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Project 03

This project began as an exploration of the different types of logos. Once I had familiarized myself with the wide variety of logos, I was given a logo with no explanation of its representative value or associated company. Instead, I focused on its visual form and language as I redrew the logo in Illustrator, learning both the pen tool and precise craft. The logo was then to undergo a multi-process transformation: disturbance, disintegration, diffusion, recollection, reorganization and finally emergence as a new logo in the visual language of the original. The process of creating a logical progression while also making each composition strong was a challenge. In my first few iterations, I found myself struggling to keep time and motion both in play. However, I found the readings we did to be extremely helpful in improving both my compositions and the overall work. I tried to emphasize the ideas of conscious white space in a tension-filled figure/ ground relationship, scale as a means to convey motion and hierarchy, and continuity between frames to show


motion and change in a logical way. Once I began to utilize these ideas, the relationship among the disparate elements became more engaging and more apparent. I also thought extensively about how the viewer’s eye moves across the page and attempted to keep the audience engaged and centered on a focal element. Learning about and consciously considering these formal elements led to a finished product that I felt fulfilled the transformation sequence and is both visually appealing and logically sound. Now that the composition was complete, I began experimenting with the concept of color. With a focus on color relationships, I formed six logo processes with differing color combinations: monochromatic, complementary, analogous, triad, contrasting pairs of conditions, wildcard. It was a challenge to include color in a tasteful, meaningful way that added to my existing composition. But again, by thinking about formal concepts like hue, value and intensity, I managed to transform my process.

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