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ground f i g u r e

Figure and ground are two elements better known as positive and negative space. The figure represents the subject of the composition - that is, the elements that are meant to be the focal point of the image. The ground, on the other hand, is everything else that appears in an image and makes it complete. It is important to think of the interplay of figure and ground when creating an aesthetically pleasing composition. Considered figure/ground relationships can also create visual tension that snares the viewer’s attention and keeps their eye on the page. There are three main types of figure/ ground relationships: stable, reversible and ambiguous. In my composition, I am trying to consider the ground as much as I consider the figure. Using the figures of my shapes to create interesting ground, I think, will make my composition stronger and do more to engage the viewer. I am striving for some level of ambiguity in my figure/ground relationship, as I know that interplay creates the most tension and interest. Using figure/ground more in the sense of positive/negative space, I am also trying to strike a good balance of value, to make sure my overall composition is a considered tone of gray. Figure/ground relationship is one of the most difficult parts of graphic design in my opinion, so I am trying many experiments to find the most successful contingency among elements. Jenny May GRPH221 Beginning Graphic Design Spring 2014


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