Find the strength: Sylvie's story

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Find the strength Sylvie’s story

Sylvie lives in Burundi, in a poor village on the eastern border with Tanzania. The family have only this straw house to live in. These third-hand clothes to wear. There is never enough food for three meals a day. The family can afford for only two children to go to school. Through ALWS, you can use a new 5:1 Government Grant to support families like Sylvie’s to build independence.

49% of families in Burundi face either food stress or hunger emergency. Children under 5, like Sylvie’s son, are most in danger. The war in Ukraine threatens increased hunger, as Ukraine and Russia provide much of the grain for food to countries in northern Africa. You support farmers in Agricultural Groups teaching improved methods to increase food production.

You can see here the disability Sylvie lives with. She says:

“I am thankful to the Lutheran and the supporters because no other organisation wants to work with handicapped people in my community.” You help people in danger of being forgotten – people with disabilities, the elderly, those who are sick.

93% of families in Burundi are farmers. Most have only half a hectare of land. Sylvie was selected by the Lutheran team you support to join an Agricultural Group. Sylvie says her disability makes farming hard, but she is excited about the new techniques she is learning. You can use the 5:1 Grant to provide tools like the hoe Sylvie is using, and training to improve farming.

Thanks to people like you, through our ALWS partner LWF, Sylvie says her family has been assisted in many ways:

“I am especially thankful for having received food, and money to buy chickens that I can now farm. I also received seeds for crops that help feed my children.” Together, using the 5:1 Australian Government Grant, our ALWS aim is to help 2,571 families like Sylvie’s.

There is a saying in Burundi that people are ‘the plow and the ox’. They are ready to do the hard work to build a better future for their families – including learning how to make mud bricks to construct more permanent houses. The next goal is to provide corrugated iron for the roof. Our plan is to support 80 families, like Sylvie’s, to build strong safe houses.

“I dream of being able to build a decent home so my children and I can live in dignity. I want us to be self-sufficient in nutrition. If these two needs can be met, I can find the strength to work harder so my children can stay in school.” The average cost to help someone in Burundi is $29. The 5:1 Grant means your gift helps a whole family!

Find the strength Your ALWS action for families like Sylvie’s in Burundi is matched 5:1 by an Australian Government Grant. You help with housing, farming and raising livestock. You focus on families most vulnerable and in danger of being forgotten. Your 5:1 donation is tax-deductible. Donate by 30 June to claim this financial year. Please, find the strength to bless a family like Sylvie’s ALWayS! The LORD gives strength to those who are weary. Photos: ALWS / LWF Burundi

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