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Reaffirm  Sexy  With  a  Teddy:  Lingerie  Facts  and  Tips   in  lingerie  

One  of  the  main  reasons  why  women  do   not   have   the   confidence   to   wear   teddy  lingerie  or   any   kind   of   lingerie   for   that   matter,   is   that   they   never   see   themselves   as   sexy.   Let’s   admit   it.   Once   we   see   a   sexy   teddy   worn   by   female   models   on   the   pages   of   a   magazine,   we   always   say,   “I   could  never  pull  off  something  like  that.”  The  basic  thing  that  any  woman  has  to   remember  when  wanting  to  wear  something  they  unlikely  would,  is  to  have  the   confidence   and   the   will   to   wear   it.   To   be   able   to   pull   of   a   teddy   lingerie   is   a   woman’s  subconscious  dream.  Who  does  not  want  to  be  sexy,  right?   Teddies  have  a  classic  and  sophisticated  look  that  would  have  a  great  effect  on   any  body  type.  If  worn  the  right  way,  it  can  look  elegant,  sophisticated  and  sexy   all   at   the   same   time.   Here   are   some   “teddy”   facts   that   would   make   you   realize   teddies   are   not   made   only   for   your   partner’s   eyes   or   something   that   you   just   wear  in  the  bedroom.  It’s  a  classic  form  of  clothing  that  can  boost  not  only  your   self-­‐esteem,  but  also  your  fashion  sense.   Casual  or  Office  Wear   This  is  the  best  way  to  start  practicing  how  to  wear  a  teddy  lingerie.  You’re  not   wearing   it   full   blast   just   yet,   but   the   style   itself   would   show   some   “teddy   sophistication”  that  will  definitely  scream  sexy.  Just  a  hint  of  lace  and  silk  under  a   fashionable   blazer   or   jacket   paired   with   a   nice   skirt   or   pants   will   complete   the   job.  What  makes  this  look  special  is  that  if  ever  you  have  to  go  on  a  dinner  date   with  your  special  someone,  and  things  would  turn  out  really  great,  you  can  just   get  rid  of  the  rest  of  your  clothes  and  leave  the  teddy  on  to  please  your  partner.   Now,  that’s  sexy.  

Party  Wear   To  wear  your  teddy  in  a  party  won’t  be  a  fashion  risk  if  you’re  going  to  a  slumber   party   or   other   appropriate   occasions   where   you   can   bare   skin.   There   are   different  styles  of  teddy  lingerie  made  from  different  materials.  It  would  be  good   to  note  however,  that  teddies  are  practically  rompers  and  given  that  they  come   in   different   styles   and   materials,   you   can   always   use   your   creativity   to   wear   it   right.  With  the  right  accessories  and  cover-­‐up  clothing,  your  teddy  will  definitely   be  a  hit.   Bedroom  Wear   Who  says  that  you  are  limited  to  wearing  your  PJs  when  you  go  to  bed?  Whether   you  have  a  husband  you  sleep  with  every  night  or  you  live  alone,  you  need  to  still   look  your  best.  The  art  of  dressing  up  does  not  start  with  other  people.  It  has  to   start   in   you.   You   need   to   impress   yourself   first   and   feel   happy   about   what   you’re   wearing,  then  other  people  would  see  that  in  you  too.   So,   do   you   still   feel   apprehensive   about   purchasing   that   teddy   lingerie?   You   should  not.  There  are  lots  of  ways  that  you  can  start  using  a  teddy.  The  key  is  to   experiment,  get  comfortable,  and  have  fashionable  fun  with  your  lingerie.    


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Reaffirm Sexy With a Teddy