levels of vibration, rotating pleasure beads, and an independently controlled soft jelly rabbit clitoral vibrator, Platinum Pete leaves no pleasure zone wanting more. Waterproof. 4 AA. $119

Length: 5.5”, Girth: 5”

Length: 5”, Girth: 4.5”

Harley Two rows of rotating ball bearings spin and the textured shaft thrusts—all while five levels of vibration and rotation send you on the trip of a lifetime. Fullcoverage clitoral vibrator and impressive nubbies throughout pack a Platinum pleasure punch. Waterproof. 4 AA. $159 LENGTH: 6”, GIRTH: 4.75”

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

Each bedroom accessory in the Platinum Collection is unique. Each takes the powerful motors and quality construction that marks all of Pure Romance’s premium bedroom accessories, then builds on that foundation to create something special, something unexpected. That innovation—that recognition that each woman has her own distinctive desires—is the Platinum difference.

succulent vibe Imagine your most sensitive pleasure zone entirely enveloped in bliss. Three powerful levels of vibration and rotating ball bearings add sensation where it counts. Waterproof. 3 AA. $149 Length: 5.25”, Girth: 5”

Major Hare Salute your satisfaction. Everything about Major Hare is impressive: three rows of rotating ball bearings, three powerful speeds, a randomizing button—but it’s the oversized clitoral vibrator that truly sends you into toe-curling combat. Waterproof. 3 AA. $129

Tongue tied You'll be speechless! Features a g-spot-hitting vibrating bearing, 18 twirling pleasure beads, a three-speed rotating head, and a three-speed teaser wearing a metal bead for ultimate clitoral pleasure. Waterproof. 3 AA. $149 Length: 5.5”, Girth: 5.25”

Length: 5”, Girth: 4.5”

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Luxury like you've

never imagined. Rechargable convenience. Tantalizing texture. Unsurpassed quality.

THE TRAINER The workout of a lifetime. Independent, whisper-quiet dual motors change speeds on demand with “squeeze me” technology or manually as desired, giving you incredible incentive to stay motivated as you strengthen your pelvic floor. Silky-soft, virtually seamless premium silicone warms to your body for ultimate satisfaction. Rechargeable with included lithium ion battery and 110/240 volt power adapter. Locks for travel. Waterproof. $199 Length: 3.5”, Girth: 2.5”


THE CONCIERGE Dual-action luxury. Independent whisper-quiet motors vibrate the textured shaft, three-pronged clitoral teaser, and rotating head in sync, allowing for the ultimate pleasure experience. Six rotation and vibration speeds allow for thrilling combination possibilities. Satin-finish, seamless premium silicone warms to your body. Rechargeable with included lithium ion battery and beautifully convenient 110/240 volt charging stand. Locks for travel. $279

THE executive The Executive is sure to become your new bedroom boss! Featuring the softest, highest-quality silicone on the market, this dual-action vibrator features dual motors that accelerate gradually. The Executive delivers firm, yet smooth vibrations and really takes care of business! Rechargeable with included lithium ion battery and 110/240 volt power adapter. Locks for travel. Waterproof. $199

THE MILLIONAIRE The Millionaire is waiting to lavish you with gifts: a rotating shaft and perfectly positioned clitoral teaser that operate quietly and independently; an ergonomic design to complement your natural contours; and silky-soft, virtually seamless silicone that warms to your body. Rechargeable with included lithium ion battery and 110/240 volt power adapter. Locks for travel. Waterproof. $219

Length: 5.75”, Girth: 3”

LENGTH: 5.75”, GIRTH: 3”

Length: 5”, Girth: 3”

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

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CABANA BOY With discreet dual motors that independently operate the sleek shaft and clitoral vibrator, your Cabana Boy allows you to request a pleasure combination so perfect, you’ll be tempted to tip. Silky-soft, virtually seamless premium silicone warms to your body for ultimate satisfaction. Rechargeable with included lithium ion battery and 110/240 volt power adapter. Locks for travel. Waterproof. $189 Length: 3.5”, Girth: 3”


SHARE THE LOVE! More pleasure together! Meet the accessories that speed you up, slow him down, and make the journey as much fun as the destination!

magnetic attraction A thrilling flow and a tighter squeeze. Nubbies add more excitement for you! Bullet included. Waterproof. 6 button cell (included). $39

animal instincts Complete with two magnetic metal beads, dual ring design, and a purr-fectly placed panther on top, introduce some Animal Instincts into your bedroom! 3 button cell (included). $42

Wireless Double Trouble Ring Slide on this soft jelly c-ring; you’ll love how the two three-speed bullets please you both! 6 button cell (included). $39


double duty With two independent rings that can be used together or separately, Double Duty also has a single-speed bullet! 2 button cell batteries (included). $30

Vibration for you. Snug sensations for him. An experience both of you will love! When you let go and try something new together, you share a fun, intimate experience you'll be eager to repeat!

Double Trouble RING Try this jelly ring for thrilling sensations; double the fun when you turn on the two low-tohigh bullets. 2 AA. $29

Our #1 couples' toy! JELLY TOOL BELT Our #1 selling couples’ toy has a seven-function waterproof battery pack to level the playing field—he’ll enjoy the c-ring’s comfortable sensation; you’ll play with the removable micro-bullet’s seven intense vibrations. Combine the two to leave you both begging for more! 3 AAA. Waterproof. $57


Pure Romance By Jen Roy

TWITTER Comes with its own bullet! The comfortable fit will please him; the fluttering wings will vibrate against you. One speed. 6 button cell (included). $19

Jelly C-ring Seven levels of vibration are sure to leave you both satisfied. Nubbies are placed to tickle the clitoris, or flip for a smoother texture. 3 AA. $34

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Family Jewels He’ll experience comfortable snugness from the jelly dual c-ring. Both of you will enjoy vibration from the included bullet. Three speeds. 6 button cell (included). $30

give him a great


POKER FACE When he feels the softness, the texture, the oh-so-amazing suction, there's no way he'll be able to hide his satisfaction! And for the perfect pleasure pair, add a little Whipped creamy lubricant (p.15) to the game!

The realistic sensations alone are enough to make him go all in. But when you join in the fun by including a male enhancer during oral favors or lovemaking, you both will win big!

GOLDEN GIRL He’ll thank her for being a friend! The easy-touse, open-ended design makes Golden Girl incredibly versatile. Great for enhancing oral favors, too! $29

Super Stretch LIPS Our #1 selling male product! This stretchy, ultra-soft jelly pleasure toy has an open-ended design perfect for all types of lovemaking. $29


j-Glo Made of soft jelly for realistic sensations, J-Glo has a beaded pleasure chamber and open-ended design for all kinds of play—and glows in the dark to really make him dance! $36

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

JILL He’ll look forward to his date with Jill, an ultra-soft pleasure sleeve that enhances his experience with realistic sensations and a closed-ended design that delivers satisfying suction. Use with Whipped (p.15) for over-the-top sensations. $42

JILL This ultra soft pleasure sleeve enhances his experience with realistic sensations and a waterproof design. Can help make intercourse and oral favors more fun for you, too! $42

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Change the way you think about back-door play! This sensitive zone is packed with nerve endings that can lead to intense pleasure for both of you. Go ahead. Try something new!

bum diggity Bum Diggity’s soft silicone and gentle, graduated shape is perfect for those just beginning to explore anal play. The 10 thrilling functions will please experienced users, too! 1 AA. $42

PURE SILK This premium lubricant glides on with the silky feel of silicone and is specially designed for perfect performance with every kind of bedroom accessory. Plus, the longlasting formula ensures you won’t need to put away your toys any time soon. 4 oz. $20

LENGTH: 3", GIRTH: 3.5"

BUTT PLUG This soft, flexible, tapered toy will tease the anus and male prostate gland to provide amazing sensations. $15

Little Gem This soft, flexible probe fits comfortably over a finger—perfect for beginners exploring back door play. $16

Length: 4”, Girth: 3.5”

Length: 2.5”, Girth: 3”

VIBRATING Pleasure Beads Amp up back door play with these waterproof graduated beads that vibrate! End control lets you choose your variable speeds. 2 AAA. $24 Length: 12”, Girth: 3”


Booty Eaze This kissable cherry gel soothes the anal opening, helping to make anal activity more comfortable. .5 oz. $10

extra credit This pleasure sleeve adds the extra length, girth, and texture you crave, plus ridges inside that feel great to him. Try it with toys, too! Waterproof. $30

The Pure Romance product line is designed to fulfill every fantasy. Relax, have fun, and experiment – suddenly, you're up for anything!


Mr. dependable Mr. Dependable offers seven inches of thick, lifelike jelly. What makes this accessory truly versatile is its suction-cup base. Try it in the shower and you’ll have a new bathtime toy! $29 LENGTH: 7”, GIRTH: 5”

a toy-perfect lubricant!


Pure Romance By Jen Roy

double header This non-vibrating, double-headed pleaser is full of possibilities! Feels great when used with water-based Just Like Me, or if you take it to the shower, try Pure Pleasure (p.11). $29

LOL This non-vibrating strap-on harness provides you with L.O.L.­­—lots of love! Fit the adjustable straps to your body and enjoy the ride provided by the realistic shaft. $39

The Richards This double-shafted pleasure machine will send your senses racing. Perfect for the woman looking to explore anal play, you’ll be inviting the Richards over every night! 2 AA. $39

LENGTH: 16”, GIRTH: 6”

Length: 7" Girth: 5"

LENGTH: 6" (vaginal), 3.5" (anal); GIRTH: 5" (vaginal), 3.5" (anal)

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THE GREY Revolutionu



Cozy Cuffs Perfect for when the two of you want to get extra cozy. The faux fur lining is sexy and soft. Each pair of Cozy Cuffs includes two keys. $18 Black, Pink, or Red

sexy spreader Place the adjustable cuffs around each ankle and the padded strap behind your neck, adjust to the perfect position, and let the Sexy Spreader take control! $42

Tie Me Up Tape Wide enough to bond, cuff, blindfold—even make sexy outfits! The Tie Me Up Tape stays in place without knots and is easily removed, even from hair. 35’. $12


A. FLOGGER Our faux-leather-bound Flogger features deliciously dangerous strands of faux leather you can use to excite and/or punish the naughtiest of partners. Delicately run its strands over sensitive nipples and backsides, or use it to raise love welts. $22 B. GREY TIE Who says ties are only for formal occasions? Our sexy Grey Tie can be worn to work or swanky events, then double as a formal restraint in the boudoir. Send it to work on your lover and let the Grey Tie be a constant reminder of what’s waiting at home! $14 C. CROP Ready for a little impact play? Our signature Crop features an 11” handle, a loop for your wrist, and delivers a satisfying sting to your partner. The Crop has an embedded Pure Romance heart logo that will leave its mark with each sensual smack! $28


Vanilla Bondage KIT Everyone loves vanilla! This bondage kit includes silky, cream-colored restraints and a sexy blindfold. $13



Experiment with heightened senses, weightless lovemaking, and satisfying new positions. Unleash your wild side!

BED, BONDAGE, & BEYOND Slide the nylon straps under your mattress, position the hook-and-loop cuffs, and you've got a bondage playground! Any mattress. $48

D. NIPPLE CLAMPS Nipple Clamps will excite your lover with every movement! Their sensuous feathers will dance across bare breasts and heighten any experience. Each clamp comes coated with soft rubber and features an erotic black feather. Nipple Clamps are equipped with adjustable screws that allow you to fit the clamps as tightly or loosely as you like. $20 E. GREY BLINDFOLD Don Grey Blindfold and feel your nerve endings come alive with every touch! By taking away your sense of sight, Grey Blindfold will actually heighten your other senses during foreplay and sex, allowing your lover to surprise you with unexpected caresses or sensual spankings! One size fits all. $12

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

frequent flier door SWING Enjoy new positions when you close these nylon harnesses in a door and enjoy! Perfect for couples of all heights. Up to 300 lbs. $89

LOVE WEDGE This inflatable flocked wedge has easy-grip handles so you can maintain your position and keep your rhythm. Up to 300 lbs. $39

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Love Swing Cradles your back, legs, and feet for mobility, minimal exertion, and near weightlessness. Up to 200 lbs. with the spring (300 lbs. without). $149

PLEASURE with purpose!

Sugar Sak After toys are washed and dried, drop them into this smart storage solution, and they're ready for next time! (Toy not included.) $15

Come Clean Wipes Make bedroomaccessory hygiene a breeze. Gentle and TSA-approved for your next on-the-go rendezvous. 10 wipes. $12

Come Clean Protect your pleasure investment! Use to clean toys before and after play so material stays good as new. 4 oz. $12, 8 oz. $16


Ben Wa Balls These silver-plated Oriental balls ensure you're exercising vaginal walls and bladder muscles for maximum pleasure impact. $18

Pure Romance is dedicated to helping you feel and be your very best. That's why our product line includes sound solutions for women looking to reclaim their intimate selves. Proof that Pure Romance parties are more than fun—they're life-changing! 46

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

Fresh Start This gentle vaginal moisturizer is absorbed by the body to keep your sensitive tissue supple. Includes six applicators. 2 oz. $20

Taking good care of every part of yourself is essential to experiencing the most fulfilling intimate life ever. Our sexual health solutions help you feel—and be—your very best!

Like a Virgin Feel more snug to him, and he'll feel larger to you! Takes effect up to 30 minutes after application. Use with a water-based lubricant. .5 oz. $19

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personal trainer These weighted orbs make it easy to improve pelvic floor muscle strength. Soft touch rubber coating and soft cord for easy removal. $16

VAGINAL Dilator Set Includes six 100% silicone dilators to stretch the vaginal walls, making penetration and medical exams more comfortable. $89





WHAT'S YOUR Be a sizzling sex symbol. A tantalizing temptress. A badgirl bombshell. Be all this and more with Pure Romance’s line of luxury lingerie.

Magic Fingers Soft texture perfectly surrounds you for direct or indirect pleasure. Two motors please at variable speeds. Waterproof. 2 AAA. $49

A. DESIRE Slip includes stretch lace and low back, ruffle hem and rear bustle detail. Includes crisscross straps, removable garters, and matching thong. $59 S, M, OR L


B. THE TEMPTRESS A chiffon babydoll with plum-colored pleats highlight curves while sheer material provides a glimpse at what’s underneath. Matching thong included. $59 S, M, L, 1X/2X, OR 3X/4X

C. EYE CANDY Pink satin slip with princess seams wrapped in delicate eyelash lace. Removable garters and matching thong included. $59 S, M, L, 1X/2X, OR 3X/4X D. SHEER BEAUTY Nearly naked, but not quite! Fishnet body stocking and opencrotch design ensures you don’t have to interrupt a night of passion to strip down. $18 ONE SIZE OR QUEEN

HANKY PANKY Give your partner the remote—and control over your pleasure. Ten speeds and a 25’ range. Waterproof. 6 button cell (included) and 2 AAA. $69

E. SUGAR Babydoll includes scalloped stretch lace cups, a chiffon skirt, and is designed to enhance every curve. Matching thong included. $59 S,M,L, 1X/2X, OR 3X/4X


F. VIOLET VIXEN Plum-colored satin and stretch mesh with princess-seam detailing. Underwire cups with hook-and-eye back closure. Matching thong and garters included. $59 S, M, L, OR XL

BFF Powered by a standard A/C cord for limitless power, this variableintensity massager soothes you from head to toe. UL listed. $89

Oh Zone A new way to score! The soft silicone ring encircles your nerve-rich hot spot. Ten quiet speeds offer plenty of vibrating options. Waterproof. 1 AA. $42


NAUGHTY OR NICE? Whatever you choose, our selection of seductive lingerie gives you the chance to bring your wildest fantasies to life!


hidden drama Don’t leave home without this discreet lipstick-look clitoral vibe. Four speeds. Waterproof. 4 button cell (included). $35


G. TWILIGHT Black floral lace robe that just begs to be undone; open robe to expose the charmeuse babydoll with crisscross straps. Includes thong and hanger. $49 S, M, L, 1X/2X, OR 3X/4X

H. SEDUCTION Silky-feeling stretch satin and mesh ensure this slip hugs every curve. Built-in push-up bra and removable garters will give you extra confidence. Matching thong included. $59 S, M, L, 1X/2X, OR 3X/4X


BLUSH Pink babydoll with two-tiered skirt and satin bow trim makes a charming statement. Flyaway back is completely open below the hook-and-eye closure! Matching thong included. $49 S, M, L, OR XL

Pure Romance By Jen Roy

incognito Nobody will guess this is a 10-speed bullet. Folds in when you’re through—perfect for on-the-go fun. Soft pushbutton controls. 2 AAA. $39

USB Business meets pleasure in the Ultimate Secret Bullet. No batteries, no outlet required—simply plug into your computer's port and enjoy. One speed. $19

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Life Saver With one speed and a sleek design, you never have to worry about a pleasure emergency. Waterproof. 4 button cell (included). $21

give the perfect gift...

unwrap the pleasure! Experience the best of Pure Romance. These gift sets include the perfect combination of fun and seduction—great for anniversaries, bridal showers, weekend getaways, and any special occassion.

Each year, the Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health funds programs that improve health services for women through education, research, and community outreach. Together we can make a difference today for the women of tomorrow. Mini Nights of Passion This Pure Romance signature set takes you through an entire evening of romance, from relaxing as you prepare for intimacy to the moment itself. This travel-sized set is your passport to more exciting oral favors, easier enhancement, and incredible pleasure. Ideal for romantic getaways and the perfect way to experience Pure Romance for the first time— or anytime! $35 COLLECTION INCLUDES

Coochy shave lotion, 1 oz. Original; Body Dew moisturizing oil, 1 oz. Original; Ex-T-Cee enhancement cream, .5 oz. Strawberry; Sensations warming lubricant, 1 oz. Strawberry; Just Like Me lubricant, 1oz. Original.


Express Yourself For the woman ready for ultimate pleasure, the Express Yourself collection includes all the essentials for an amazing intimate experience. Combine enhanced pleasure, a gentlefeeling lubricant, and a vibrating bedroom accessory to discover a new level of satisfaction. $35


Just Like Me lubricant, 2 oz. Original; Silver Bullet, requires two AA batteries; Ex-T-Cee enhancement cream, .5 oz. Strawberry.

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Empower. Educate. Entertain.

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Join us for a party, where you’ll laugh with your best friends and learn how to define your desires, take the lead in the bedroom, and start living a more sexually fulfilled life. Join us by becoming a Consultant, whether you’re looking to make extra money in your spare time or start a new full-time career where you’re the boss! You’ll discover just how fulfilling it can be to work as a trusted sexual educator—even save relationships! A global sisterhood of Consultants is ready to support you. Whether you’re looking for fun, empowerment, connection, or freedom, Pure Romance can give you the tools you need. I can’t wait for you to join me in experiencing Pure Romance.


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