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Benefits Offered in a Child Plan

Want to shed off all your worries with regard to your child's future, go for a child plan! With a Children plan, you ensure that the financial support required for your Children to pass through the essential phases of his life is taken care of by the insurance provider. Today, Children insurance is available in various formats and these can help you de-risk your Children's future to a great extent.

Who can opt for a Child Plan?

The eligibility criteria that decides who can buy a Children policy varies amongst insurance companies. But broadly speaking, a Children plan can be availed if the parent is above the age of 18, while the child is below the age of 18. The maximum entry age of the parent is restricted up to 60 in most Children insurance plans.

The key benefits that the best Children plan would offer include: Sum Assured - The premium amount that you pay towards the Children insurance is invested by the insurance company and gets compounded over years and you are paid back the same as sum assured. The sum assured is either payable on maturity of the plan or on the demise of the parent. A few plans allow the sum assured to be paid as installments over multiple years. The installments payments are generally linked to a milestone like further education, marriage etc. The milestones may be anticipated in advance and accordingly the installment milestones are fixed.

Premium Waiver Rider - Most Children plans would have a rider which would give you the benefit of premium waiver in the event of the demise of the insured parent. Opting for the premium waiver benefit would mean increase in the premium liability. By virtue of the premium waiver clause, the policy will continue even after the demise of the parent and the liability of all future premium payment would be taken up by the insurance provider.

Disability Rider - If you do not opt for the disability rider, the premium waiver will be allowed only in the event of the death of the insured. But if you take the disability rider, premium waiver will also be allowed in the event of disability of the insured parent. Tax Benefits - Like in the case with other life insurance plan, the premium paid towards a child plans in India are exempt from tax under section 80C. The maturity or death claim proceeds are also exempt from tax under section 10 (10D).

You can buy child plan online There are host of Children insurance offered by companies and if you wish to buy one, you may compare child inurance online with regard to the premium amount payable, sum assured, and availability of premium waiver benefit, disability rider and policy duration. This will give you a very clear picture of which Children insurance is ideal for you and you may pay for the one that offers the best terms.


Benefits offered in a child plan  

Save systematically and secure the financial future of your child by investing in Child Plan and let your child enjoy today without worrying...

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