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Gussar Blomgren & Manne Hennix, at the Swedish Transport Agency in Arjeplog, with temporary registration signs.

Handwritten signs - a Frequently used Service The opportunity to apply for temporary registration of a vehicle is a service provided by the The Swedish Transport Agency. A service most used by the automotive industry for their test runs, but single use also figures. Arjeplog is one of the four Swedish Transport Agencys in the country, working with this matter. – During a season we handle about forty, fifty temporary signs, hand written directly here at the office. The customers often are eager to get their test started, so they’re given handwritten signs together with the order and they will get factory made ​​signs within a few days, says Gussar Blomgren, one of the administrators.

The agency produce about forty, fifty handwritten signs during a season.

The registration is valid for three, six or twelve months, depending on the customers needs. In order to apply for temporary registration, certain requirements must be met, proving you are a permanent resident of another country, that the car is inspected in Sweden and has insurance. The reasons for applying for temporary registration varies. – It can be beneficial if it’s only a few unregistered vehicles you will test drive, or if you only occasionally use the vehicles on public roads for other than test run, or cars that are not registered yet - for example brand new prototypes, says Manne Hennix, another administrator. The agency often gets praised by the test industry for their good service and their ability to handle cases quickly.

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