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Rafting Grand Canyon Taking a 1 Day Smooth Water Rafting Tour By Jenny Capula I usually thought that whenever I wanted to go rafting the Grand Canyon that I'd would need to join a two-week mega-adventure. Well, that's just not the way it is. There are numerous day trips on the market and honestly they're very satisfying and extremely fun. The most famous 1 day rafting tours are at the South Rim inside the National Park. These are all-day trips and are accessible to all including kids 4 years of age and older. Choices include taking a plane or bus ride to Page, AZ, where you board your pontoon raft at the bottom of fabulous Glen Canyon Dam. The bus version of this excursion is cheaper than the airplane one. Both start off from Grand Canyon Village or from Grand Canyon Airport. The journey to Page is quite interesting. You go along the South Rim to the East Rim just before heading north past the Navajo Indian Reservation and the Painted Desert. The bus package goes straight to the Colorado River. The plane trip incorporates a Jeep side-trip to Antelope Canyon, an amazing landscape of unique, pastel-colored rock formations. To go to the banks of the river, you will need to drive through a two-mile access tunnel. These pontoon rafts are huge and can seat up to 19 people. They're loaded with an outboard motor and can essentially handle any sort of water conditions. That said, this is a smooth-water float tour, which means there are no rapids. The first major highlight is Horseshoe Bend, a beautiful curve in the Colorado River that is distinguished by bright orange sandstone and turquoise blue waters. This region has been photographed extensively and is known all over the world for its natural contrasts. This 1 day float excursion includes pulling out on a beach and taking an easy stroll to a cliff wall which has been etched with petroglyphs, an indication that ancient peoples settled and thrived in this region millennia ago. Many outings stop here for lunch. The total smooth-water rafting trip is 15 miles and ends at Lee's Ferry. Only an historic fort and an abandoned trading post still stand. There is a load of activity here, however, as it's here where all the big, commercial white water rafting trips begin.

You'll get on a climate-controlled luxury coach for the ride back to your lodgings on the South Rim. Look out on the return as you will be treated to an wonderful canyon sunset, which, in my opinion, is the ideal bookend to this incredible trip. There are lots of things to do at Grand Canyon National Park. But I think one of the best day trips is the one day smooth-water rafting tour, especially when you bundle it with a plane flight to the Glen Canyon Dam. The feeling of having accomplished something special pervades you after you complete this adventure. And it should. You've literally seen the canyon from top to bottom, and that is something not many people can claim.

Rafting Grand Canyon Taking a 1 Day Smooth Water Rafting Tour  

This article spotlights the 1 day Grand Canyon rafting tours available the South Rim, and includes a link wherein readers can go to book the...

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