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Issue #3 April 2013 Upcoming Events Spring State

Southeast State Junior State of America Newsletter

Georgetown Summer School

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“There is so much happening in the Southeast State every month. We hope this newsletter will help

July 7 - July 28, 2013

Stanford Summer School

June 30 July 21, 2013

keep you up to date with all of the wonderful opportunities to get involved.”

--Jenny Chen

University of Virginia

Spring State 2013 Join us at Spring State, where you will

June 16 July 7, 2013 July 14 August 4,2013

Princeton Summer School

JSA Diplomat Program (China)


April 20 & 21 2013, Orlando, FL

June 26 - July 21, 2013

June 29 August 3, 2013

Orlando Marriott Lake Mary in Orlando,

find kind, outgoing, and knowledgeable Florida from April 20th through April people who are interested in the same

21st. Double check to make sure your

thing as you: expressing your opinion

chapter is tax paid and all members

and learning about issues that face our

attending the conference have made an

nation. Don’t miss the debates,

account on The cost for the

thought talks, election, video game

convention, including hotel fees, is $105;

tournament, and much more!

make sure to bring extra money for food

Newsletter Editor

This year’s Spring State will be held at

and possibly souvenirs.

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Governor and Lt. Governor Election 2013 It's that time of year! This year is coming to a close and how it will end all depends on YOU. At Spring State 2013, you have the opportunity to determine your future leaders and how the Southeast will be run. Be informed, know your candidates, and vote wisely. It's all up to YOU! ~Kathryn Edmunds, Southeast State Governor

Meet Your Candidates Governor Laura Delaney is a junior at Lemon Bay this year and a part-time dual enrollment student at the State College of Florida. After attending Spring State last year, she knew that JSA was her calling. Due to her experience with social media in the political community, she decided to pursue the publicity department. She now serves as the Director of Publicity on the Southeast State Cabinet. Her favorite part about JSA is the unity of its members before, after, and during the conventions throughout the year. This and many other factors of JSA make up the platform for her candidacy as 2013-2014 Southeast Governor. She wishes to not only promote much more civic engagement throughout the Southeast, but to ensure that all members alike are able to help maintain a more structured State. In order to do so, Laura wishes to implement training forums for statesmen seeking to better their debating skills, for Cabinet members to further their JSA endeavors, or necessary training for Chapter Presidents, who truly are the heart of JSA. By doing so, she wishes to restore the Southeast’s success. She has been the Chapter Co-President of her local Chapter for two years now and wishes to provide the people of the Southeast with the JSA experience they desire. Raymond Rif is a junior at Nova High School. He got involved with JSA in his freshman year and has attended multiple conventions. Since his involvement, he’s attended several conventions, and multiple summer school programs. He is running for Governor for one reason: to bring a golden era to the Southeast. His platform mainly focuses on chapter retention, creation, and expansion. To put things in perspective, since 2010 there has been a major trend in a diminishing number of chapters and members. When Raymond became President of Nova high school’s JSA chapter, they had 8-12 members. Today, with the aggressive recruitment campaign he’s initiated, Nova has 50+ taxpaid members. If you want a passionate, pragmatic and proven candidate, then vote right, vote responsibly, vote Raymond Rif for Southeast Governor.

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Lieutenant Governor Anna Park is a 10th grader at CSCA. She currently serves as the Director of South Florida in the Expansion Department on Cabinet. She started JSA in 9th grade and did not know what JSA was all about. When she went to Fall State, it completely changed her mind about JSA. She had her heart set on JSA. If she had never joined JSA, she doesn't think she would have ever given a second chance to politics. She loves how JSA gives her a chance to interact and become friends with students all over Florida! But sadly, Southeast State JSA numbers are decreasing. This is why she has decided to run for LTG. She does not want to see all her friends in JSA start dropping out one by one. She wants to keep a firm stance on expansion, her main duty if elected. She loves seeing those bright faces three times a year and she want to keep them and bring in more new ones. She has been on many cabinet positions such as Public Relations at the chapter level, Director of South Florida at the Southeast State Level, and the Director of Evening Activities on Super Cabinet at Winter Congress.

Kenny Kent attends Naples High in southwest Florida, class of 2014. In school, he plays the tuba in Symphonic Band and the trombone in Jazzband. He is in Photography Club, Scholar Bowl, Asian Culture Club, and National Honors Society. He also ranks in the top ten of his class. Outside of school, he tutors students in math, plays in the local Naples Youth Jazz Orchestra, as well as helps run a website ( that sells Hawaiian shirts and men’s sportswear. In addition, he takes outside classes in computer programming and Mandarin Chinese. He was convinced to join JSA about a week before Fall State and when the time came for the dues for registration he was VERY reluctant to jump right into this thing. However, within the first few hours of the convention he knew for sure this was for him. Hundreds of his peers talking about real issues so peacefully, engaging in politics in such a real way, sharing for a purpose: this got him VERY excited. Right at Fall State, he attended a leadership meeting and started as an Expansion agent. He sees so much potential in JSA and he wants to contribute as much as he can to its advancement. He believes he can motivate and guide every one of us towards excitement and passion for this beautifully opportunistic organization and make us a HUGE deal.

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Summer School 2013 By: Gabe Corso

For over 75 years, JSA summer programs have offered dynamic and challenging academic experiences for young students who have an unbridled passion for the governmental system. They serve to prepare students for championing problems in their communities, the nation, and even the world. Hosted at some of the most accredited universities in the world, including Stanford, Princeton, University of Virginia, Georgetown, and even Capital Normal University in China, the programs create a college curriculum experience, spearheading leadership skills, interactive sessions with politicians, and hands-on learning with university level professors. The programs are specifically structured to develop a definite knowledge of history, politics, speech, logic, debate and ethical principles. A unique aspect of the programs is that much learning occurs beyond the classroom. The speakers program in particular is a chance for students to get up close and personal with leading politicians, journalists, and other intellectuals, like Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Ben Bernanke, Katie Couric, and Robert Gate. Students also get the chance to relax from their studies through a number of recreational activities. Campus facilities, such as swimming pools, basketball courts, campus bookstores, and student unions, are available to students during any free time. There also are a number of dances and social activities planned for the students. These include trips to New York City, San Francisco, and the museums and monuments of Washington D.C.! There are also opportunities to make off-campus trips on the weekends.

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Below I will go into a little bit more detail about each program specifically. Georgetown Courses: AP United States government, constitutional law, international relations, media and politics, speech and political communication. The Georgetown program places students in the nation's capital and provides an unmatched speaker series, that dives deep into American politics and governmental structure. For this reason, Georgetown is often the choice for students who have an advanced understanding of the political system. Stanford: Courses: AP United States government, AP macroeconomics, constitutional law, international relations, speech and political communication. Students enjoy the hands-on approach, working closely with faculty and I chemic coaches. Stanford is nested in Silicon Valley, A vast and vibrant urban center that houses technology giants, start ups, and everything in between. Princeton is often recommended for younger students, but this does not mean that older ones will not have a good time as well. Princeton: Courses: AP United States government, AP macroeconomics, constitutional law, international relations, speech and political communication. Princeton University, chartered in 1746, is one of the country's leading research universities. In addition to the Ivy League environment, JSA summer school at Princeton University fosters an environment for students to explore the beautiful world of politics. University of Virginia: Courses: AP United States history. The newest program offered by JSA summer schools, the University of Virginia AP United States history course sustains the ideal of developing, through education, leaders and scholars who are well versed in the subject area and ready to shape the future of America. Discover places where history took place at UVA, including Monticello, Montpelier, Mount Vernon, and the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond. Capital Normal University: Courses: Basic Chinese language and culture, modern Chinese history and government since 1920. Cultural excursions: The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Terra-cotta Warriors of Xian. Students attending the Beijing program will receive an unmatched experience in international relations and politics. The relationship between the United States and China is possibly the most important international bond in the 21st-century. Students have the opportunity for a first-hand look into the world's most dynamic economy. The JSA diplomat program is structured for students to observe and study a society engaged in massive and groundbreaking transformation.

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Chapter of the Year By: Raymond Rif

Every year during Spring State delegations assemble to ponder which chapter is most qualified and deserving to receive that year’s chapter of the year award. Power points, videos, slide shows, and brilliant speakers give it all they have to sway the judges one way or another, but to no avail. But do we even need such add-ons? It doesn’t matter if one chapter or another has the best computer whiz or orator. What matters is if the chapters running did something to benefit the Southeast State and JSA as whole. JSA’s official goal “is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society.” When chapters this year are presenting they need to address what they did to achieve this goal. How did they help the Southeast and JSA nationally? What makes them an exemplary chapter, one that should be emanated not only in the Southeast but also around the Nation? Winning the chapter of the year award is an honor bestowed upon the most exemplary of chapters in each state. Besides recognition chapters that receive the award also get rewards including a plaque, a $1000 scholarship to a JSA Summer School, a full scholarship to a Junior Statesmen Institute, one free private room per convention, and the prestigious opportunity to compete with nine other chapters for the JSA’s National Civic Impact Award. This is a great opportunity for all chapters in the Southeast, start preparing, follow the instructions in the Spring State Registration Packet and get ready to present. In less than one month the chapter of the year will be announced!

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Dressing for Spring State By: Kenny Kent

Lookin’ Freshie-Fresh for Spring State: What to Wear and What NOT to Wear MenGood day, gentlemen! We must discuss what swag we are breaking out for the big convention. I have done some style consulting and this is what we got. First off, dress code. Let’s dress like men, not boys. Boys dress casually, sloppy, and don’t care what they look like. Men, on the other hand, understand the importance of first impressions. Pants must be waist-high; we are not inmates in a penitentiary nor do we want anybody to see what we have underneath (unless you have some business boxers, but seriously). Our shirts and ties have to be free of wrinkles! Have mommy iron them before you pack and fold them tight; otherwise, iron them at the hotel. There is usually an ironing board in the hotel room. Shirts must be tucked in (with a belt) and you must wear a tie. The tie should be tied correctly and pulled to the (buttoned) neck. If you need help with this there are great videos on Youtube for “how to tie a tie.” Also, find a pair of dress shoes. Sneakers and even casual shoes like Sperrys will not do. Look at your outfits, but when it comes to color you cannot go wrong with black. Finally, no hats are necessary! (unless for religious purposes, which doesn’t include snapbacks) Now the fun part: what to wear! Let’s start from the bottom up. So you finally went out and bought a pair of nice black dress shoes, well now you need some socks to go with that sandwich. Do not wear white socks.... disgusting! Black socks are optimal, but if you’re like me and like breaking out the crazy socks then by all means. But try to find pants that are fairly lengthy to cover up as much as possible while you are seated. Pants that are well-hemmed and have a crease in the front of each leg are excellent. Usually you will want to wear pants that are the same color as your blazer or jacket, which is the case of a full piece suit, but you can get away with khaki pants and a black jacket. If you want to be hip, find suits and jackets that are more fitted; the oldfashioned, bulky and conservative suit jackets of yester decade are well... oldfashioned. The new styles for our generation tend to be thinner, fitted, and long. For shirts, when in doubt, pick white or light blue. White or light blue ALWAYS works and, with the jacket and pants, provides a great baseline for you to choose a tie. Thin ties are in! You will want a patterned tie ONLY if your shirt is plain; diagonal stripes are always flattering. Pick ties with at least one color that matches your jacket and/or pants. Try to add some of your personality to your style as well; with ties, socks, accessories, etc. Hope this helped some of you. Remember, dress to impress, yet leave room to express.

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Contact your leaders: Kathryn Edmunds- Governor Email: Phone: (954)-826-2895

Natalie Davison- Lt. Governor Email: Phone: (954)-918-9383

Jenny Chen- Chief of Staff Email: Phone: (813)-403-7122


Bancy Makavana- Director of Finances Email: Phone: (954)-980-9035

Costin Anghel- Director of Expansion Email: Phone: (954)-825-9303

Jessica Zimmerman- Convention Coordinator Email: Phone: (239)-961-3399

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Issue | Date David Jakubowicz- Director of Debate Email: Phone: (954)-319-2340

Laura Delaney- Director of Publicity Email: Phone: (941)-483-6140

Michelle Vereb- Director of Activism Email: Phone: (813)-210-5162

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JSA April Newsletter  
JSA April Newsletter  

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