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Through different seasons or challenging times, I’ve been able to choose to work harder and impact our financial story or take a step back and impact our relationship story. That means the world to our family.”

Miranda Perazzo Essential Storage Tote (4446) $28 2 (Charcoal Crosshatch w/ Apple in Red & Block Font in White)

See pg. 40

A ll-In Organizer (8495) $20 P (Dot Trio w/ Dotty Circle in Platinum & Lime Green; Camo Crosshatch w/ Antler Monogram in Brown & Platinum) ™

Senior Director

Napoleon, OH • Joined May 2012

See pg. 40

Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote (4451) $35 kP (Dot Trio w/ Rounded Font in Lime Green) See pg. 39

C rossbody Organizing Tote (9025) $38 P (Charcoal Crosshatch w/ Bracket in Deep Teal) See pg. 40

What Thirty-One items are essential on your outdoor adventures?

L arge Utility Tote (3121) $35 k2 (Cozy Plaid w/ Bear in Brown; Falling Feathers w/ Large Headine Initial in Violet; Mocha Crosshatch w/ Headline Font in White) See pg. 39

Top-A-Tote (4018) $10 k See pg. 39 ®

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Our family does not go anywhere without either the Essential Storage Tote or Large Utility Tote. We love that they can hold everything we need for any activity, plus they're durable and easy to clean. Inside you will probably find at least one thermal product or a Zipper Pouch with snacks, drinks, activities or all of the extra items we bring! Representations made about income should not be considered as typical or guarantees of your potential earnings or profits as a Thirty-One Consultant. Your success with Thirty-One depends on several factors, such as time devoted to your business, tenure and hard work. Not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Such amounts are before expenses, if any. For more information about what you can expect as a Thirty-One Consultant, please read our Income Disclosure Statement posted on the "Join Us" page at

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