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Conscious Aftercare A design probe to reconsider how we care for garments. The project looks at the issue of garment care and how poor care habits lead to unnecessary disposal. There is a need for consumer engagement and understanding of their impact environmentally when clothing care is neglected. Initial Statement of Brief How can design help improve care habits of consumers to prolong the life cycle of clothing?

“Stella McCartney’s autumn/winter 2017 collection reinforces the credentials of her label as a force against overconsumption and fast fashions environmental damage.” - Viewpoint #40, City Futures

“Every second the equivalent of one garbage truck is burned or landfilled.� - Circular Textiles Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

“25% of the carbon footprint of clothes comes from the way we care for them” - AEG, The Care Label Project

01 TUMBLE DRYING IS THE MOST DAMAGING PROCESS “It’s the drying process that usually causes the problems – due to overheating materials” - Julie MacDonald, Laundrette Owner

02 Key Insights


“Hang-drying saves 17 percent of the total climate impact in the li - Catarina Midby, H&M’s head of sustainable fashion

03 CLOTHES HORSES ARE OBTRUSIVE “I hang dry all my washing however I have to hide it when I have friends round which is a pain.” - Julie Gibb, Edinburgh


ife cycle.” “Drying your wet laundry inside is a danger to your health” - Rachel Hoise, the Independent

An aesthetically considered drying rack to encourage hang drying by providing a better product experience.

A dehumidifying clothes steamer that counter-acts the negative effects of wet laundry within the home environment.

clothes steamer



Conscious Aftercare  
Conscious Aftercare