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CHIA YI YU Product Designer

Portfolio 2009-2016

Chia Yi Yu Portfolio of personal projects and works





Graduation Project Rollean Design Projcect

17 Medical Care Presspiral Design Project

25 Green Design Project CHU REN CHI SHING

31 Design For The Elderly Shoehorn

35 School Competition Design Project Riddle

37 Skills Computer Aided Design

Chia Yi Yu, Taiwan October 28th 1993 +886 918871028

What we can see, we can touch, even just a little thing, a pen, a piece of paper, a smart phone we use everyday, design is everywhere. Born in Taiwan and recently graduated product designer. Here you can view my experiences. I also offer expertise in various subjects, such as graphic and conceptual creation.




Ming Chuan University , Taiwan

Technical skills Software

Department of Product Design, Graduated with honors, June 2016

Mingdao High School , Taiwan Department of Design & Art, Graduated with honors, June 2012

Drawing skills Model making

Language skills Mandarin(native) Taiwanese(native) English

Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Rhinoceros Vray

EXPERIENCES Ming Chuan University , Taiwan February 2016 The 27th MCU Literary & Arts Awards official poster design

Sinyi Realty Inc. Taiwan September 2014 official DM, Poster design

Chiau Lian Florist , Taiwan 2012 - now Elementary Florist license of IKENOBO Japan Intermediate Florist license of IKENOBO Japan A d v a n c e d F lo r i s t l i c e n s e o f I K E N O B O Japan Exotic Florist S p e c i a l Fe s t i v a l F l o r i s t A s s i s t a n t f o r Fresh Flower Arrangement

Contests & Awards Young Pin Design Award, Finalist April 2016 - Rollean Ming Chuan University Department of Product Design Certificate of Award January 2013 - 2 Place June 2015 - Finalist Ming Chuan University Department of Product Design Popular Award January 2013 - 2 Place January 2014 - 3 Place National Taichung Library, Picture Book Collection June 2011 - Love Your Family National Student Art Competition, 1st Taichung City October 2010 - Exposure

7:Graduation Project

Graduation Project

"Instead of thinking what to build. Building in order to think." - Tim Brown Rollean Design Projcect was designed as my graduation project in Product Design at M i n g C h u a n U n i v e r s i t y i n Taiwan. Through the observation and research, we discovered t h e f a c t t h at m o s t t r av e le r s have difficulties to pull their luggage out of the baggage claim.

Rollean Design Projcect

9:Graduation Project

Design Introduction In terms of the difficulty of lifting l u g g a g e f ro m b a g g a g e ca ro u s e l , w e developed a new design from the original carousel by adding 10 cm diameter steel balls that are able to rotate 360° in the w all fr ame of the carousel. That way the luggage can lean on the c i rc u l a r w a l l o f c a ro u s e l w h i c h c a n distribute the weight of the luggage, then when the steel balls start rolling, it will trigger the movement of the belt to carry the luggages out.

Research In order to gain informations about baggage claim, we conducted our own research by recording, taking pictures, interviewing travelers at Singapore Changi Airport and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

security tired of walking heavy luggage overweight Problems

need help Mind Map lost waiting new friends selfie Could Happen using phone

baggage claim restaurants trolley charger Facility installation art distance of people Interactive sing playground

luggage laptop Stuff cell phone jet lag cold cry happy sleepy

work travel Why transfer long-term short-term



Transportation taxi bus drive

Hope beautiful great services


flight attendant

Airport People elder disable backpacker family alone first time

work travel transfer long-term short-term

Problems According to information we gathered and results of analysis, we found out that "people pull their luggages out from baggage claim" this procedure have several problems. Tr a v e l e r s h a v e t o a v o i d t h e l u g g a g e from hitting the frame of carousel by raising their arms to shoulder-hign, and ev e n t u a l ly t a ke o u t t h e i r l u g g a g e s i n a clumsy way, which is especially hard for elder and children.

Solution way...

...Solution way

Features T h e w a l l of t h e ca ro u s e l is easy to be worn and teared since it sustains the weight of the luggage for a long period of time and it os hard to renew and maintain. T h e re f o re , w e a d d e d t h e 3 6 0 ° ro l l i n g b a l l s i n t h e frame in order to slow down abrasion. Besides, this makes it more convenient to maintain.

Tr a v e l e r s c a n l e a n t h e luggage on the circular wall of carousel and carry their luggages following the curved wall to drop.

The 77° carousel wall shortens the distance between traveler and the belt, giving travelers m o re c o n v e n i e t w a y t o claim and drop luggages.

The 360° steel balls are c a p a b le t o m o v e f re e ly without any interference to the belt, which can be a great support to the travelers.

Scale Model Making

Final Model, Jury, Crew

17:Presspiral Design Project

THE INNOVATION OF MEDICAL CARE Presspiral Design Project According to the statistics, 91% of nurses have been hurt by syringe needles each year. To our surprise, there are over 30% of people facing this accident after syringe needle been used. T h e re f o re w e d e c i d e d t o s u b m i t a s a f e r recycling bin of syringe needles that prevent medical personnel from facing needlestick injury anymore.

Presspiral One press, Safer than ever.

Research Statistic Analysis of Data







Happenes during Injection.

Happenes at Trowing Syringe Needle.





Staff have been Hurt by Sryinge Needles

19:Presspiral Design Project







13% Happenes after Syringe Needle been Thrown. .

Syringe needle had been Used previosly.

What nurses said... According to the information we collected from nurses, there are few steps we found out why can not cycling bin be smarter for the user?

1 Open the cover


The cover is broke

2 Slide the syringe

Why not?

Press the syringe



The opening is big

Seal the bin with paper tape


Bin was fallen, needles came out


The tape loosen


If? Sharp and straight

Spiral and safe


The syringe needle becomes a spiral form and the sharp will bend into the center.

Respond to different diameter of syringe, the opening uses the appearance of stairs.

The 38° angle, ensure each user has a clear site. 38

Its appearance makes it easy to pile.

Use-method and interior

Choose the right place and insert the needle into the opening.

Press the syringe to motivate the first gear.


The second gear will be motivated by the first one, that turns the needle into a spiral form.

The spiral needle would fall down from the second gear.

What happened inside?

Press here with syringe


2 3 Falling


25:Green Design Project



People now adays pursuing more natur al ways to solve problems, it's not only could be healthier to our body but also good for the environment. According to the research, I found there are so many MOSQUITO REPELLENT products are not natural, so I decided to create a natural mosquito repellent.


According to the research, I discovered there are a lot of natural ways to solve mosquito issue. One of them is by using dried wormwood. HOW and Why I choose this natural material as my main concept... Organic Dried Wormwood are n a t r u a l , a n d I c h o o s e C y p re ss wood as the frame, and its shape I w o u l d l i ke t o g i v e p e o p le a n natural image.



Take out of the container inside from Cypress wood frame.


Put about 30~40g dried wormwood into the container, and replace them each week.


After filling up the container with wormwood, then put container back inside. Except put this natural mosqhito repellent to anywhere you want, or it could also be hung up.

31:Design For The Elderly

SHOEHORN Design For The Elderly T h e D ATA s h o w s , t h o s e 8 0 o r o v e r a r e n o w o n l y s l i g h t ly m o re t h a n 1 p e r ce n t o f t h e t o t a l h u m a n population. Many elderly population means many elderly problems, how about a simple concept can help them to make their life more easy?

What would happen when "Shovel + Shoehorn"? Easier to hold Easier to control Don't need to bend the back so much Save effort

33:Design For The Elderly

A simple concept

PEN CASE School Competition Design Project Riddle


35:School Competition Design Project

The architecture of our design building is special, so I chose a part of it to be my d e s i g n c o n c e p t . A c c o rd i n g t o re s e a rc h I gained, the architecture make many people felt mystery, secret.


Computer Aided Design




39:Computer Aided Design

Rhinoceros + Vray



Rhinoceros + Vray

Shoehorn Rhinoceros + Vray

Computer Aided Design



41:Computer Aided Design

Rhinoceros + Vray

Squeeze Rythm Rhinoceros + Vray










Chia Yi Yu +886 918871028

Portfolio of personal projects and works

Chia Yi Yu 2016 Design Portfolio  
Chia Yi Yu 2016 Design Portfolio