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Wildlife What a Very, Merry Christmas!

Wildacre Newsletter Winter 2014

Angela, Michelle, James and Michael

After weeks of waiting and watching the presents grow under the

all spent Christmas with their families

Christmas tree, the big day finally came and Wildacre was full of

and all came back having had a

excitement and anticipation as the celebrations got underway.

fantastic time, still full from eating too much food and with lots of lovely new

Adam, Christine, Jane, Sharon and Richard all spent Christmas

gifts to enjoy.

day at home. And whilst the turkey was in the oven and the Christmas feast was prepared, all the presents were opened one-byone.

Do You Remember, Remember the 9th November…? Well that was the date of the annual Wildacre fireworks party and a big thank you to everyone who came and made a damp and cold bonfire night go with a bang! It was great to see so many faces wowed by the fantastic display put on by Fudd and Julian and to hear the collective ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as over 100 fireworks and rockets shot up into the sky. And although there were a couple of occasions when just about everyone took a step or two backwards to avoid being hit, it certainly

didn’t phase ‘Nerves of Steel’ Michael, who just wanted more! Despite the days of endless rain, the bonfire lit first time ready for the guy, brilliantly made by Amy. We hope you all had as good a time as we did and enjoyed the chilli and hotdogs and a sparkler or two on the side!

How to Get in Touch… Wildacre Phone; 01933 625780 email; web: Wildacre, Raunds Road, Chelveston, Northants, NN9 6AB. Reg. company no. 7205824

CQC: 03000 616161

Our Inspector - Roy Dodd: 07785 601478

CC Adult Services: 0300 126 100

Help Tame the Wildacre!

Latest Inspection

We’ve got big plans for the Wildacre garden this year. In addition to a return of the pigs and chickens, we’ll also be growing lots more fruit and vegetables and creating a garden that’s bursting with colour, full of wildlife and Interesting things to explore.

On 7 November 2013, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) conducted a routine, unannounced inspection and found we met all the required standards and that Wildacre was well led and provided safe, effective & compassionate care.

If you could spare some time to help, or maybe have some unwanted plants, bulbs, seeds or even garden furniture that you’d be happy to donate, then we’d love to see you at one of our ‘Seeds & Sandwiches’ days we’ll be holding over the coming months. Look out for more details soon!

You can also view the full report online at directory/1390415142

The Wildacre Team















If you would like a copy of the printed report sending to you, or you’d like to discuss any of the content, then please get in touch.

Wildacre Team Training The Wildacre team regularly attend training and development courses to ensure we’re all up-to-date with and aware of the latest procedures and mandatory requirements. Our most recent training was in;  Food hygiene and infection control  Dignity & Respect  Dementia Awareness and Medication If you’d like to know more about our training and it’s content, then please let us know.

Happy Birthday! James - 22 December Natalie - 3 January Jane -12 January Michelle C - 13 January Dionne - 15 January Michelle - 19 January Adam - 3 February Michael - 17 February Amy & Melissa E - 22 February

Getting to Know...Shiona Shiona Curtis has been with Wildacre for two years and is one of the Senior team, working mainly in the little house. Originally from Glasgow, Shiona moved to Rushden with her now Husband, Pete, when she was 35. Shiona left her job in HR for a large firm of solicitors and worked part time as an estate agent around raising a family before discovering a career in care. Explains Shiona “I used to take my children to swimming lessons which coincided with the a learning disability swimming group. The care and patience their carers had really drew me in and I left the estate agents and got my first care job in 2005” Client care comes first for Shiona ‘I love the clients the most at Wildacre—they’re a diverse wee group”.

Shiona Curtis  Likes almost any kind of music & can often be found bopping around the little house and singing along! 

Can’t say no to Indian food, even though she needs to keep the antacid to hand!

Would holiday in South Africa every time if she could—not only is it stunning, she gets to see her brother too!

When not at work, can be found in the gym, Yoga or indoor skydiving. Likes to plan in advance and keep motivated!

Cam e 2nd in the Miss Stella Artois Competition!

Thanks to being a self-confessed ’control freak’, Shiona has already spotted many areas where small changes have made a big difference at Wildacre, and has many more ideas up her sleeves too we’re sure!

Team News Patricia and Libby joined the Night Team in February, and we welcome back Laura from maternity leave. Kate has been with Wildacre for 12 years in February, and Julian 19 years!

Wildacre winter 2014  

Wildacre home for adults with learning disabilities. Winter 2014 newsletter.

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