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Goodnight, Monster A Children’s Novel written by: Jennifer Schiller, Richard Robledo, and Jojo Shelton Illustrated by: The Internet

One evening at the Smith family home… Cindy glanced up from her phone and asked her daughter Maggie, “How was school today sweetie?” 1

Maggie paused her Youtube video and thought back on the day‌


“Fine.� replied Maggie, turning back to her screen.


Later that evening… Cindy tucked Maggie into bed, turned off her lights and said “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”


5 minutes later‌.


3 hours later‌.

A slimy green monster with red eyes and piercing teeth appeared out of her phone screen and said..

You must never turn me off! Or else you will become a loser‌


“You don’t want to be the only one not looking at their smart phone!”, said Monster


“You always have to know what they’re doing…” “And what about all the fun games?”


“Your cell phone is a part of you Maggie. It controls all your thoughts,� Warned Monster.


The next day at school… Maggie couldn’t focus, felt lazy, and even got in trouble for falling asleep during class and got a detention slip from her teacher. ¹


That night at dinner, Maggie had to tell her parents what happened earlier that day‌


The Fam Mom

Mom, dad, I fell asleep during class today.

Oh no! Why were you so tired?! The girls and I had a ton of stuff to discuss! Too important! Dad That’s very bad for you, you never get a thorough rest.² I’m sorry I’ll try to stay off my phone! Mom We’ll put it away in your closet so you’re not tempted.


Later that night after Maggie said goodnight to her parents and her phone… The Cell Phone Monster started calling out to Maggie… “MAGGIE, MAGGIE…” 13

Maggie wasn’t afraid of the monster. She walked into her closet, picked up her phone and yelled at it, “You, do not control me!” turned off the power button, and placed it deeply under a pile of socks. 14

The next day at school… Maggie couldn’t keep her hand down in class and had the best recess of her whole life! ³


Maggie’s parents decided to start a new rule: No phones at the

dinner table!

So every night, the Smiths eat together, with no disruptions or distractions. 16

And Maggie sleeps soundly, with no beeps, buzzes, or screen lights to wake her.


Notes 1. Crary, Jonathan. (2013). Late capitalism and the ends of sleep. 24/7 pp. 13. Brooklyn, NY: Verso. 2. DeWeerdt, S. (2013). The dark night. Nature, 497, S14-S15. Retrieved from =10361 3. Bauducco, S., et al. (2018). Longitudinal associations between time spent using technology and sleep duration among adolescents. Journal of adolescence, 66, pp. 112-119. Retrieved from

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Goodnight, Monster  

Goodnight, Monster