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An anthology of work by children from Tang Hall Primary School with the help of Writers Together

Acknowledgements Writers Together is a community creative writing group based in Tang Hall, York. The purpose of the group is to promote writing to people of all ages. This anthology is the culmination of a series of workshops run by members of the writing group with small groups of children from years 3, 4 and 5 at Tang Hall Primary School during February and March 2006. Writers Together would like to thank the children and teachers of Tang Hall Primary School for their assistance in this project. This project has been funded by Arts Action, York. Many thanks to Adrian Tellwright, Poet, of York for his poem "Voyage to Malabar� from which the year 4 children were inspired to write a sequel at his suggestion.

Donna, Sue, Pearl, Jean and Jenny June 2006

Children Year 3 Joseph Baldock Georgia Clark Chloe Glasby Arran Naismith Georgina Stubbs Lauren Tate

Year 4 Anthony Gibson Jamie Heffernan Stella Lambert Conor O’Dea Luke Skinner Simon Wright

Year 5 Amy Cargill Alex Houlgate Beckie Houlgate Isobel Ledger Matthew Roberts Shannon Robinson



I FEEL SAD WHEN…. Now because I want to go to Spain now not on October 10th. When my mum was going to take my dog to the dogs’ home but she did not so we kept her. I FEEL HAPPY WHEN…. Yesterday because we had cookies and on Saturday we baked. I’ve got four pets. Georgina Stubbs

I Remember I remember my holiday in Spain, I went to a hotel called Florida Park. I remember about Arran’s rabbit, he put it on a remote control car and he drove it down the path and his rabbit is still alive now. I do not remember my rabbit. Joseph Baldock

The two children looked at each other and laughed The children were in the playground. They laughed at a joke. Callum told a joke. Callum is my friend. Callum is funny. Callum has a bike. The bike is black, blue and red. Arran Naismith

Storms I’m not scared of thunder and lightning. It wails when there’s a storm. There are massive waves in the crashing sea. Lightning comes in the middle of thunderstorms. Lightning comes out of thunder. Dark clouds come out when it rains. There’s a gale in a thunderstorm. When it rains it floods. The sky turns grey when there’s a storm. Georgia Clark


Snow I played outside in the snow. Snowdrops are tiny little drops of snow. The covering of snowdrops keeps plants warm. Skiing is fun to do apart from when you fall off. Snowflakes are made up of tiny pieces of snow. When there is snow on a mountain top it is all white. You can go bob sleighing. Lauren Tate

Wind The wind is very cold. Wind is very very good for flying kites. After it rains, the wind blows the clouds away. The wind blows the leaves off the trees. The wind turns a windmill. The wind blows the washing dry. The wind blows the seeds from plants. The wind makes the waves. Chloe Glasby

My Favourite Treats Hi my name is Georgia I love to eat ice-cream. A land of sweets and chocolate is my favourite dream. I like to go on holiday to somewhere where it’s sunny. I don’t go to school, I just play in the pool. And just spend all my dad’s money. Georgia Clark

Triolet The clock is blue The clock is small I eat stew The clock is blue How do you do I'm so tall The clock is blue The clock is small

Conor O’Dea

A Country View I can see a lovely countryside And there is hardly a cloud in the sky. I can see lots of hills in the background. And there right in front of me a tree like a giant's foot, with yellow and green grass waving around on the ground like many servants serving their master.

Luke Skinner

I Remember I remember when I was three I used to have piggy backs. I remember the time when my Dad came in and brought with him Viking weapons. I don't remember being born. I don't remember year one. I don't remember my nursery teachers apart from Mrs Jones. Anthony Gibson


Can you guess our favourite sweets. Answers are at the bottom of the page.


Honeycomb middle. Thick coated chocolate on the top of the honeycomb. It’s long, smooth bottom, top part quite bumpy.


Wide, brown, middle part green or brown. It tastes minty or chocolatey.


If you’re out of power Go to the shop They may be sour If you want a lolly and bubblegum Don’t waste your money Buy two in one.


It’s round and has a coating of chocolate over it and has a crunchie middle and is small.


It’s sour and gives you a lot of power. It’s a powder and is different colours. It comes in a tube or sometimes a cube. Each colour of powder has a different taste.


It’s really sweet Purple and light And made from real flowers.


Really sugary Soft and sweet Cylinder shaped treat. Matches, sticks Let’s go camping.

Answers: 1. Crunchie 2. Aero 3. Sour bubblegum lollies 6. Parma Violets 7. Marshmallows

4. Maltesers

5. Sherbert

The Boat in the Bottle How did they get the boat in the bottle? First you build the boat and the sea. After that build the glass round the boat and the sea, then put a cork in the bottle. The company who built the boat? The company who built the boat is Marshall Novelcrafts Limited. The name of the boat is the Blue Nose. Simon Wright

I Wonder I wonder if there is life on another planet like there is on earth. I wonder what I will become. I want it to be home time. I don't want to come to school. Stella Lambert

The Candle The candle feels all bumpally. On the side it has a bee. I think the candle has been made By rolling it into a cylinder. It makes me think of honey. Jamie Heffernan


Voyage To Malabar Elements of the story that launched the Voyage to Malabar came to together, bit by bit, but in close succession, early one Monday morning in November 2004. Like most of the songs and poetry I write there was nothing premeditated about it, the fragments merely bubbled up and cohered. Then with a little tinkering and helpful suggestions, encouragement and co-operation of friends, especially Sue Whittaker, who illustrated it, the adventure story in verse took the form people of different ages can read and have fun with today. The story so far is of the first part of a voyage to a far off land of spices, involving some bizarre characters, an assortment of animals and skulduggery! Adrian Tellwright

The poem “Voyage to Malabar� was read to the year 4 children. They were asked to write a sequel. Here are those sequels.

Voyage to Malabar Sequel The cook and the captain searched high and low for the cherry wine. Princess Var's Dad knew it was the budgie because he told the budgie to drink it. By the way the budgie, pig and horse were having a game of poker. The cats were dealers. Jamie Heffernan

Voyage to Malabar Sequel They looked high and low above and below searching the decks as they go until they find who and the princess looking too, for the lovely red wine. First of all they thought it was one of the crew. Until they thought again, perhaps a stowaway. Just then they saw an old man, grey hair lonely and what was in his hand but the wine, so they grabbed him harshly. Once they got the lovely wine back, the bottle was empty. After that the princess ordered to chuck him off the ship. Luke Skinner

Voyage to Malabar Sequel Where could the wine be? What were they going to do? Could the animals have stolen it? They searched to and fro. But no wine could be seen. The captain and cook searched All night and all day But they didn't find it. Not even one drop of wine. Where could it be? The captain rounded up the cook And the animals and said "We are going to find this wine, even if it takes a whole century." And they kept on searching. Stella Lambert


Voyage to Malabar Sequel They looked out in the sea They looked on the deck but nobody saw the wine. The captain thought for 12 hours and then said to the crew "Who likes red wine?" This seemed very hard as half the crew shot their hands up in the air but the captain didn't care. "Where have you put it", bellowed the captain to the cook. He pointed to the place where the pig was kept. The captain went in and looked at the pig's water and it wasn't water - it was wine. He shouted at the cook. He got the crew and told them to chuck him off the ship. Anthony Gibson

Voyage to Malabar Sequel The wine went missing The search was on The captain and the cook searched not for long. Then they found a clue There was a mark of sparkly blue The cook had blue marks all over her face. The captain said "I'm off to bed", then found the cook drinking wine the captain said "You're mine". Conor O’Dea

The Cat The cat is orange and white And does not bite I've seen further cats But they sleep on mats. A cat is very playful Even though they are not careful The cat can climb trees And doesn't need any keys. Simon Wright

I Wonder, I Want I I I I I

wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder

if the stars can talk if I'll ever get a job about what I'll become if there is a man in the moon if the sun has a face.


want to play for Everton don't want to play for Arsenal want it to be home time don't want to play inside want Everton to beat Arsenal 20-0 don't want Arsenal to beat us. Luke Skinner

I Remember I I I I I I

remember remember remember remember remember remember

that I won a tournament that England rugby team won the world cup when my Dad died when my Auntie got married when I scored 7 goals in one football match when I scored a goal kick

I don't remember being born I don't remember meeting my friends.

Jamie Heffernan


Some Of Our Favourite Books

War Boy by Michael Foreman Michael Foreman tells us about his life in the past, from when his family and friends had been in World War 2. They were in Lowestoft in the 1940s. He tells us about the places his mum owned and the mischief he got up to. I liked this book because it is funny and it gives an education of what life was like back in those days. Shannon Robinson

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince By J K Rowling Harry, Ron and Hermione are on another adventure. Harry finds an “Advanced Potions Making” book and he follows instructions from someone called the “Half-blood Prince”. He is now top in Potions. J K Rowling is writing a 7th book. This is a brilliant book to read. I think it is important to read all the books in order. I like this book because there is a lot to concentrate on all at once. Isobel Ledger

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl A young boy called Charlie Bucket is poor. He buys a chocolate bar and finds a golden ticket. He goes to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory with his Grandpa Joe and four other children with their parents. Eventually everyone does something wrong but Charlie doesn’t know it and gets a surprise. I enjoyed the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it’s magical and it’s got a good ending. Also some of the characters are funny and quite weird. Beckie Houlgate

My Brother’s Famous Bottom by Jeremy Armstrong This book is about a family that has twins. The twins’ nicknames are Cheese and Tomato because they were born in a pizza van. The family has no money so the dad puts Cheese on a nappy advert, but will Cheese pass the audition? The book is very funny and Jeremy Armstrong has written lots of other books that are brilliant. One of the other fantastic books he has written is called “Viking at School and there are lots of other “Viking at somewhere” books. Amy Cargill

The Beano Dennis the Menace and his dog Gnasher go on many mischievous adventures. If it’s not getting revenge on Walter and his friends it’s ganging up on his teacher at school. Minnie the Minx is always in trouble with her dad. I hope you enjoy. It always cheers me up when I’m down in the dumps, so I hope you’ll buy this brilliant, cheerful and funny comic for only 85p. Matthew Roberts


The Horse The horse that I'm describing is exactly the same as my horse, only my horse is brown. Its stable is white with the horse's name on it. The horse is jet black and has a white stripe down its nose. On its back it has a coat with orange and baby blue stripes.

Jamie Heffernan

Tulip Triolet Tulips are a lovely flower. Tulips are so very pretty. Being pretty is their power. Tulips are a pretty flower. When it rains they’re having a shower. If it's picked it is a pity. Tulips are a lovely flower. Tulips are so very pretty. Stella Lambert

The Minster People say the Minster is big but I think it is huge. People say the Minster looks beautiful when it glows well, I think its cool. Anthony Gibson

I Remember/I Don’t Remember I remember the day that my brother Adam was born. I remember the day I started to play for Osbaldwick Vikings. I don’t remember the day I was born. I don't remember when I just started school. I don't remember my 4th birthday. Luke Skinner

The Mouse This reminds me of the time when my sister got our exercise bike and found a mouse on it. (She screamed enough to deafen me).

This mouse is made from a stone and leather. The stone is the body with paint on the front and holes for eyes. The leather is ears and tail. Anthony Gibson

Triolet The switch goes up The switch goes down I drink out of a cup The switch goes up This the team - we're going whoop. The king wears a crown. The switch goes up. The switch goes down.

Simon Wright


The Bird The bird is blue With a smooth yellow beak. On a piece of wood the bird sits With a soft white face and big blue eyes With feathers on it's long tail. Away it flies. Stella Lambert

Reminds Me This squirrel reminds me of the time when I went to Rowntree Park and I saw nine squirrels. This moth reminds me of the time when I had to kill a moth for my sister because she is scared of them. These hens remind me of the time when I held a chick. Anthony Gibson

I Wonder I I I I I I I

wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder

if if if if if if if


don't know can have a bacon butty can go swimming don't have to do any work can't think of anything else can play for Liverpool can go and play on my PSP.

Jamie Heffernan

The Cat It reminds me of my cat Dickie because it is black and white. with its lovely green eyes. Beaming at me waiting for a little pat on the head, until I find out if the cat with the green eyes staring at me is a boy or a girl. Luke Skinner

I Remember I remember David Beckham scoring from the half way line. I remember my granddad dying. I remember winning my first tournament in football. I remember me at Christmas when I got my new bike. I don't remember being born. I don't remember David Beckham leaving Manchester United.

Conor O’Dea

The Robin The robin with the holly Little robin red breast The robin on a branch in the rain Little robin red breast The robin in winter Little robin red breast Stella Lambert


I Wonder I I I I I I I I

wonder if I could grow up just wonder if, well I don't know wonder if footballers die of old age wonder if I can think of anything else want a Man United signed football top don’t want an Arsenal top want to meet Ronaldo want anything to do with Man United. Conor O’Dea

My name Stella means star Stella is carved in this wood I saw a piece of wood I take it to the shop The woman asks my name The woman carves my name. Stella Lambert

I Want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want of 100

a PSP 100 games for the PSP an XBOX 360 a Nintendo DS 300 games for the XBOX 100 games for the Nintendo DS a Liverpool European kit every football kit in the world a bacon sandwich everything in the world a machine to be rich a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool all my toy cars to come to human size Jacob and Conor to be my brothers a Mini Crosser to go home the garden in my mansion to be the size football pitches, with one marked out. Jamie Heffernan

The Rabbit Hole It was our first day on holiday in Northumberland. Mum and Dad had already unpacked and they said they had a surprise for us. It was not very far away, it was a boat. On the side of the boat it said “Farne Islands” The boat set off. It took a long time, but we soon saw some huge rocks. On them sat puffins, herons and their eggs. Some went diving down into the water to catch fish. Then I saw something amazing, a whale and some seals. We headed back. It was dinner time, so Mum and Dad took me, Emma and Joseph for a walk in the park. We had a picnic and fed the ducks. After dinner we went to the beach. Their were lots of beaches but this was the best. Massive sand dunes were all over. Some were in the shape of a circle with a dip in the middle. I climbed up one and stood on the top. I felt like a queen. I slid into the dip. The dip was surrounded by rabbit holes. I turned round. In front of me was a massive rabbit hole. I would not be long, so I decided to take an adventure. I went through the rabbit hole and started walking. It was hours before I saw a colour other than black. I was in a massive glass tunnel under the sea. Ten minutes later I saw the rabbit hole I had come through. All of a sudden the hole got covered up with sand. Just then five rabbits the same size as me came with a carrot each, and they started using them as axes. It didn’t take long for the hole to be opened. I thanked the rabbits and they hopped away. Amy Cargill

The Dolphin’s Den I arrived at the apartment with my family. We all had a rest, then decided to unpack. Me, my brother Liam and Dad went to the pool. My mum was still in the apartment unpacking. We were shocked to see that the pool was closed, so we headed off to the shop round the corner The shop smelt of sugar doughnuts. When my dad had got everything he said, “Come on Shannon.” I was in a dreamy world of doughnuts. My dad and brother had to pull me out of the shop. We walked back to the apartment. The next day we had a long walk to the beach when I saw the golden sand and blue sea. I took my shorts and T-shirt off and went straight in the sea in my swimming costume. I swam by the bright orange buoys without realising. Then a door suddenly appeared. I swam in... I peeped my head round the door. The door closed on me with a flash. In the distance I heard music. I swam closer and closer towards the sound until I reached the music and dancing dolphins! I was very scared. I thought it was a dream, but it couldn’t be. I sat in the middle of the cave. Then I saw a golden shine and walked towards it. It was a key. It must lead to victory. I wondered what the key led to. I tried the door to see if it opened. It did. I threw the key away, I never wanted to see it again. I swam back to shore. My mum and dad were worried. I said, “I’ll tell you later, just enjoy your holiday.” Shannon Robinson


Waterfalls Water flowing down Everything green Some can be brown It’s really like a dream. Stones, fossils in the river It’s very cold people shiver Boys and girls climbing rocks Getting very wet socks. Alex Houlgate

Imaginary Caves The air is clear, It’s beautiful and calm, It’s rocky but peaceful, And the sweet sounds of birds singing, Blending colours brown, grey and green. The sky is clear, The caves delicate and very old, The trees are fresh and green. In the caves live many creatures, The caves have faces watching over them, It’s cold, dark and very gloomy, Stalactites stalagmites stick out all over. The trees stand big and tall, And shade the caves, It’s a beautiful landscape, And it’s very relaxing. Beckie Houlgate

The Skeleton Key It’s the end of school and I am invited to Alex’s house for tea, so we set off chugging down the road in Alex’s great big car. We finally approach the house. We get inside and run upstairs and I see an old rusty key in the corner of my eye. I take it to Alex and that is where the journey starts. We start by searching around the house looking where this mysterious key goes. Suddenly Alex spots three lines in the wall shaped like a door with a keyhole in the centre. I say to Alex, “This must be the door, try the key.” Alex slides the key into the door with a perfect fit, gives it a quick twist and the door slowly opens. We walk into this mysterious world with flying solar powered cars. Alex whispers into my ear, “It must be the future.” We try searching for our houses to see what they will be like in the future. We visit my house first, I knock on the door and a funny looking man with a short beard answers. I question the man, “What is your name?” He answers by saying, “Matthew Roberts.” I have a flashback thinking that he is me in the future so I ask one more question, “What is your mum’s name?” He says, “Karen Roberts.” I faint. Alex grabs the closest glass of water, slings it over my head and he pulls me up. Alex drags me across the floor over to the mysterious door to Alex’s house. I run to Alex’s mum. On the way I bash my head on the stairs. Anyway I tell Alex’s mum. She just says, “That bump must be getting to you. Matthew Roberts

The Mysterious Island One beautiful evening I went with my dog to the beach. I thought it would be absolutely packed with people because it was the holiday, but when we got there we saw it was empty, deserted. It was lovely though. The sea was a beautiful turquoise. The sunset was pinky red. My dog started to bark. I looked round and saw an island, a mysterious island. A purple speed boat with fire coming out of its end was going at full speed over to the island. After five minutes I was about to leave when a strange sensation came over me, and my dog yelped. I fainted, my dog too. When I woke up I was floating in a bubble. There were more people in bubbles. It wouldn’t pop. My dog even bit it. I told everyone to swim in their bubbles to the wall and when they open the door to give us food we were to go through the door and bounce out making the bubbles pop. They thought I was a genius. So we waited near the wall and all got out. We got back to the beach but then I woke up. It was only a dream. I hope I can have an adventure like that another night. Isobel Ledger


The Cave Inside Green and brown, slimy wet rocks, Spiky dripping stones, hanging off the ceiling, Enormous slippery rocks, all shapes and sizes, Lots of little holes, in amongst the rocks. Bats and rats live in the cracks, People come down to explore Noises echo in the cave, But no-one can hear them up above. Amy Cargill

Snowy Days The snow was white It was a beautiful sight Snowballs were around Snow all around. Everything coloured in snow Children on the go Making snowmen Making a snow den. Shannon Robinson

Fat Man I sat in a café and sipped a coke. There sat beside me a whopping great bloke Who sighed as he elbowed me into the wall. “Your trouble my boy is your belly’s too small. Your bottom’s too thin. Take a lesson from me I may not be nice but am great you’ll agree.” “I’ve lasted a lifetime by playing this hunch The bigger the breakfast the larger the lunch. The larger the hunger the super the deeper the teapot The faster the cuppa the fatter the sausages the fuller the tea The more on the table the better for me.” Along came a woman mopping the floor With a mop and a bucket to even the score. I lifted that bucket and clearly said, “I’ve found all my life it’s a pretty sure bet The fuller the bucket the wetter you get.” Matthew Roberts

The Mysterious Dream It was another boring day. I was listening to my stereo. My rabbit Junior was running around my bedroom. He was making me dizzy. I went to pick Junior up to give him a hug, but he leapt out of my arms and jumped into the wall. I ran into the wall even though I didn’t want to go. Where was I? The fresh smell of roses, the colours were warm. It was mainly green and yellow. It was a completely different world! I saw Junior. I shouted, “Junior come here immediately.” But he didn’t, he ran forward. I followed him to see where he was going. He stopped and looked up in the clear air. There were little figures flying in the sky. I took a second glance. The small figures were fairies. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was unbelievable. Junior ran towards another wall and soon we were back in my room. I got Junior and took him outside into the shed, and put him back into his hutch, and that was the end of an unexpected adventure. Beckie Houlgate

The Crafty Ringmaster Matt was at my house on a sleepover. We sneaked out to a circus. The ringmaster asked for two volunteers. We put our hands up. He picked us. We climbed into cannons and a clown fired… Nothing happened, then ten seconds later BOOM! We landed on sand. It was a beach. It looked deserted, not the tasty kind of dessert. We walked to a palm tree and shook it. Some coconuts fell. One hit me on the head. I was a bit dizzy and fell over. Suddenly a dagger hit the tree. The coconut saved my life. A shadow appeared. We said, "What do you want?” He came closer. I said, “It’s only the ringmaster.” He said, “Get off my island.” We replied, “Get off your island? You brought us here.” Because we wouldn’t get off the island he tried to make us join the circus, but we stole out of there, sped about and got home. We decided no more sneaking out to circuses anymore after that experience. Alex Houlgate

Different Animals The tiger is a carnivore. I think it comes with a great roar. They are very fierce. The victim’s skin gets pierced. A monkey is quick. They are known for tricks They eat a lot of fruit. It could dodge a bullet from a gun that shoots. A caterpillar wriggles. It doesn’t chomp it nibbles. It moves so slow. Into a butterfly it will grow. Alex Houlgate


My Magical Properties I had a magic ring It would glow through the night Whenever it was with me I would hold it tight. I had a magic dream It was only the other night In my dream a unicorn Was right in my sight. I had a magical birthday On the 30th of December It was the best birthday I will always remember. In my garden Grows a magical flower Every day it gets A shower. Shannon Robinson

A Green Landscape A beautiful sky Green grass Rocky paths Exciting hills Extremely big Nice and warm Lovely views And Naughty creatures Daddy longlegs Seeking prey Crocodiles lurking in the river Ants crawling to their nests Peaceful places in our world Every day a new thing is born. Isobel Ledger

Pumpkin Lunch Down in the jungle A silent rainbow dinosaur Invited his friend For pumpkin dinner. Mountain monster Is coming soon He found Rainbow Dinosaur In the noon. When they ate They munched and crunched I think these beasts Enjoyed their lunch. Amy Cargill

The Dark Forest I can see roots striding across the ground. Twigs poking out of mounds. I jump across to see inside. Birds gliding in the sky. I wonder what’s over the wall. Maybe creatures that crawl. Into the cave I go. Pitch black, rocky and cold. Matthew Roberts

Times of Day At night, the glowing moon and a warm bed, beautiful dreams. Morning is quiet and calm. Noon is the best time when you eat. Evening is beautiful because of the sunset. And now we are back to night. Isobel Ledger


The Dark Spooky House I was playing with Abbie and Amy in the street. We decided we would go to the beach. It wasn’t an ordinary beach. It was a deserted beach which no-one had been on for years. It had just turned 12 o’clock in the afternoon. From where we were standing we could see the beach. As soon as we knew it we were on the beach where no-one had been for eleven years. It was pretty scary. I could feel chills down my back. Amy said, “Why don’t we go back I’m scared.” Abbie said, “What’s that right over there in the distance?” We looked. It was a house, a dark gloomy house. Abbie said, “Do you think we should go and explore it?” Amy said, “Okay.” There was a little boat so we got in and rowed towards the house. We got out of the boat and walked into the house. It was dark and cobwebs hung from the ceiling. It was like it had been in a movie where there were spiral staircases, but this was not a movie it was real life. It was like someone was watching us. We went upstairs. There was a long hallway and at the end of it was a pair of glowing eyes. Suddenly the glowing eyes came running towards us. It was a Rottweiler. We ran, then jumped into the boat and sailed as fast as we could back to my house. The Rottweiler was nowhere to be seen. Soon it was time for Abbie and Amy to go home and that was the end of a spooky adventure. Beckie Houlgate

The Calm Waters The calm sea And the blue sky The whistling trees And the wind passing by. The rocks on the beach The crabs on the shore Children in the sea Going back for more. Parents and children Surfing on the sea Dream the dream How better could it be? People sunbathing It must be warm People on the beach Since early to dawn. Mountains far Closer to the sky You see the clouds Whooshing by. Shannon Robinson

Tang Hall Anthology  
Tang Hall Anthology  

Tang Hall Anthology