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In Summary This class provided a variety of challenges that I had to rise to as a designer. I learned about topics as diverse as systems, history and advertising. I learned how to use tools of the trade like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. As well as learning basic rules of graphic design such as the grid and use of whitespace, I learned when to break them. Most of all, I developed my own unique design sense this semester and discovered my personal style. I learned so much, but I think one of the most valuable lessons of all is the value of the creative process in crafting the best possible solution. Over the course of the semester, there has been nothing more valuable to my design than iterations, ideations and research. So many lessons learned, and so much design still left to do! I know I will take the things I have learned in this class into my future as a designer, as I develop my own unique style and continue to expand my living portfolio.


May grph221 portfolio print spring2014