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Project 01

The challenge for this project was the collection, organization and presentation of a large number of images. The images exemplify graphic design’s diversity: street art, stickers, books, pamphlets, window decorations, license plates and more. My exploration of graphic design was focused on the northeast corner of the 14th and O Street intersection. To begin, I collected 200 images of graphic design from that block, looking in places expected and unexpected. Once a sufficient sample had been formed, my analysis of images began. Some images were arranged in matrices, illustrating the different symbolic representations of a concept. Other images were connected in typologies and laid out in grids to compare and contrast the types of design in one medium. One typology includes the element of time, showing the way design has developed over the last 40 years.

To me, this project was an opportunity to broaden and refine my definition of graphic design simultaneously. Finding so many examples of graphic design in a small area made me rethink the boundaries of graphic design and start looking in atypical places for design. Creating typologies and matrices, on the other hand, helped reinforce to me the commonalities of all examples of graphic design and create a more cohesive, refined definition of design. I tried to keep my matrices and typologies as straightforward as possible, using strong examples and clear, concrete categories. My page layouts are clean and clear to keep the focus on the images and the relationships between them. I feel my design is successful, as it allows the relationships and concepts behind the pictures to shine through without an overwhelming artist presence or overdesigning.

The block I selected for study. Many pictures were taken in a small area which was an interesting challenge for me.


May grph221 portfolio print spring2014  
May grph221 portfolio print spring2014