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How To Give Him Amazing Head - Tips For A Great Blow Job more advanced tips at

Giving amazing head is something that every woman should know how to do, but unfortunately most women just don't give great head. That's sad because guys love a great blow job and you can provide so much pleasure to your guy when you do it right just. It adds a whole new addition to your sexual repertoire. If you're been brainwashed to believe that blow jobs are 'dirty' or 'gross' or something that only hookers perform, then you have to learn to lose that attitude. We all have darker desires, your man included, and if you don't share in his darker desires then he might just seek them elsewhere. Sexuality has many facets, including love making, but it also should include a little edge every now and then. All guys watch porn and love porn, I don't care what you may have heard to the contrary. So, give you man a slightly naughty porn star style blow job and he's going to love you for it. It's all about getting yourself in the right spirit and acknowledging your own sexiness. Don't hold back, open up to your own inner dark side. Once you've won that battle it's all about getting your blow job technique down pat. Techniques should be practiced in order to really get good at giving head. So practice on your man and practice with a sex toy or maybe a big carrot, something penis shaped obviously. This way you'll be a pro within a few weeks, guaranteed, even faster if you get into it. In order for a blow job to be pleasurable you're going to have to not let your teeth get in the way. We're simulating our vagina and our vagina doesn't have any sharp teeth, now does it? The best way to avoid your teeth from scraping on your man's penis is to open up wide and use your tongue, your lips, and the sides of your mouth to block your teeth from even touching his penis. If you've ever watched a porno movies you'll notice that these skilled women can give head at super fast speeds without any teeth scraping – this is your goal. Commit to it and learn. Get the pressure and speeds right, along with not scraping your teeth and your man is going to be in heaven. Generally a faster speed and a nice steady sucking pressure do the trick perfectly. Watch your man's expressions to see if you're doing to right...if you are you'll know! Remember to be sexy, vary your speeds, use a sexy voice and make sexy eye contact. Your man is going to blowing his top...and his wad, faster than you think.


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How To Give Him Amazing Head - Tips For A Great Blow Job