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Translation of One Day Young article for Nido magazine written by Mareen Linnartz "There is a song that immediately reminds me of my son everytime I hear it. 'Ich war noch niemals in New York' by Udo Juergens (famous German song) played from an old CD player while my son was born. I have no idea why. My midwife had asked me whether I wanted some music and I had nodded barely listening, numb with pain. The sky was blue, a beautiful Bavarian autumn afternoon. I wore that black dress I had bought in Rome and red sneakers that weren't properly tied. I remember the distinct disinfectant smell on the ward. I remember my son in my arms, he is sleeping, his hair smells sweetly, his skin is soft and warm, I fall in love immediately and ask: who are you? The doctor is left handed. I am telling you all this because I am astounded by just how much I suddenly remember looking at Jenny Lewis' series One Day Young. It's been over 10 years but I remember almost everything. I know this is probably normal, it is probably nature's reflex to store these incredible events in a woman's mind forever. Jenny Lewis visited women in the first 24h after giving birth and photographed them. What I see in these pictures is what I felt myself back then: the love and fear, the bond and strangeness. The helplessness of the newborn, as well as his strength and power. The exhaustion of the mother as well as her loving alertness. Perhaps this is part of the magic of those first few days with a baby: opposite emotions come together without contradicting each other. You feel strong, you feel weak. You feel at peace, you feel incredibly worried. It is an almost surreal state of being. The world outside carries on as before, but here, inside, you discover a whole new world. We are a family now. Or an even bigger family. Jenny's mothers are at home. Either they gave birth at home or they went home soon after. You couldn't have captured such intimacy at a hospital I don't think. That's how I feel. I gave birth to all my three children at hospital because I was longing for safety, but every time I went home a few hours afterwards. I wanted peace and quiet, the kind you only get at home. I looked at my newborn babies' pictures again. They were all so different, even back then. They smelled differently, they had distinct likes and dislikes, in hindsight their distinct characteristics were already apparent in those first few moments. The wit, the vigilance, the calm. My oldest son will be 11 soon. He loves football, music and is starting to think about girls.His feet are almost my size and the days that I could pick him up and carry him in my arms have long passed. My husband and I can't believe just how fast he's grown. He's about to see his first concert, 'Sportfreunde Stiller", They recently covered 'Ich war noch niemals in New York", He loves that song. So I told him why."

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