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How to Negotiate Salary?

How to Ask for a Salary Raise While at Job?

Accepting the Salary Offer.

Declining the Salary Offer.

Comparing More than One Job Offers.

Avoiding Salary Negotiation Mistakes.

There are three stages in a salary negotiation  Preparing for a negotiation. Salary Range, Worth, Experience Performance, Equated, Company Research, Reason. 

The actual negotiation talk.

After the negotiation. If the negotiation is successful, obtain the salary terms discussed in a written format. In case of an unsuccessful negotiation, the candidate should leave with a handshake on a positive note.


for a salary raise

Salary raise negotiations are a part of a manager's job. So managers are experts in dodging such negotiations. Preparation in terms of understanding the need, situation, increase amount and justifications is necessary.  Presenting  Post

the need for the increase


Accept a salary offer that based on your experience, skills, expertise.

Offer letter always has the final salary figure that was negotiated for. All the terms mentioned in a written document.

If you have two to three offers in hand then accept the one that matches your requirements and you are interested in.

Start you job on a positive and satisfied note.

The acceptance note that you will draft has to be professional.

Always take time out to write a thank you note to the people who helped you in job search once you have accepted a salary offer

Call the employer

Write a letter

You have to thank the employer in the first paragraph of the document for his or her consideration.

Give detailed explanation.

Address the response to the person who had offered you the salary

Your decline note is well written and flawless.

Make sure that all the job offers that you have are in the hard copy.

Look into various aspects of the job before accepting the offer.

Try to compare all the aspects of job like salary, benefits, job title, and job profile in the multiple offers.

Find out the positive and negative points of al the offers.

Do not take a lot of time in accepting the offer

Let the employer know your value and how you can help the organization in progress.

You have to be really good in research of salaries offered in your profession.

You should know the right time to negotiate salary.

You have to take time in accepting the salary offer.

As you should not accept the offer quickly.

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