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Jacquelin Casey

International Typographic Style Casey was a graphic designer of the post-War tradition who attended the Massachusetts College of Art in the late 1940’s. There she trained as a fashion illustrator and advertiser, where design is used to elegantly and effectively convey a message rather than being the artistic focus onto itself. Her later graphic design work show this clear, thoughtful sensitivity to openness, a limited color palette and bold, thick lines. Casey was at the peak of her designing prowess during events such as the Cold War, the moon landing and the Vietnam War. Her career also saw the beginning of the digital age and a subsequent yearning for more traditional, hand-worked solutions during the 1980’s. As cultural tastes and signifiers changed with evolving values, Casey’s designs stood as traditional, modern designs that were universally relatable. During this overhaul of American politics, human rights initiatives and domestic revolution, Casey’s designs remain objective and uncluttered, a hallmark of the International Typographic Style to which she adhered.*

1927 - 1991

Casey was a member of the International Typographic Style, which emphasized simplicity and legibility. To this end, I used Helvetica and simple, primary colors that mirrored Casey’s iconic designs. The abstracted arrow in the upper right corner serves to draw the viewer in as well as subtly point to the beginning of the information about her. I pulled the blue from a few of Casey’s designs into the heading to tie the whole piece together with a sense of cohesiveness and repetition. Overall, I strove to keep my design simple and clean to reflect the work of Casey.


May grph221 portfolio print spring2014  
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