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Lars Holmgren, Managing Director at ATM, Arjeplog Test Management AB. Photo: ATM.

A 1:1 scale model of the Arctic Arc Week eight in February, the climate hall, called the Arctic Arc, will be laid out as a full-scale demo on the ice of lake Ullak. This will be a way of visualizing the hall and to give a sense of the size and the proportions. A way of trying if this interesting but enormous project is on the right path. – We will invite all companies in the Automotive business field which are active in the area, policy- and decision-makers, media and others with an interest in this project, says Lars Holmgren, ATM, Arjeplogs Test Arjeplog

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Management - who is responsible for the demo and the activities in february. An important part of the demo-week is the feedback they hope to get from the companies testing cars and components in the area during winter. – Yes, one of the main purposes of this overhaul is to improve the facility. To give an opportunity for interested parties to get a sense for the Arc, the functions and the scale. Secondly is to awaken an interest and to virtually show the usefulness and necessity of such a facility, says Lars. Continueed on page 2

CAR TEST COMPANIES BMW Group Hitachi Automotive Systems Jaguar Land Rover Knorr-Bremse MAN Truck and Bus Opel Fiat Group

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If you or your company would like to be a partner of Xpress Arjeplog, please contact Jenny or Lotta, + 46 (0)70-2561619 +46 (0)70-2802979 jennyolotta@gmail.com We thank our partners for their solidarity, their belief in the need of the paper and their financial contribution.