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Tricks to Giving Good Head more advanced tips at very woman wants to know the tricks, tips, and secrets to giving good head. It's not as difficult as you might think, especially if you set a goal and set aside some time to practice and really get good it at. It's going to super charge your love life, so it's a wise investment of time and effort. It's simple physics, girls, it' all about applying the correct amount of pressure, stroke speed, and rhythm. Sex is about rhythm and a blow job is no different. A nice medium pace is good for the majority of the experience, starting off slowly, working your way up, and really speeding up when you're ready for him to orgasm. In order to get him harder and make him come faster you need to learn about the perineum trick. The perineum is just below your guy's balls where his prostate gland and ejaculatory muscles are. As you suck him be sure to gently and rhythmically massage his perineum, it's the bump or bulge right below his balls. Ever heard that Asian girls give the best head? Well, that reputation is because they know about the perineum and how to take advantage of it. Giving it and his nuts a gently lick every now and then will add just the right amount of spice. A lot of women want to learn how to deep throat, and while it's not absolutely necessary, it does enhance his pleasure greatly. You're going to need to train your throat muscles so that you don't gag when it slides down there. Practice with something penis shaped and soft. You'll get it, just practice, it takes time. Deep throating is pleasurable because our throats are deep and tight, just like a nice young vagina. Another trick with giving great head is to use your tongue in a whirling motion over the head of the penis. This is probably the main advantage of the mouth versus our vagina. Practice cradling the head of the penis and licking the under shaft, that's where all the nerve endings in the penis are, so be gentle yet persistent. The best advice that you can take away from this isn't necessarily about technique though, it's about attitude. You've got to loosen up and enjoy it, concentrate on his pleasure, and make a few naughty comments, make eye contact and take him deep inside you mouth. Make some noise, use your vocal chords, they don't call it a hummer for nothing. Let your instincts guide you.

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Tricks to Giving Good Head