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The Voice of Wildcats March 2015

Table of Contents Talk of the School

1 Misconceptions of Islam


How to Put on a Musical

3 Movie to See 2015


AP Tips and Tricks

4 How To Guide: Prom


What’s Wrong with Young-Adult Fiction?

5 Restaurant Review


Pros and Cons of Going to a Four-Year College

6-7 District Changes


Advisor: Mrs. Bratton Editor-in-Chief: Sophia Androlowicz Substantive Editor: Rachel Bontempi Media Editor: Olivia Dumas Publicity/Advertising Editor: Kira Newman Sports/Photography/Online Editor: Karen Rutherford Copy Editor: Yalda Saii Staff Writers: Tanin Barzanian, Allison Bhavsar, Justin Borjon, Konur Brown, Amelia Esteverena, Kara Herson, Amaria Majors, Samantha Nodine, Adrian Parker-Sleator, McKenna Sheetz, Megan White

Talk of the School

Dear readers,

Landscaping, Downtown Restaurant, and Noel Newman. We wouldn’t have been As you enjoy this, our 3rd issue of nearly as successful without all of your the 2014-2015 school year, I hope you help! consider joining the Journalism I class next I wish all of the actors and actresses year. I am a senior and have spent some of in the Spring musical, How to Succeed in the most enjoyable time of my high school Business (Without Really Trying), luck in career in I-4 with my fellow journalists. their upcoming performances, all of our In order to keep up the quality of our isWinter and Spring sports players success sues, we need lots of dedicated journalists, in their seasons, and all of our graduating graphic designers, artists, and writers. Seniors prosperity in their college and caPlease consider joining our team! reer endeavors! Along with a team, we need benefactors to support us. We would like to Have a great third quarter! thank the Woodside High School Drama Boosters, The Woodside High School Sophia Androlowicz Foundation, Joe Sheetz of Greenagain Editor-in-Chief

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How To Put On A Musical

A look into Woodside Theatre:

By Rachel Bontempi

Step One:


• Find an audition song and practice in advance. • Sign the form in the main office for a time slot. • Arrive 10-20 minutes before your time.

Once On This Island (2011)

Step Two:


Aida (2012) • Either bring sheet music of your song to be accompanied by Ruthie. the singing coach, on the piano or be prepared to sing acapella.

Step Three:

Callbacks Curtains (2010)

• Come in comfortable clothing–there are both singing callbacks and dancing callbacks. • For singing, just come prepared to learn some of the songs and to test your vocal range. • For dancing, come prepared to learn part of a dance and be able to repeat it back for Kim, the dance instructor, to inspect.

Step Four:

Rehearsal Seussical the Musical (2007)

Step Five:

Showtime Curtains (2010)

• Rehearsals can vary in length and for each individual. While some may only need to attend Wednesday 8-9 and Friday 4-6 (for example), others may need to come in each day. • Those with major roles need to be aware from the beginning that it is very demanding and very time consuming. “All the best performers bring to their role something more, something different than what the author put on paper. That’s what makes theatre live. That’s why it persists.” Stephen Sondheim


By Rachel Bontempi

tips and tricks

For students new to AP testing or those who need a reminder.

Things to have with you during the test:

To Do:

- More #2 pencils than you could ever need (as well as a sharpener) and several pens if the test you are taking requires one. - Snack. Some snacks may be provided but it is not a promise. Try to have a granola bar, water, or crackers. Avoid sugary snacks. - Jacket that is easy to put on or take off so you are comfortable no matter where you are. - Watch to keep track of the time (with no alarms!) - Calculator (If you are taking a Physics, Statistics, Calculus, or Chemistry test, you need an approved calculator. - Straight edge (for Physics test takers).

- Get at least eight hours or sleep both the night before the test and two nights before. - Eat a healthy breakfast at least an hour beforehand. (Protein galore! Food such as yogurt, eggs, nuts, and cottage chese are great) - Know where your test is and how long it takes to get there with traffic. You want to arrive roughly half an hour in advance.

Things NOT to have with you: - Your cell phone (if it goes off during the test, it will be confiscated and your test may be collected from you then). - Notes or scratch paper (they will provide any paper you need). - Watches with an alarm. Tips: - For math/word problems: show ALL your work–you may earn partial credit even if the answer is wrong! - Watch the clock, don’t waste time re-checking quesitons you’ve aleady done if you have more questions to complete. (Do what you know first before circling back to the harder questions.)

In preparation: - If you can buy a copy of the AP Practice Test books, they are great to have. Talk to your teacher about whether or not it is necessary to get a new copy or if you can buy a copy from several years ago. Some classes have not changed the AP requirements in years and you can save money by buying an older book. - If you don’t want to/can’t buy one, try the library or talk to your subject teacher. - Look online–there are plenty of practice tests you can take to test your knowledge for free! Note: Do NOT change your habits (sleeping or eating, especially) the night before a test. If you normally wake up at a certain time, do so. If you don’t normally drink coffee in the morning, do not do so the day of the test (you will be jittery and distracted). Stay to your normal routine as much as possible! Good luck!


What’s Wrong With Young Adult Fiction? A Lot. By Megan White

When people think of the Young Adult genre

of fiction, no one thinks the word “literature.” They picture books like Twilight and hiss like an actual vampire in the sunlight. This stereotype leads to many quality novels being dismissed as “YA” and cast aside. However, the sheer number of terrible novels out there in this genre is astounding, all of them drowning in love triangles, heroic adventures, and stereotyped characters. Consider this: Boy #1, Boy #2, and Girl are all best friends. Either Boy #1 or Boy #2 is in love with Girl. Boy #1 is the Chosen One. They must defeat Villain in a certain time frame, before Villain’s plans are carried out. How many books have this exact framework? Even the beloved Harry Potter series is underscored by a heavy use of classic tropes. The lack of representation in the genre is perhaps the most important issue. Almost every character is the same; straight, cisgender, white, attractive, and privileged. Clumsiness and introversion are considered main character flaws. How many girls are described as unconventionally pretty, uncoordinated, antisocial, and intelligent? Characters are impossible to identify with, as their flaws are never realistic and are often things like being too loyal, too nice, or too perfect. No author wants to describe their main character as ugly or fat, which becomes a huge problem as a thousand worlds are invented where no one but the villain is overweight or unattractive. Half of the stories depict girls becoming beautiful or skinny or generally “more attractive,” instead of learning to love themselves as they are. For young girls struggling with body image issues, this is extremely detrimental to their self-image. For the LGBTQIA community, the only characters that they can relate to are based almost completely off of stereotypes and clichéd storylines that almost always include a tragic coming-out story or something similar. People of color often find that their skin tone can only be related to food: the color of chocolate, of coffee, of cinnamon. Racial representation is almost as poor as it is in Hollywood movies. Children grow up reading about the same kind of person going on adventures, and are forced to wonder why no one ever looks like them. Overused story arcs are also part of the problem. For almost every series, the arc is the same. The first book sets the characters, and they go on some initial journey. The books in the middle

of the series are often revamps of the first, carrying the story forward with additional characters and a continuation and extension of the original journey. The final book will include a major war as the finale, where at least one beloved character will die a tragic death and the main character will experience a grounding moment that shows them what the original journey was all along. Romantic loose ends will be tied up and the future foreshadowed as the remaining characters carry on into their happily ever afters. Trends in this genre are like your favorite pop song: they start off original and exciting, and then get so overplayed that you turn off the radio the second you hear about another one. Currently, dystopian novels are all the rage. Books like The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, and Uglies all take place in disturbingly similar situations: an overpowering government and a special Chosen One destined to take it down. As a trend becomes popular, many authors jump on it, hoping that their novel will be the one that reaches the top of the stack. This is the basis for the piles of similar and poorly written novels. There are so many desperate authors hoping for their big break that popular books are liable to mimicry until someone else succeeds. Anything the young adult population seems to like is written in a thousand different ways, with very slight variations, in the hopes that someone will be able to make money. After all, with the movie and television industries booming, books are becoming less popular. Authors are extremely lucky to make a living solely off of writing. Of course they will take any opportunity they can to catch a break. Young Adult fiction could be a genre that takes over the world, if only the books were better. It is hard to get teenagers to like books intended for adults, but even grownups can enjoy a teen adventure story. The range of possible plots is much wider; how many dragons and unicorns do you get to see in adult fiction? Not enough, that’s for sure. If YA authors could move past pleasing the teenage demographic and just write for the sake of writing, many of these problems could be solved. For any aspiring authors, the answers are simple. Write nonconforming stories. Write diverse characters. Create your own trends, even if you aren’t sure they’ll succeed. With a little variation from the standard YA novel, 5 who knows what could become famous.

Pros an of Going to a

A look into the dilemma our grad are facing as they choose

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 6

Make a higher annual income than someone without a degree: On average, a person with a bachelor’s degree will make $55,500 annually while someone with only a high school education makes $35,000 annually. Get to experience independence: Most people who go off to a 4 year college are distancing themselves from their family for the first time, this experience has proven to give people the opportunity to get to know themselves better than they would be able to with parent supervision. Get more job opportunities: 43% of job openings in 2012 required at least a bachelors degree or higher. Helps you develop skills for a specific career path: If you are specialized in your field, you are more likely to get a job over someone who has a General Ed. Make lifelong friends: Living with people who are going through the same things you are creates a bond for life. Get to network for future advavncement: Joining a club, fraternity, or sorority will help give you advancement opportunities in the future; it helps to have connections! Get to experience a different environment: In college, the neighbor hood Jack in the Box may not be as close to your house as it is now. Classes are specified to your interests: Hate Chemistry but love English? After finishing your GE’s, the classes you take have to do with your specifically chosen major. Get to learn your limits in a safe environment (alcohol and otherwise): Being surrounded by friends and faculty concerned with your well-being reduces the change of an unwanted emergency.

nd Cons

By: Sophia Androlowicz

4-Year College

duating Woodside High School Seniors what to do with their futures Get an overload of respensibilitiy all at once: For those who are used to the constant “Remind” text messages, Schoolloop emails, and nagging parents, this all goes away in college, making the transition that much harder. Pay tuition and other expenses: The average cost of going to a public (in-state) college for 4 years is $39,4 00 and for 4 years at a private college it is $134,600. These price tags don’t include books, room and board, or meals. Pay student loans: In 2013, 70% of students left college with a student loan debt of $28,4 00. These loans follow students until they are completely paid off. No immediate income: Other than work study or part-time jobs, college students do not make a large annual salary. Diminishes time at home: Students who go off to college either out of state or a few hours away will not experience Sunday night family dinners as many of us are used to. No immediate jobs: College students usually only have the time or experience for part-time, not full-time jobs. Diminishes your prime acting years: The best years of a person’s life to break into the acting business are 18-24, and those directly over lap with the college years. Takes away prime military years: Most people going into the military have better chances of advancing their career if they enroll early. Cannot travel: While you are enrolled in college, unless it is a school organized “study abroad” program, there are no “vacation days” available for students.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 7

Misconceptions of Islam Yalda Saii and Tanin Barzanian There are misconceptions and stereotypes about everything ranging from religion to cultures to gender. These misconceptions can be often very offensive and lead to misunderstandings that are severe and unnecessary. One of the religions that has the most misconceptions is Islam. The common belief is that Islam promotes terrorism. From what one sees and reads in the news, it appears as though Muslims are behind most terrorist attacks. However, the actions of a few do not represent the majority, especially since there are around 1.6 billion Muslims. By that logic, all male high school students are dangerous because most of the students who start school shootings are high school males. Nothing in the Quran promotes any sort of violence against the innocent. As a matter of fact, one of its verses explains that if you kill an innocent person, it is as though you have killed all of humanity. Likewise, if you save an innocent person, you save all of humanity. Mr. Kaddoura, a math teacher at Woodside and practicing Muslim, states, “To label the Muslims as terrorists is, in my opinion, because of political reasons. Meaning, the people in charge, the media, the U.S. government, France want to portray the Muslims as bad so now you have a case against these people and now you can go and do whatever you want to them.” Another misbelief about Islam oppresses women. There is a difference between culture and religion or government and religion. In some particularly patriarchal cultures, men do have some control over women. This is separate from Islam. According to the Quran, women have 100% equal rights. In fact, they are often favored over men. Although in some countries there are mandatory hijab laws, this is again due to that country’s laws. A woman wearing a hijab is doing it by choice. They are also not worn to cease men’s arousal either but rather so that the woman is judged based on her character rather than her physical appearance. Islam does believe in complimentary family roles. Each person takes a different role--one spends time with the kids and the other works--however it does not restrain women from working. If they want to work then they are able to. Although they take care of the kids it does not mean that they are kept from the outdoors. The misapprehensions will not end: another is that Sunnis do not like Shi’ites and vice-versa. “When the prophet Mohammed died, there was a dispute over who’s gonna be the governor after him. Some

people thought it should be Ali, which was his nephew and his son-in-law. Some people thought that made sense because Ali was his nephew and Ali was one of his followers at a young age, Ali is one of the most knowledgeable ones, and so forth--you know, he has so many good qualities...some people thought, no, it should be based on whoever is qualified. It should have nothing to do with lineage. The prophet himself appointed one person to be successor as he was dying. Some people did not like this decision. When he died, the Muslims split. Those who wanted Ali to be the successor became the Shi’ites. The other ones said no, they do not want to go with Ali. Ali is great, but we’re going to go with what the prophet said or did. So they called themselves Sunnis” (Mr. Kaddoura). Obviously some people are going to be ignorant and intolerant of opposing views. Some Sunnis do not like Shi’ites and vice-versa but it is not the norm. The final misconception is that Muslims support all aspects of Sharia, or Muslim law, including the teachings about stoning and other criminal punishments, which many people consider violent. Of course, this is not the case. Similarly to how Christians do not support everything written in the Bible or everything they are taught, Muslims do not necessarily support every aspect of Sharia. That being said, it is important to realize that we also have capital punishment such as gassing and hanging. Rather than jailing, Islamic countries tend to stick to punishments that are done and over with. In a way, they follow the “eye for an eye” saying. It is also important to realize that not very many people are subject to these punishments. For example, not a lot of stealing goes on in Muslim countries because they understand and consider the punishment. To feed the stereotypes of violence within Islam, many people bring up stoning. When people are stoned for committing adultery, it has to be proven that they were committing adultery. If a man and a woman go into a hotel room, for example, and spend the night there, that is not considered proof. There is a chance they were not committing adultery. There needs to be four adults witnessing that the adultery took place. It is nearly impossible to prove that someone committed adultery unless they are actually in the action in front of witnesses. Until political tension eases, it is unlikely that these stereotypes will stop circulating; however, measures can be taken to gradually decrease the circulation, the most important one being education.


MOVies To SEE: 2015 By Tanin Barzanian and Kara Herson

Looking for a movie this year to see? Here are the top three movies that are most likely to draw the attention of teenagers and high school students.

The HunGer Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 The second part of the last installment of the Hunger Games Trilogy, Mockingjay Part 2, concludes Katniss’ and District 13’s war against the Capitol. In the cliffhanger of part 1, President Coin decided to take the war to the Capitol, and Katniss found out that Peeta has been “hijacked” and is now programmed to kill Katniss. With the Districts’ struggle against the Capitol, and Katniss’s struggle to set Peeta right, this film is going to be filled with action, violence, loss, heartbreak, and love. Katniss has to ask herself one question: What is more important, healing Peeta or taking down the Capitol?

The Divergent Series: Insurgent The orderly life Tris has always known has been destroyed; replaced by warring factions and mysterious secrets. Set in dystopian Chicago, Tris and her boyfriend Four are on the run from Erudite, the faction that killed her parents and continues to bring chaos to the world. While fighting for her life and trying to protect her loved ones, Tris searches for secrets that her parents died to protect and that Erudite will do anything to acquire. Tris is unique in that she is a Divergent, someone with a unique way of thinking about how the world works and is able to resist simulations. However, this special status makes her a target of Erudite and their insidious leader Jeanine, forcing her to continuously evade capture. In this second installment of the Divergent Series, Tris and Four undergo their mission that will forever change their future.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron After the release of The Avengers, the entirety of the Marvel fanbase (and other viewers as well) gave the movie critical acclaim, encouraging this second film to live up to its predecessor. Otherwise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe might as well hang up their tights and let D.C. Comics take over in the superhero film industry. S.H.I.E.L.D. has fallen and the Avengers are tired of taking care of all the messes in the world, so Tony Stark decides to build Ultron, an efficient A.I. that is meant to handle peacekeeping.

However, events take a turn for the worst when the self-aware Ultron decides that humans must be eliminated altogether in order for Earth to be perfect. The Avengers are forced to fight their own peacekeeping machine as Ultron sets out to destroy humankind. We look forward to watching the old team, along with some newcomers such as Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, band together to fight their latest and toughest supervillain yet.


How To Guide: Prom By: Karen Rutherford & Olivia Dumas

Date: May 2, 2015

Place: Regency Ballroom SF

Phase 1: Ask someone out “Prompospal� -It is 100% okay for a girl to ask a guy -Ask 4-6 weeks in advance -Ask in a cute way (the harder you try the harder it is for them to say no) -Ask someone who you know you will have fun with

Phase 2: Get Organized -Before you do anything figure out the logistics, like if you will be going in a group or solo -Get coordinated with your date, like color or dress/ tux, or corsage and bountier and tie -Make plans for photo taking locations and if you choose to go to dinner -Rent transportation

Phase 3: Shopping If you wear a suit -Rent a tux (one month prior to event) -Ask date color of dress -Tailor suit until you feel relaxed, not too tight not too loose (look professional) If you wear a dress -If you need alterations, buy it 6 weeks in advance

Phase 4: The Day Of -When you are getting your hair and makeup done, wear a button down so you can take it off easily -Eat before you leave for prom activities (t will probably be a while before you do eat something) -Pack a mini emergency bag with bobby pins, safety pins, thread and needle, and hairspray

Phase 5: Dance

ENJOY! 10 * For more advice and tips go to or The Woodside World Pinterest page

RestAurant Review: Milagros Cantina By Karen Rutherford and Kira Newman The smell alone, as we walked into Milagros, made me excited for the food. The server greeted us within five minutes, as the last person of our party arrived, we ordered drinks and started chatting. Our table ordered a variety of dishes. Karen ordered Spanish Albondigas ($9.00). It was a meatball with vegetables and rice inside, traditionally served in a broth. This however was served with a tomato sauce with crème on top rather than the broth. They had a kick of spice and were moist on the inside and were soft from being doused in tomato sauce on the outside. The crème balanced out the spice and gave

a refreshing taste. Overall, it was pleasantly spicy and tasty. Kira ordered a mushroom quesadilla that was filled not only with mushrooms but also with spinach and white cheese. There was a red sauce on the bottom of the quesadillas. On the sides there were small piles of guacamole and sour cream. There was a small kick of spice and the quesadillas were the perfect temperature. There was a lot of savory flavor, but the spinach was a bit overwhelming. Overall it was very delicious. We give this restaurant 4 out 5 stars.


Woodside High School Foundation Presents:

Online Auction April 4th -April 9th


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Gift Certificates

First bid frenzy:

Teacher Experiences

First bidder for each item will be entered to win an ipad mini!

For event & ticket information please visit: All proceeds benefit the academic programs at woodside high school


Based on a demographic study done by the Sequoia Union High School district in 2012, there is an estimated 18% increase of students within the next 5 years (Mercury News). This will mean an additional 1,500 students to squeeze into district high schools.


What does that mean for the Woodside community? Woodside High School specifically will be affected for three reasons: 1. MA would become the home school for the portion of East Palo Alto formerly assigned to Woodside. 2. A small portion of Las Lomitas formerly assigned to Woodside would move to MA. 3. Boundaries between Woodside and Sequoia will be shifted a couple of blocks along major boulevards (Roosevelt, Valota, Jefferson, and Alameda de las Pulgas).


Projected populations by 2020 with changes in place:


Page by: Kira Newman

Contributions by: Sophia Androlowicz and Rachel Bontempi

Woodside 2,080

M.A. 2,400

Sequoia 2,560

Carlmont 2,600

POPULATION 2,000 2,250



The high schools in the Sequoia Union High School District are predicted to experience serious numbers by 2020. In light of this, the district has chosen to tackle the population increase with two approaches: changing the school boundaries and adding two new high school campuses.

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Woodside world 2014 15 issue 3  

This is our March issue of Woodside World! Enjoy!

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