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What is it? Some people write documents on many things. For that reason, it has been necessary to write their ideas; thoughts, etc. so we need to be organize managed. On the other hand, the ICT has emerged lately and it has allowed a new change in the lifestyle of people. However, this way anyone allows to share, to publish documents with this tool called SCRIBD. Also, it allows to write commentaries of the written documents. And it can be download documents to be read without the internet. Benefits Among them are: to Subscribers in a company where share interesting documents about news, update with the present. Besides, people can choose their readings or create a reading list; the documents can be downloading free. Therefore, SCRIBD is an useful tool to share contents with others reds as Facebook or twitter. Usage in teaching and learning This tool is necessary for teaching and learning, for it allows us to know diversity documents in the network to be read, share, publish, comments, and learn.

How can somebody access into it?  First, enter the web  Second, click sign up for a free account, then register your personal information (e-mail, password, others). 

Third, you have an account

and the network suggests add some people or find your contacts on SCRIBD. If you don’t want to add anyone you can click skip.

 Finally, login your account and watch: The network will ask you could you choose any document to share and publish. Then, here you start your participation in this network.


Jennifer Paola Garz贸n Carrillo Student

University of Cundinamarca, sectional Girardot Production of soft in English Rafael Alberto G贸mez Acosta VIII Semester


this is an useful tool for learning and teaching