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How to Make him Come with Oral Sex more advanced tips at Can't get your guy to come from oral sex? Well, then I'm sorry to say, honey, but you're doing it all wrong. Getting a guy to come from a blow job is easy as pie once you're got it all down. How do you think street hookers make so much money? They can make a guy come from a blow job within minutes. All the while you're probably going at it down there for a long time without any results and your neck is starting to hurt and your jaw is getting sore. You're doing it wrong. Duh. What are you doing wrong? Well, you can be sure until you examine all the facets of the perfect blow job. The perfect blow job, the kind that makes a guy come, is perfect in rhythm, pressure, speed, and there's no teeth constantly scraping on there. Many girls get this wrong. If even a hint of your teeth gets on your man's cock, guess what? It's going to hurt. You man's penis was a meant to plunge into nice soft wet holes, not spiky ones. Remember that. Guy's cocks are a lot more sensitive than you probably think. Now. You're probably either going too hard or too soft with your oral. The perfect blow job has well, it's has perfect pressure. You're basically transforming your mouth into a tight pussy. That should give you the right idea. And ladies, it's about sucking not blowing. Suck that dick like there's hundred dollar bills inside. Speed is the absolute key to getting your guy to come. If he's not coming then you're going too slow. Period. Think about sex, when does your guy usually come? That's right when he's pumping away vigorously inside you. It's the same with a blow job. You've got to stimulate that cock, especially the under shaft. God gave you a tongue, so use it. Lick, slither, and slide that tongue along the under shaft of his penis, that's where most of his nerve endings are located. In order to really make a guy come hard you have to give him the porn star or street hooker experience. Channel your inner whore. Slap his cock on your face. Slobber on it, spit on it, tell him how much you love his huge throbbing cock in your mouth. Then, suck it nice and tight at a rhythmic fast speed. Don't be surprised when you feel an eruption at the back of your throat. You did it. You just made your man come with your mouth. Nice work. If you girls really want to learn how to give a great bj I recommend you read Jacks Blowjob Lessons, an incredibly direct, step by step guide on giving a perfect blow job to your man. Learn more at

How to Make him Come with Oral Sex