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Lingerie and Body Type in lingerie

The right lingerie not only adds to a lady’s confidence, but also gives the impression that she has a stunning figure. Even though many women are aware of the importance of selecting the right inner wear, not all of them are aware of how to ensure that they get the sizes that fit their body types. Sometimes women are accustomed to purchasing the wrong types of lingerie that are either too big or too small. Due to the fact that they rarely get to purchase inner wear that is of the right type, they resign themselves constantly making adjustments after they have purchase any underwear. Another reason has to do with the mainly overweight women. Any person who weighs a lot will not be eager to undress in front of shop assistants in order to keep trying various fits of lingerie. Even in a closeted room, she will be more concerned with hurriedly getting her clothes on than concentrating on establishing if the bra she is trying is too tight. This makes it hard for her to find the right fit. Another fact is that women who are overweight usually ask for underclothes that are a few sizes smaller than their real size so as not to be embarrassed by shop attendants. Hardly any woman would want to be in a situation where she is informed in front of slimmer women that her size of underwear cannot be found in any nearby stores and that she will have to go to a special store (for “fatties�) to get any decent clothing. This results in a situation where the women hurriedly try garments that are too small and purchase them, sometimes after deciding that even if they are too tight, they will diet so that it can be the right fit. The process of getting lingerie will usually be lengthy, even for women who have the right weight. The women should ensure that first they visit stores in which they are comfortable enough to spend

prolonged periods of time in their petticoats so that they can assess how various garments fit them. Getting lingerie that is too tight results in a situation whereby the body seems to have extra rolls of fat. Additionally, the lingerie can be so tight that the wearer is completely uncomfortable and feels that her garments will tear at any moment. Women who are amply endowed should typically purchase lingerie that downplays the areas where they are overweight. For example, for women with a thick midsection should purchase lingerie that allows outside clothes to create the impression of a waist. Conversely, women with boyishly thin figures should take advantage of lingerie like the wonderbra, which will add curves to their figures. Many times, the only people who will be able to successfully judge how undergarments fit women are the shop assistants they usually seek to hide from. It is important for women to get comfortable enough with themselves to be able to accept the objective advice of lingerie shop personnel.


Sexy Industrial Net Mesh Nylon Bodystocking Set Are you looking for a bodystocking that will drive your man wild? Then the Industrial Net Bodystocking Set will sound heaven sent to you. This body stocking set leaves enough for the imagination of your partner, driving them to want you even more.It is the perfect fishnet stocking for a girl . The fishnet stockings are made from Nylon to ensure that supple tactile feeling.

The Bodystocking set comprises a scoop neck industrial net keyhole garter top with seductive buckle detail, matching thigh high fish net stockings and a G-String. The fishnet bodystocking is all black in color ensuring that any exposed flesh stands out to the perceiving eye.The Industrial Net Bodystocking Set is the perfect addition to your collection of sexy lingerie, bodystocking or camigarter. It comes in one size (40-73 kg, 90-160 lbs.) It's available for sale at a seductively low price of US$18.69.

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Comfortable Sexy Backless Cap Sleeved Floral Mesh Teddy

The Backless Cap Sleeved Floral Teddy is for women who want to feel sexy while maintaining an aura of elegance. The black lace teddy shows off your legs in a seductive light that will have your partner literally begging at your feet. The black lace bodysuit also, exposes your skin in the most seductive manner.

Your partner will have a hard time containing their desire but we know that is exactly what you want! This women's teddy is an ideal addition to your seductive sleepwear, plays suit and sexy lingerie. It comes in one size (40-73 kg, 90-160 lbs.) and at a reasonable price of US$28.69.

When it comes to teddies for women who love teasing, the Backless Cap Sleeved Floral Teddy is definitely the choice to go for. This one piece floral lace bodysuit boasts a gorgeous deep V front and ribbon ties at the back. You can therefore choose to seduce with your cleavage or your bare back.

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Lingerie and Body Type