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Smart Green House

Plan a back yard a swimming pool a garage a living room a kitchen a dining room rooms bathrooms a study





Front Door on the right-hand side has ashoes cabinet

on the left-hand side has a bathroom and a storeroom

K i t c h e n


Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen Look from outside toward inside.

Dining Room two dining rooms one is big another is small they have different uses

for six people

Dining Table for four people

Living Room watch tv play games gossip with others have afternoon tea

three rooms two bathrooms study


Bathroom bath tub toilet wash basin beauty tiled floor

m o o r d e B r e t s a M

TV sofa soft bed

Master Bedroom Appliance

trees flowers dogs dog house swimming pool

Back Yard

enjoy ren d l i h c for lts u d a r fo

m i w S

l o o P g n mi

s r e Flow

Ma ilbo


Washing Machine Shoes Cabinet

Samrt Green House. comfortable safety commodious furnished with profusion and elegance