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Markus Schnuer, BMW Group, manager for the BMW facility in Arjeplog and doctor Angelika KnöllDietz, specialist of occupational medicine and surgery,, BMW Group. ’If an accident should happen, the first moments are critical, so the long distances and reduced resources in health care really worry us’, says Angelika Knöll-Dietz.

A safe and efficient healthcare Since the county council decided to cut down on health-care services in Arjeplog, the vehicle test industry has been worried and has tried to improve the situation. Last year in March they had a first meeting to discuss the situation, there it was decided that another meeting, with key participants in both health care and vehicle test business was needed. That meeting was held this week, on Tuesday. With the purpose to show the resources and expertise there is at the health centers in Arjeplog and arvidsjaur. – It also gave us an opportunity to talk about how primary and emergency care in rural areas work.

In order to meet and secure vehicle testing industry, but also to create a dialogue so all parties had the opportunity to give their opinion and thoughts, says Anna Kaltenegger, chief administrator of the healthcare facilities in Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur. For nurses that work in our health care facilities, where doctors are available but not always on the spot, it is important to be able to make their own thorough and systematic assessment – Yes, it is important to enable faster and safer priorities and that is one of the areas

of expertise that we will prioritize in the future, says Kaltenegger.

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