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Credit card risk category In a broad sense, the risk of credit card credit card issuers in the credit card business management process, due to various unfavorable factors, the possibility of loss of cardholders, merchants tripartite. Narrow sense, the risk of credit card credit card no actual non-product properties and loans of the secured revolving credit plan, no fixed place, grant loan individual, small single amount, resulting in the possibility of loss of the card issuers. Credit risk hazards need to be prevented. 1, from the cardholder's risks: First, the cardholder malicious overdraft. Second cardholder lied not received the goods. Third, is the first report of loss, report the loss of the card and then in a very short period of time large-scale use. Fourth, the use of credit card overdraft amount to usury. 2, derived from the risk of the business: First, the unscrupulous employee fraud. In reality, the employee can come into contact with the customer's card information and even cardholders leave the customer's attention. Unscrupulous employees will use the customer's credit card spending, and illegal use of the invoice to withhold, resulting in customer loss. Unscrupulous businessmen fraud. Unscrupulous businessmen to guide consumers through the domain name similar to the well-known shops or mail log in to your web site. Difficult for consumers to recognize the authenticity of the Internet business, it is easy to easily submit payment information. Merchant boss forged customer purchase invoice, and then to take false invoices to obtain funds from banks. 3,From third-party risks: one is theft. The thieves will be a substantial trade quickly, report the loss until the legitimate cardholder and the card bank to freeze. The second is a copy. In hotels, restaurants such establishments, the authorized link will usually leave the cardholder's sight, which makes the unethical staff have the opportunity to use a small card reader device to obtain the magnetic stripe information. ATM fraud. ATM device fraud is usually because the password is stolen or forged, or even robbery with violence. Four to be forged. The criminals obtain the customer's credit card information, such as stealing, or illegal installation of receiving equipment for the keyboard input device, or computer hacking attacks on online banking system for counterfeit credit card fraud. Fifth, identity theft. This includes both the theft of the

identity of consumers, including plagiarism merchant identity. 6 is a false declaration. Criminals, false identification and credit card application and information materials, or lied about the card is lost, then the implementation of a fraud consumer a fee or cash, so that the banks have suffered losses. 4, derived from the risk of commercial Credit card payment service banks: commercial banks within the unscrupulous staff, they tend to use the powers in the internal crime. If the credit card without authorization, chipped or theft has chipped a good credit card, posing as customers to withdraw cash or card spending; or unauthorized overstep their authority, taking large amounts of cash; or by changing the computer customer data and deposit balances, steal cash.

Credit card risk category  

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