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Effective Recruitment Process for an Organization Recruitment processis the backbone of an organization. Of course, workforce is the main strength of a firm. Nature of workforce is directly proportional to profits and developments of an organization. Nature in the sense, it may consider in quality, teamwork, behavior etc. It is very important to select appropriate candidates for a firm. In addition, it is a very difficult task as well. We may have candidates in huge number. However, filtering the quality candidates is a tedious task. Human resource management may have many criteria in selection process. Theseselection processcan be customized depends on the need of a company. It plays a major role even in total percentage of attrition level of a company as well. Studies reveal that major percentage of an attrition level in a firm is due to the employee satisfaction and work environment of an organization. People find difficulties when they are unable to fit with the working nature or culture of a particular company. Obviously, this will leads to the poor performance or dissatisfaction. Hence, it is preferable to start concentrating appropriate candidates from scratch. Recruitment process must have a career evaluation procedure to analyze the candidates. Now a day, firms started using expert advices when it comes to recruitment. Specially designed tools are available to analyze the right candidates whether they absolutely fits to the organization or not. Leadership Analysis and Energy Graph service tools help you to analyze a group of people (may be three, four, and five) who works together. It shows who bring most positive energy to that group and who receives the most positive energy. It clearly shows who the most disadvantaged person in that group is regardlesshow they liked or disliked individually. Hence, it helps to build a stable team with maximum performance. Strategic recruitment is the next step to build functional teams within the company by in depth examination of the current teams and prospective staffing. Therefore, this kind of tools can make a huge influence in profit, attrition rates and of course positive work environment. This is the most beneficial way of creating a fully functioned team with great positive energy. It is also helpful to find the appropriate person to lead these functional units.

In addition, there are several leadership development programs as well as career coaching for individuals who have great desire to lead this world. This is really helpful to all individuals to understand the importance and seriousnessof leadership. We all know that “great leaders are made, not just born�. Hence, leadership programs are helpful to know about leadership qualities. That is what all organizations looking for. Leaders define culture, direction and work ethics of an organization. They must be charismatic enough to build trust by their colleaguesand engage others to get things done. Therefore, not only just to find right candidates but also to find real leaders to those teams are part of effective recruitment.

Effective Recruitment Process for an Organization  

Recruitment process is the backbone of an organization. Of course, workforce is the main strength of a firm. Nature of workforce is directly...

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