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welcome to jenny rusby photography! i love capturing the everyday and “real life” and creating images that tell a story…images that tell your story! my style is documentary lifestyle, so i like everyone to be relaxed and have fun, and to just do what you do and be you, and to just let the kids be kids! my goal is to capture your story - whether it be your baby's first hours at home, a play at the beach, a walk in the woods with your dog, a backyard bbq or sunday lunch, baking cookies with the kids, a visit to the farm...the opportunities are endless. it's what is special to you…it's your life, it's your moment, it's your story!

Your Mini Session a typical mini session lasts 30minutes at an outdoor location or in your home. my goal is to capture your story in an authentic and honest way. there is very little set up and posing in the sessions and instead, more living and experiencing. i try to make it casual and relaxed, and full of lots of fun and laughs, and i strongly discourage the use of the word “cheese!” i'm always willing to incorporate your ideas, so don't be shy if you have any suggestions. you should feel free to let me know if there are certain groupings of family members or ‘must have’ shots that you want included. before the session, i encourage you to talk to your kids and let them know that they don’t have to sit still and smile for the camera, and that you only want them to enjoy themselves and have fun! talk about the location for the session and all the things they’ll see and fun things they can do, and tell them how you’re looking forward to watching them play. during the shoot, please RELAX! it can sometimes feel uncomfortable having your photograph taken, but hopefully with lots of tickles and giggles and playing with your kids, within a few minutes you’ll forget about me! and if your kids start acting up, please don’t stress…if they see that you’re having a good time, they’ll usually come around and have a good time too!

What should we wear? bright colours and neutral colours photograph well. many families choose a colour palette and then let each family member choose their favorite clothes within those colours. the colour palette can be lighter/neutral/pastel colors, or you can go with brighter tones like red, green, blue and yellow. pops of brighter colours in accessories also look great against a more neutral palette‌for example a red scarf or boots. you might also want to think about a theme‌retro, classic, urban, elegant, bright and sunny, or casual and laid back. aside from choosing a colour palette, and a theme if it suits you, the only "rule" i have is to avoid wearing shirts or jackets with big logos or characters. they can be distracting and take the focus away from your family's beautiful faces. the most important thing is to choose clothing that matches your family's style and something that you will be comfortable in and happy to wear.

What happens if it rains? overcast days are fine, but if it rains, we will either need to move indoors to a location with a lot of natural light, or reschedule the session for a time when it's not raining. weather in Melbourne often changes quickly, so it's sometimes possible to reschedule for an earlier or later time on the same day.

What should we bring? if your family includes small children, you may want to pack a small backpack with snacks and a drink. children, and adults, are always in a better mood if they have full bellies and are well-rested. you can also feel free to bring along any toys or blankets that your child loves and that you don't mind them being photographed with. After the Session after the session, i select the best photos 8-15 photos to be colour corrected, edited and exported. i invest a lot of time in working with each image to bring out the best qualities of the photos. within 1 week of your session date, you will be invited to view the final images in a password protected online gallery which will be available for 7 days only. through your online gallery, you will be able to choose your 5 digital files included in your session and order any prints and additional digital files.

Investment Mini Sessions cost $100 and include 5 high-resolution digital images. prints and additional digital images are offered at 20% off the A La Carte pricelist. a $50 deposit is required upon booking to reserve your date. this fee can be transferred to another date if your session needs to be rescheduled. the remaining $50 balance is due on or before the date of your session. A La Carte Products Prints the prints are printed on professional digital paper with a 200 year archival life and come matted in a custom cut museum grade art mount ready for framing or displaying on an easel. 5 x 7” and smaller $20 $16 each 8 x 10” $30 $24 each 11 x 14” $40 $32 each 20 x 24” $75 $60 each Storyboard Prints storyboards are the perfect way to tell your story and to display a collection of images from your session. 11x14” $55 $44 each 16x20” $65 $52 each Canvases the canvases are custom made, with the frame cut to size, the canvas handstretched and are printed using archival inks. 11x14” $120 $96 each 16x20” $190 $152 each 20x24” $270 $216 each 24x30” $380 $304 each Digital Files high-resolution images will be emailed upon ordering for immediate download. if 10 or more digital files are ordered a custom usb drive will also be provided. individual high-resolution images $55 $44 each

please contact me if you would like a specific sized print, or product that is not listed.

Bookings and Inquiries if you are interested in booking a session with me or would like more information, please contact me on the number/email below. i’d love to hear from you! 0406 469566

Mini Session Welcome Pack  
Mini Session Welcome Pack