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HOW WE ORGANIZE OURSELVES ea d I l a r t Cen The organization and operation of marketplaces is determined by the communities in which they are located. An inquiry into the interconnectedness of humanmade systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal decision-making; economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment.

• How marketplaces around the world operate

KEY CONCEPTS Function - How do marketplaces operate? Causation - Why are marketplaces set up and organized the way they are? Connection - How do marketplaces meet the needs of the communities?

RELATED CONCEPTS: Market, Organization

SKILLS: Research, Thinking

Students will identify something they want or need to know, and formulate compelling and relevant questions that will help them with their research. They will plan their investigation, and carry it out by observing their surroundings and interviewing others. Once the data has been collected, students will make interpretations and analyze their results.

What makes a good market?

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What came first: the market or the community?

• Why the operation and organization of marketplaces differ • How marketplaces meet the needs of communities

ng Enduri s anding t s r e d Un • Markets are created to serve a need • There is a difference between needs and wants

What You Can Do With Your Child at Home Talk about the Learner Profile Attitudes and Attributes Students will strive to be: Open-minded when encountering new or unfamiliar situations, or perspectives and ideas. This could include conducting interviews with local merchants or consumers, visiting new marketplaces, or trying new activities during Grade 6 camp. Thinkers when analyzing data, comparing and contrasting markets, and drawing conclusions about the organization of various marketplaces.

Students should demonstrate: Tolerance by recognizing and appreciating the diversity in the marketplaces, and by being sensitive to those differences. Students will also be working within various groups, and should be sensitive to the ideas, opinions, and feelings of others.

Get involved in the learning that’s happening during this unit! Visit a market (whatever that means to you), speak to shopkeepers, or spend time “peoplewatching� at a marketplace. What do you notice about the consumers? What conclusions can be drawn about the market based on who shops there?

Success Criteria for This Unit Students will know: What drives the type and structure of markets in different communities The characteristics of communities that affect marketplaces Subject-specific vocabulary Different types of markets

Students will understand that: Marketplaces have similarities and differences The way in which a marketplace is organized and operates is influenced by the needs of the surrounding community Your actions are an indication of your responsibility

How We Organize Ourselves  

This is an overview of the PYP essential elements of our Grade 6 unit of inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves