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JENNIFER WATLING Product and Furniture Designer

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Contact Information: Email: Tel: (+44) 7892 803312

Hello, I’m Jennifer Watling. Currently I’m studying MDes Design Products at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK and I’m searching for internships to broaden my knowledge of design in practice. My skills include: Conceptualisation, Ideation, Sketching, CAD Modelling, 2D and 3D rendering, Model Making, Graphic design. My work currently consists of projects from my first and second year (in progress) at university of which I hope to expand upon through the undertaking of on internship.

Software skills: Solidworks, Alias Automotive, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketchbook Pro, 3Ds Studio Max, CES Edupack.


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Aquaflex Hydration System “Chicago” Headphones Space Saving Chair Concept Divan-Stead One-Week Project

Casual Trainer Sketches More Project Examples

Aquaflex Hydration Pack

Ideation I noticed during the London 2012 Olympics that the delivery system for hydration to the swimmers in the long distance swimming races was haphazard, and not as efficient as it should be for an elite sport. So I looked in to how to stay hydrated when in the water and Aquaflex is the resulting concept.

Compressable Water Bottle?

Easy carry hydration pack?



Aquaflex Hydration Pack Prototype Model

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The key feature of the pack is the flexing of the two solid parts, making it ideal for the movement of swimmers and for sports activities. The hydration bladders are designed to be solid for the use of lifejackets, so the water is not squeezed out of the compartments when it is not needed.


“Chicago” Headphones

1950’s Blues Inspired Headphones

I designed the headphones with inspiration from 1950’s Chicago blues. The intended outcome was a highly finished, full scale aesthetic model, due to the complex geometry of the design I explored Rapid prototyping methods.

CAD Model produced in Alias and Solidworks


Rapid Prototyped Using SLS machine

“Chicago� Headphones The final model was finished in white pearl and the internal layer was dyed producing a contrasting matte and pearl finish and texture.


Space Saving Chair Brief For the first stage of this project (currently running) 3 different concepts were generated and developed for review and the best of these concepts would be further developed in to a fully defined folding chair. I wanted to create something that was functional and provided a practical solution, but also visually captivating.


The Door Hanging Chairs In many homes doors become lost space in a room, so what I tried to do with this concept is maximise the space in a room by using the door as a storage space for 4 chairs.

Divan-Stead Concept One-Week Live Competition Brief This design was a response to our second year design week competition brief given by Sealy UK to design a bed which incorporates the style and functionality of a bedstead with the construction of a divan bed.

Inspired by timeless wingback chairs, this concept adds a twist to the classic with the use of adjustable wings; ideal for storage and night time comfort. The inclusion of shelving and LED reading lights provide additional functionality, as well as ample storage in the side and end drawers.


Casual Trainer Sketches

An example of footwear sketches done for fun in my own time


More Projects...

Wall Pod- Children bedroom Storage System

Alessi Theme Baby Monitor

Sketching Practice

Childrens Furniture Concepts

Current Project


Thanks for reading. Feel free to contact me at:

Sample Portfolio  

Small selectino of works from my first and second year at University studying Product Design