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QR Codes Alicia Bunting Morris Hill Elementary

Jenn Stuck Fort Riley Elementary

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes Explained bar codes: considered 1 dimensional— all you can do is scan them to look up a price QR codes: considered 2 dimensional—you can scan them and be linked to coupons, websites, and videos on the Internet.



CrEaTiVe eXaMpLeS American Red Cross

Times SquareNew York City

CrEaTiVe eXaMpLeS Disney-Japan

Discover LA Tourism Bureau


There are many different QR Code Reader applications for Smart Phones. Scan for iPhone Scan for Android QR Reader for iPhone

Generators A QR Generator creates a QR code for you to use. KAYWA

QR Stuff

QR Codes in Education Scavenger Hunts

Book Trailers for the Library

QR Codes in Education Interactive Bulletin Boards

QR Codes in Education Homework and Newsletters

Differentiated Instruction/ Centers

QR Codes in Education Quick access to favorite websites for students

School tours

Classroom coupons

Resources QR Codes in Education LiveBinder QR Code Voice Video-Black & White and Scanned All Over Additional Reading

TONS of Links!! The Daring Librarian Shorten links (before turning them into QR Codes)

FABULOUS presentation by Gwyneth Jones


Resources I n f O g R A P h I C s 12.9.2011



Scan the QR Code for a special message from Jimmy Fallon

Edible QR Codes Click each picture for more information.


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QR Codes-Tool Time  

Tool Time-QR Codes

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