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Code Red Alarm

Photo: Ingo Marklund

Code Red, refers to a plan of action developed by industry in cooperation with both road and air ambulance services. Companies contact each other in a predetermined order (chain of command) to inform all parties of an accident and that all testing activities on roads, land tracks or ice should be terminated to reduce risks. A major traffic accident this week between Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur, was the reason for the first time that a ‘Code Red’ plan of action with test companies was initiated. It proved a successful test although certain ambiguities emerged, which needed clarification. It was uncertain which parameters would lead to an alert, who was responsible for declaring that the danger was over and whose

responsibility it was to ensure that the end of the Code Red situation was notified and passed down the communication chain. Despite some uncertainties the most important and gratifying conclusion was the fact that the plan worked really well. Every company in the chain got their phonecall and could call off all test operations until the ambulances were back in Arjeplog- just as it was intended.

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