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CROSLEY RADIO-TRAVELLING TO THE RETRO ERA Summary- Crosley radio is an elite brand that produces world-class electronics that are brilliant in functionality and performance around the globe for decades.

There are several companies which manufacture and promote vast electronic items including the music electronic. Crosley radio is one such brand which is a dedicated manufacturer of premium quality electronics, especially catering to the field of music. The different forms of musical instruments used in olden times like the turntables and vintage radios have been graced by latest technologies of Crosley and better versions of them are available in the market. The musical instruments with a modern touch and retro designs includes portable suitcase type turntables and record players, record changers, multi- functional audio cassettes, CD players, jukeboxes, music boxes. The collection of Crosley radio presents abundant digital options with contemporary style that are preferred by the generation of this era too. Crosley is a renowned company that has crafted unusual gadgets for their customers. With its long list of quality products, now the company has brought turntable that is easily portable and can be kept in any surface. The Crosley’s extensive line of turntables ranges from antique reproductions to state-of-the-art USB-powered portable devices. With the recent popularity of vinyl records among the iPod generation, turntable production is on the rise. Crosley portable turntable runs on batteries and gets recharged easily. For the music lovers who want to travel with their music can take up this portable turntable. The Crosley replacement needle is used specifically for certain CD recording units. Made of highgrade ABS plastic composites, it provides thousands of rotations and a generous amount of optimal playing time. This versatile invention brought by the company can be placed conveniently on the side tables, counter tops or office tables. The chief attraction of a Crosley Jukebox is the remarkable retro look it brings to a room. The gleaming lights and bubbles ensure that these music players happen to be great conversation pieces in any room. Crosley manufactures some of the most elegant and ornate antique styled phones in the world. For anyone in the market for an actual wall phone, the Crosley Country Wall Phone is the way to go. There are many online furniture stores that offer wide variety of genuine Crosley products at affordable prices.