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Markus Alnqvist with his drone - a heavy flying piece. ’It weighs about 11 kg’, he says.

He made his hobby into buisness A couple of years ago Markus Alnqvist bought himself a little cheap radio-controlled aeroplane. The planes soon became a big-big-BIG interest and a hobby which today is not neither small nor cheap. Flying is his biggest interest and he has hours and hours of flight time. After a while he started to combining the radio-controlled aeroplanes with another hobby of

his, photography andmaking videos. – After a while people heard about my camera-drone and started to engage me for various types of jobs. I also have a heat-sensitive camera and it has been useful for controlling things from above, ice formations on windmills for example. Recently he started his own buisness, a one man-firm called ’Macke’s Drone Cams &


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If you or your company would like to be a partner of Xpress Arjeplog, please contact Jenny or Lotta + 46 (0)70-2561619 +46 (0)70-2802979 jennyolotta@gmail.com We thank our partners for their solidarity, their belief in the need of the paper and their financial contribution.