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Love at first sight Rudy is one of 150 babies in Hackney, east London, to be photographed by Jenny Lewis on the first day of their lives with their happy, but exhausted mothers

right Hazel and Rudy

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2/5/2015 6:57:56 PM


For the past five years, Jenny Lewis has photographed newborn babies in the London borough of Hackney, cradled by their doting mothers, during the first 24 hours of their lives. “My aim was to capture the extraordinary

22 • the sunday times magazine

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bonding, warmth and strength between mother and infant,” says Lewis, who photographed more than 150 new mums. “In fact, the whole range of amazing emotions felt at that time, as the mothering instinct kicks in.”

Forty of the portraits appear in the book One Day Young (Hoxton Mini Press, £12.95), published on March 12; hoxtonminipress.com. To buy it at the ST Bookshop price of £11.65, inc. p&p, tel: 0845 271 2135. For more details, visit jennylewis.net

above, from left Kim and Perseus, Cassie and Levi, Nicola and Jemima, Jenny and Suki

below, from left Xanthe and Louie, Tara and Penelope, Katharina and Tito, Catharine and Raya

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2/5/2015 3:20:49 PM

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