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“You upgraded my life!� See how your kindness matched 9:1 can support new life for South Sudan families who have lost everything

70 years bringing your love to life!

“When people came and were shooting, I didn’t know if I would survive.” “I felt fear and ran. My husband died in the conflict. I have four children. I tied the younger child to myself and some luggage and sorghum on my head and we walked 200 kilometres to find a way to Kenya. It took us a month of walking. I had burning feet. We were taken by the UN to the refugee camp called Kakuma. We survived in the camp for one year and then came back here. Before we could only eat once a day. Even the goats are starving and are eating our little bit of food. “I feel miserable to see my children hungry. I didn’t want to have this life.” When you are so very hungry, you are very sad. Sometimes you have to ask your neighbour for food. You want to plant but you have no energy and no seeds. Sometimes I felt so weak I couldn’t even collect the water or look for firewood. I am happy to join the Farmer Field Group and learn about cultivating. I hope I can continue to cultivate and have some food for the children and then maybe some extra to sell. The children are not able to go to school now as I have no capacity to take them and cannot pay the money. Please continue to help us.”

Akeer Thuc Dengu Through ALWS, you support the Farmer Field School to help Akeer protect her family from hunger threatened by drought, flood and COVID-19. (Cover photo: Akeer’s baby)

“Some of our students must do their learning outside under the tree.” “There are not enough buildings. We have 650 students and only 8 classrooms. The parents have all contributed to make the little mud room, just to have another space.

There are many challenges being a teacher at this school. We are thankful for the books and school supplies from LWF, but even then, it is not enough for each student. It was good to do the teacher training. It is hard to fit learning from a college into one week – but we are grateful. Thank you for the books and training or we would have nothing!”

Deng Ajek Atem You can use the 9:1 Matching Grant to train more teachers, build and renovate classrooms, and supply teaching materials.

“I am 15 years old and live with my Grandmama.” “In my culture, it is my responsibility to do many daily jobs for her because she is old, and this is how I care for her. Each morning I wake before the light and sweep the compound. Then I must go and fetch the water. I carry it on my head using the ring. I need to go two times to the water point. Then I help cook the breakfast – if we have some food available. Otherwise we just drink the tea. “If I go to school, I must walk one hour.” I pound sorghum grains and put them in the bucket with water to ferment. I walk for two hours to collect the firewood. Then I put the fermenting sorghum on the flat rock, and roll and roll it so it is ready for cooking. If there is the washing of clothes, I help with that task. Milking the cows in the morning and afternoon is another of my jobs. Sometimes I help women cut grass for our tukuls or we paint mud on the outside to keep it good. Soon after it gets dark, I go to sleep. Then I do all these things again the next day and the next.”


Using the 9:1 Matching Grant you help install a high yield bore with solar-powered pump. This reduces the time it takes to collect water, so girls like Aditi can instead go to school.

“Before I was just using the spear to catch the fish.” “I would bring some home, but not very many. We had so little to eat. I felt that the hunger would overwhelm me and my family. Then I saw some others with nets from LWF and thought I would ask. “God was good to me. Now I get many more fish.” Before I had to walk everywhere with the spear to get the fish – a long way, but now the net makes it easier. I have more time, and I get more fish! I feel the hunger is now much less. I am thanking the generous people and say, ‘May God bless you’, when I am sitting with my family with full stomachs!”

Deng Ahou Ajak

Thanks to the 9:1 Matching Grant you help people in South Sudan facing hunger learn new skills to increase their income, just as Deng has been supported in fishing.

“I felt things were bad and I kept hoping God would change my life.” “I left school after Class 4 when my father died. I am married for two years, but did not have money to buy things for my child and my house. Then I heard about this group from LWF. I enjoyed learning how to design the hair, and set it, and do the normal shaving on a head. I get advice on business and savings from the older women.

I was interested to join this group because of my girl, so she will not be like me and miss school. Now, I can care for her, and also help my mother who has no son to care for her. Thank you because you have changed my life. Before I knew nothing, and now I know something. You are also helping my community and my country, South Sudan.”

Kueng Awuol Your help with the 9:1 Matching Grant can train young people in the skills most needed by their community.

“I didn’t know the importance of education.” I was taken out of school by my parents when I was 14 to care for the cattle in the bush camps. Sometimes we would hear the guns. We would run away to hide and then come back. It was frightening for the children, especially to see people being killed. Back then we often had no food. It is hard to see your young children starving. I had been dreaming if I could start some sort of business. When a woman told me about the LWF training for cooking, I was very excited. I learned how to make soup, meat stews, fried meat, chappati - even a wedding cake! I wanted to start my business straight away! I collected firewood and saved the money to buy a bag of sugar. Then I started making tea to sell. After a short time, I had money to get ingredients to cook some food. What encouraged me was that people would eat and then bring others back. I started small, but then it was growing. “Now I have a restaurant and hired four women to help me!” I feel so happy with the knowledge I have, and I feel happy I OWN something. I have food for my children. I can pay their school fees. I encourage them to complete school. Thank you for upgrading my life.”

Ayen Deng Thon This is how YOU can help people build new lives in South Sudan – vocational training, education for children, food security – all matched 9:1!

“The people of South Sudan do not choose to suffer.” “I feel honoured to have the service of LWF. Many agencies have deserted South Sudan, but LWF has insisted in staying. LWF work in food and agriculture, training our farmers to use the new ways or varieties of seeds. This helps with food security. If there is no food, there is no life. Our women are vulnerable because of lack of education.

LWF is offering training of women in catering, hairdressing and tailoring so they can earn an income. Women are of great potential as given an income they can support the family and provide food and education. “One Love Forever” is the love of God. I know you are a Christian organisation and you do your work because of God’s love. If LWF did not have the love of God you would have quit ... but you want people to survive physically, socially and spiritually. There are people richer than you, but because of your generous, God-filled heart of mercy you support the people of South Sudan. May God bless you abundantly!”

Louis Garang, Commissioner Nywak County Commissioner Garang presented the belt you see above as a gift of thanks to ALWS.

“I appreciate your help and have learnt many things.” “Our country has had problems for a long time, but you have helped. Please continue to help us grow as a country. Your help encourages us to send our children to school so that they can change the future of our living.”

Yar Riak Manyiel All photos: ALWS

“I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullness.” Jesus – John 10:10b (CEV)

Your ALWS action by 30 June is matched 9:1 to support families in South Sudan build new life for their children.

1300 763 407 • alws.org.au

70 years bringing your love to life!

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"You upgraded my life!": South Sudan  

See how your kindness matched 9:1 can support new life for South Sudan families who have lost everything.

"You upgraded my life!": South Sudan  

See how your kindness matched 9:1 can support new life for South Sudan families who have lost everything.

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