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The way you center an element in the middle of the page, or don’t, can be critical to an audience’s understanding of it. Framing or cropping is a useful tool for conveying a sense of motion as well as hierarchy. Choosing to squarely frame an element dead-center with ample whitespace completely alters its meaning in comparison to an element bleeding off the edge of the page. Frames can also be implied as well as explicit. Elements surrounding a shape can give it a frame, as can ragged whitespace or a carefully placed line. A frame can be a literal border or a specific crop of a larger image. Either way, the way a shot is framed always displays the importance of each element and its place in the composition’s meaning. In our project, the frames we have to work with are very literal and apparent. Seven boxes, outlined in black, serve as our borders, for us to decide what action to include and what action to crop out. I think one of my biggest weaknesses on the first iteration of the project was not considering my framing enough. I kept most elements stably within the set frame, giving my compositions a stagnant feel. In this most recent iteration, I began to experiment with having different elements cut off by the frame as well as experimenting with internal framing to bring attention to overlooked elements in my composition. I tried to use deliberate whitespace and edge alignment to create frames within the frames- to create hierarchies that would add logic to my designs as well as aesthetic interest. Jenny May GRPH221 Beginning Graphic Design Spring 2014


May grph221 portfolio print spring2014  
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