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‘Pioneers! O Pioneers!’ :

Down the edges, through the passes, up the mountains steep, Conquering, holding, daring, venturing as we go the unknown ways, Pioneers! O pioneers!’

How Romanticism Shaped the American West

‘We detachments steady throwing,

The history of the American

West is being transformed by exciting new ideas, new questions, new scholarship.

‘Pioneers! O Pioneers!’ How Romanticism Shaped the American West

With a Foreword by

Jenny May May OCTO


My first iteration (upper left) used a variety of textures and colors to make for an expressive and abundant feel. In my second iteration (left), I utilized transparencies and more sparse, symbolic language to free up space for the book’s title, author and publication data. My final solution (above) featured strong text elements.


For many years this field was dominated by popular images of the lone cowboy and the savage Indian, and by Frederick Jackson Turner’s concept of the frontier as a steadily advancing source of democracy and social renewal. But now historians and even the merchants of popular culture are pioneering new views of the frontier and the West by taking up a rich array of new subjects, including the stories of diverse peoples as well as the history of the land itself. The transformation of western history continues to be an open-ended, turbulent process, a process that is documented for the first time in full detail here, set in juxtaposition to the Romantic epic ‘Pioneers! O Pioneers!’ by Walt Whitman.

May grph221 portfolio print spring2014  
May grph221 portfolio print spring2014