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It’s our houses you rent

Sandra Svensson and her girls outside the trailer. Except for the trailer they also have a ’spiketält’, a little cottage close to the trailer, a way of getting more space. When renting out their house as they do every year, the Svensson family live in their trailer. Having Kraja Camping as their temporary address. The family consists of Sandra, her husband Peder and their three daughters, Vilma, Nova and Freja. They all like living in their trailer, close together, even tough it can be a little bit narrow and chaos sometimes. – A lot of our friends also stay here with their familys so we visit each other, hanging out, drinking coffee in our long johns, feeling at home. It’s a really nice way of living, she says. The test industry needs a lot of accommodation for their engineers, and its good money renting out your house, thats why the Svenssons family is doing it. – Money that we use to finance improvement on our house and to enjoy the month of April in Västerfjäll, were we have our mountain cottage. A month that we spend together with the whole family, not working relaxing and being outdoors. It’s cozy , but can be a bit narrowed to stay like this because I love to do gymnastics, says five year old Nova Svensson, while doing a split. In the background her The girls also like living in the trailer, having mother Sandra, and her two sisters Vilma and Freja. their own bedroom, their toys and things they like. Continued on page 11

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