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Risk of third-party payment: 1. the principal qualifications and business scope of the risk of third-party payments, engaged in business between network operators and financial services, its legal status is unclear. Although most online payment system third-party payment to try to establish their own role as an intermediary to provide users with network collection and payment, to pay the actual business operations point of view, but from all of these third-party payment intermediary service is essentially similar to the settlement business. In addition, at the same platform to provide third-party guarantee for the buyer and seller on the accumulation of a large number of funds in transit, the performance is similar to bank deposits. According to the Chinese commercial banks under the Act, deposits, loans handle settlement of the bank's proprietary business. Third-party payment platform operated business has exceeded some of the existing franchise restrictions, whether it should be how to position, we ought to think. 2.In transit capital and virtual account the risk of precipitation of funds in the payment process, whether it is a third-party certificate authority payment platform model or internal trading patterns, has a capital sequestration act, when the absorption of funds reached a considerable scale, funds security issues and payment risks. (1) the mode of third-party payment platform, settling down in transit funding often on the third-party accounts opened in the bank, the general business funds be stuck for two days ranging from a few weeks, this part of the funds in transit may occur the risks are: first, in the way of funds continued to increase, making the third-party payment platform itself the credit risk index increase. Third-party payment platform to provide security for online transactions, then who will provide security for third-party? Second, third-party payment platform has a lot of money precipitated the absence of effective liquidity management, it may lead to payment risks. (2) mode of insider trading related to the issuance and use of virtual currency. Platform within the virtual currency have not been included in the scope of regulation of the central bank, separated from the banking system, it is difficult to track capital flows, it is not clear what kind of impact of social reality. But the virtual currency issue is totally out of control, when more and more people recognized and the use of virtual currency, the docking of virtual currency with real money problems, it will be a huge disaster. No one is willing to pay for this risk, but also can not afford. 3 .Anti-Money Laundering Act to bring the money laundering risk the central bank said in the release of" Anti-Money Laundering Report, the proportion occupied by the online bank in the banking business increased rapidly, and the transactions payment service provider mostly by telephone, computer networks, banks and customers are less to meet a lot of difficulty, to the bank to understand customers and money laundering risk-prone areas of high incidence.

Risk of third-party payment  

the principal qualifications and business scope of the risk of third-party payments, engaged in business between network operators and finan...

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