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Executive Summary I

Company Description

I Company Description


Business Mission


Marketing Objective


Situation Analysis

It All Starts In The Kitchen, founded by Hannah Aylward in 2013, is a cutting edge concept in the world of natural nutrition, health, and wellness. IASK provides nutritional guidance to those who are unable to find the time or are unsure of what to do. The Company “cleanses� your kitchen - cupboards and refrigerator. Then, IASK accompanies you to the grocery store and makes it easy for you to shop healthily forever. This includes nutrition label analysis to learn why things are good or bad and what to look out for. Questionnaires are provided to ease the learning process and to make healthy adjustments. IASK does all of the work.

Industry Analysis SWOT Analysis


Marketing Strategy Target Market Strategy Marketing Mix Product Place Promotion Price


Implemenation, Evaluation, and Control Marketing Research Organizational Structure and Plan Financial Projections Implementation Timetable Summary

The objectives of IASK are to improve the health of our customers through simple lifestyle adjustments, expand to reach as large an audience as possible, become the leader in personalized wellness through quality and impact, and to generate a sustainable profit. The market for this business is enormous. Though it is saturated with competition, IASK provides a unique personal service that others cannot. Anemia, diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease are only some of the diseases caused by poor nutrition. With heart disease and cancer being the top two killers of Americans, a massive number of people need nutritional help, but cannot find it in the huge market of clutter. An initial financial analysis of the viability of this venture shows outstanding promise and potential. Statistics show that there are currently over 1 billion overweight adults in the world. The weight loss market is now estimated to

have reached over $60 billion and isn’t going anywhere but up. This is an “evergreen” market with unlimited upside. Opportunities for huge profits will depend on ease of implementation and uniqueness of offering. IASK has both. The keys to success for IASK are individualized personal attention, quality and efficacy; to offer insight into wellness that cannot be obtained anywhere else. IASK will utilize online marketing and virtual distribution of content, created in a local market with real-time testimonials and scalable results. We’ll provide excellent, unique content for low cost as well as offer additional personalized service for premium prices through pre-qualified permission based marketing.

II Business Mission The mission of It All Starts In The Kitchen is to make wellness easy enjoyable, and enduring. It All Starts In The Kitchen aims to remodel our client’s kitchens to ensure nutritional success and to forever embed the keys to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our client’s everyday lives.

III Marketing Objective The marketing objective is to establish an expert presence in the health market. As IASK combats a nation’s unhealthy habits it also plans to progress financially at a steady rate during the beginning phases of business. The health market is vastly growing and IASK plans to be at the forefront of the healthy business market by achieving the marketing metrics below.

Objective Metric: Maintain at least 80% of client base online by end of 2013 *IASK will maintain this percentage by continuously providing health education and valuable features for clients to view Objective Metric: *Increase global presence to all English speaking countries within the first five years *IASK will utilize online blog relationships in combination with ads and social media strategically placed online Objective Metric: *IASK plans to increase the average number of clients (households) to six by the end of 2013 *IASK plans to achieve the above by the growing popularity due to our marketing strategies. For our short term goal IASK plans to increase our local clients by the end of the first year.

IV Situation Analysis Trends In the last decade, there has been a widespread agreement concerning the need for reform in the American medical care system. But the problems of disease control have changed radically from 50 years ago when pneumonia, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases were among the leading illnesses and killers. Today heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory diseases, and accidents are the primary reasons for premature death and disability, which points to a need for a change in

overall lifestyle rather than a change in health care. Recently, there has been a reemphasis on the importance of behavioral and environmental factors in the health of individuals. One thing that greatly contributes to overall personal health yet is often overlooked is lifestyle, which physicians and health care professionals have little to no control over. This leaves the decision to live a healthy life up to the individual who may or may not know exactly how to be healthy or may not have time to invest in learning how to be healthy.

Target Customer


Strengths • personalized service • nutritional/healthy lifestyle • ease of use • online resources • improved quality of life

One of IASK’s biggest competitors is Brighter Day, a local organic health foods store who supplies fresh produce, vitamins, and supplements. Brighter Day’s website provides free information about nutrition and diet as well as healthy recipes. Another key competitor is the Holistic Health Center of Savannah, which emphasizes the role of nutrition, lifestyle, self-care, and prevention. Holistic Health Center’s website claims, “In today’s world, staying healthy is becoming harder and harder. At Holistic Health Center, we pride ourselves in how we help people change their lifestyles to one that is fit and healthy. Our goal is to provide a natural and/or chiropractic approach to general wellness and most specific heath concerns. We have dedicated our lives to naturally fixing the underlying problems of our patients through numerous protocols, adjustments, nutrition, and therapies.” In addition to Brighter Day and Holistic Health Center, food blogs are becoming more and more popular. Food blogs centered around healthy living provide advice from other people trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as free recipes and cooking inspiration.

Our Target Customer is Rebakah Parks, a 30 year-old, married mother of two. She is an occupational therapist that lives in the Savannah area. “A Day in the Life of Rebekah Parks” continues on the opposite page. SWOT Analysis

Weaknesses • High-end price point • Difficulty in penetrating market • Highly competitive market • Business is part of a cyclical industry Opportunities • There are no other personalized nutritional services in the Savannah area • More people are becoming concerned with personal health and healthy lifestyles • Creating a niche market in personalized health service • Can offer sales promotions to level out the affects of the cyclical industry Threats • Other health-related services (like nutritionists) also offer professional advice about health • Poor economy

Target Customer: Rebekah Parks 30 Years Old Married Two Children Occupational Therapist Savannah Resident

Liam is in bed and asleep by 7:00 pm and Olivia is in bed by 8:00 pm. Rebekah and Adam are asleep by 11 pm in order to wake up and start yet another busy day.

Rebekah and her husband Adam wake up at 6:30 am. Adam takes Jake, their golden lab, on a run, while Rebekah makes a pot of coffee. She then wakes her 3-year-old daughter Olivia and her 14-month-old son Liam in order to get them ready for daycare.

Rebekah drops off Olivia & Liam at the community center in her Honda Pilot at 8:30 and arrives at St. Joseph’s Hospital by 9 am. When she takes her lunch break, she goes to Panera and grabs a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, a diet coke, and an apple.

Adam gives Olivia and Liam a bath before bedtime and Rebekah indulges in a generous glass of wine and relaxes by catching up on her favorite T.V. show, Downtown Abbey.

After dinner, she gives Olivia a treat of slow churned vanilla ice cream and lets her put the sprinkles on herself. Rebekah decides to indulge in a scoop of ice cream as well and Adam enjoys a Shock Top beer.

Rebekah quickly throws together breakfast like whole grain waffle sticks with syrup and a glass of orange juice. While she juggles getting everyone ready for the day, including herself, she grabs a banana and a whole wheat English muffin on her way out the door.

When Adam gets home around 5:30 pm, Rebekah takes a shower and then starts making dinner for the family. Olivia and Liam are picky eaters so she makes Barilla plus spaghetti with marinara sauce with a side of corn.

When she leaves the hospital at 3 pm, she snacks on a granola bar and heads to the community center just in time for her spinning class at 4pm, which she attends 3 days a week. After class, she picks up Olivia and Liam and heads home.

V Marketing Strategy Target Market Strategy In order to reach our target market, IASK plans to establish relationships with businesses sharing common objectives such as Brighter Day, Custom Fit, Fitness on Broughton and Savannah Yoga Center. By establishing this relationship, IASK will connect with interested customers through referral. By reaching out to businesses where the target market can already be found, we can successfully access our target market. Marketing Mix Product It All Starts in the Kitchen is a personalized, nutrition service that provides nutritional guidance to those who are unable to find the time or are unsure of what to do. This includes consultations, questionnaires, cleaning and replenishing of the kitchen, and informative sessions. Customers will be able to change their lifestyles to promote optimal health while acquiring knowledge allowing them to be self-sufficient in the future. This will enable customers to better their lives as well as their family’s, gain peace of mind about the often stressful subject of health and weight, and potentially avoid many medical costs in the future. As a service based company, IASK cannot ignore customers’ attitudes and feedback. To receive a service quality that will satisfy the customer’s needs, the business must focus on having easy to understand registration, high level of delivery of information, providing 100% satisfaction warranties, and building strong relationships to develop positive experiences with each customer.

It All Starts in the Kitchen’s service line consists of: Plan 1, Plan 2, Supplemental Visits, Online Plan, Membership Services, and Online Access. All services will provide a plethora of high level, life changing nutritional information. Plan 1: In two hours, customers will redesign their kitchen for nutrition success, which includes: going through and cleaning out cupboards, refrigerator, freezer, pantry, etc. This comes with explanation and teachings about the items on stock, what is detrimental to their health and how they will able to fix that. This provides personal feedback of any information the customer would like to know and how they can improve their lifestyle. Plan 2: In about four hours, customers will go through the process of Plan 1 as well as be informed and taught how to navigate through the grocery store for optimal health. During this plan, customers will receive personal assistance and guidance while going through their local grocery store. They will agree with the health consultant on what items to choose to replenish their kitchen (cupboards, refrigerator, etc.). Supplement/Returning Visits and Check Ups: This service is scheduled as needed by the client to review anything the client is struggling with or needs more guidance on. This does not include going through the entire service all over again. Online Plan: $100 This service virtually redesigns the kitchen for optimal health. Customers will email Hannah personally with detailed lists of items/groceries in their kitchens, including up to 10 pictures, and their typical grocery list. They will receive feedback on what to stash and what to trash with recommendation on future grocery purchases. Customers are able to customize the plan with questionnaires to help IASK assess their needs to further simplify the health journey. The questionnaires include questions related to eating habits, eating styles,

lifestyle traits, etc. For additional support, customers are able to email Hannah personally to check up on progress and receive recommendations for a month after the service is purchased. Membership Services: Membership services include going through Plan 2 once a month for 3 months. Online Access: Customers will receive access to the It All Starts in the Kitchen private online community. This includes: • The IASK forum • Your own personal profile • Healthy living tips and tricks • Product reviews • Nutrition label analysis • Random webinars held by Hannah • As well as what already offers (Hannah’s Health Happenings, Typical Tuesdays, Farmer’s Market Picks, etc.) Place It All Starts in the Kitchen is headquartered in Savannah, GA. However, there is not a brick and mortar facility for the service. Any customers for the in person services will be located within a 50 miles radius of Savannah, GA. Over the next few years, IASK will expand to Orlando, FL, Chicago, IL and Austin, TX. These locations have been chosen based on demographics, relationships and the presence of well connected and trusted advisors at these locations. The actual service will be taking place in the customer’s home and, possibly, their local grocery store. The business operation will take place in the founder’s, Hannah Aylward, home office. As the company grows and expands to different locations, part of the business will

take place in the designated health consultants’ home offices. Given that the majority of profit comes from online sales, a huge factor in the business is our Internet presence. Online availability allows for huge growth in our marketplace. Services will take place via email and on At, customers will access the registration form and request their service. The website will offer a simple, clean and aesthetic ease of use. Customers will also be able to find IASK on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Through social media, IASK will establish an online presence and market to the public while gaining credibility and customers. Promotion In order to market IASK successfully, we will establish a relationship with health conscious businesses such as Brighter day, Savannah Yoga Center, Custom Fit, and Hollistic Health Center. These other businesses can inform their customers about what we do and grow our business via word of mouth. For online marketing, we will use google ads to promote the business in a fast and convenient way. The best time to promote IASK would be during its peak season in spring and the beginning of summer when customers are more inclined to eat healthier and find ways to look and feel their best. Seasonal and holiday discounts will be offered during the winter months in order to stimulate sales in a time of low growth. A 30-day money back guarantee will be offered as well in order to maintain customer satisfasction. Discounts include coupons that are available online, at grocery stores, and direct mai. IASK will also host special events at the farmer’s market where discounts will be offered to new customers.


Organizational Structure and Plan

Prices for the various plans are calculated based on level of individual service as well as online membership.

VI Implementation, Evaluation, and Control

As a start-up company, IASK currently has only one member on its staff, Hannah Aylward. As IASK matures into a stable, profitable organization, the need for employees will grow. The first foreseeable employee need is in the area of data organization and processing. The plan is to hire a data processor in early 2015 to allow Hannah to continue her consulting on a regular basis, while at the same time ensuring a steady supply of funds for continued development efforts. To obtain the financial flexibility needed to manage its cash flow successfully, the company will make contractors a significant component of its workforce. Contractors may be used in the following areas: website development, content creation, and marketing. To provide a management resource from which Hannah can receive regular advice and guidance, IASK has assembled a nonvoting, nonbinding advisory council to assist in decision-making, overall strategy, and execution. The advisory council is composed of four outside members who have made a commitment to provide their expertise and experience, free of charge, to IASK. Advisory members interact quarterly via teleconference.

Marketing Research

Financial Objectives

The company needs to keep abreast of two distinct segments in the marketplace: its clients’ needs and available solutions in the nutrition/fitness markets. It All Starts In The Kitchen’s (IASK), needs to understand its clients and their ongoing needs. This includes meeting current needs and forecasting future needs as the market continues to evolve. IASK must also maintain up-to-date and accurate intelligence on both current market offerings and planned initiatives. By doing this, it will be able to introduce products and services that complement new market offerings and will be less likely to offer products or services that compete for offerings already available from competitors.

The financial objective is to be financially solvent within the first three years of operation.

Product/Service Pricing Sheet: Service



Plan 1 (2 Hours)


$100 per visit

Plan 2 (4 Hours)


$100 per visit

Online Plan






Online Subscription $9.95 per month


Objective Metric • • • •

Sales of $9,814 by the end of 2013 Sales of $89,764 by the end of 2014 Gross margin of 73% by 2017 Positive cash flow yearly

The five-year financial projection plan (in U.S. dollars) for It All Starts In The Kitchen is:

Sales Revenue COGS Profit Headcount

Year 1 $9,814 $6,240 $1,902 1

Year2 $89,764 $26,880 $60,532 1

Implementation Timeline 2013 • The Company plans to have 8 clients (face-to-face) by the end of 2013. 2014 •The company plans to have doubled the amount of face-to-face clients as well as significantly increased the amount of online clients. The online clients represent recurring income without much cost. 2015 •The company plans to open up an office in Orlando FL, extending its reach to new customers. •The company plans to hire one part-time data processor and one full-time health consultant. Summary IASK continually monitors activities with current and potential clients. As a consultant in the industry, Hannah is always on the lookout for potential clients. She has set quarterly and yearly sales targets, and actual sales will be compared to these quarterly plans. Additionally, Hannah will continue her efforts to enlist at least 1 client (face-to-face) per month. However, it may take a qualified health expert to devote the time necessary to acquire new customers.

Year 3 $270,616.00 $80,960 $184,494 3

Year 4 $846,236 $192,840 $644,883 4

Year 5 $2,742,251 $736,080 $1,984,066 5

Additionally, by not being restricted to Hannah’s current relationships, a dedicated health expert could more readily identify potential IASK clients. Ultimately, the goal is to create a recurring sustainable seven-figure income. The hope is that, over the next five years, the small products/services that IASK has developed will generate cash sufficient to build a larger organization that one of the larger Nutrition/Fitness companies (e.g., Jillian Michaels) will want to acquire.

Employee Actions

Service Zones


Emotional Peeks

Time Period

Customer Actions

Physical Evidence




Goes on IASK Website to Register

IASK Website

Goes to customer’s house


Invites Hannah inside

Discovers website offerings


Sit down in dining room

Kitchen Table

Sit down in dining room

Farmer’s Market picks

Typical Tuesdays

Hannah’s Health Happenings

Discuss process in person

Discuss proess in person

Finds Registration Form

Goes in kitchen with customer

Go to kitchen with Hannah

Fills out Registration Form


Go through customer’s food

Go through in home Nutritional Experience

Cabinets Refridgerator Freezer

Listen to Hannah’s nutritional facts



Online Plan

Kitchen Plan

Salty foods?

like sweets?


Explain what current foods are unhealthy for kids

Take Customer to grocery store


Leave house with Hannah

Snacking late?

How much snacking?

Take Notes

Paper Pen

One Time Service Kitchen+ Grocery Plan


Take Questionaire

Billing Information

What Service

Online Plan

Kitchen Plan

Kitchen+ Grocery Plan



Fruit Roll ups

Cheif boyardee



Drive to grocery store in Hannah’s car

Receives email from Hannah within 24 hours

Set up Profile

Explain how to improve food lifestyle

Walk through food isles

Continue nutritional experience in store

Stay on outer isles



Teach customer the health benefits of foods

Store Food Cart

Find new healthy groceries

Emails Current Typical Grocery List

Check new features

Grocery Store

Walk through store gaining more nutritional knowledge

Hannah emails back with into to self/program





Profile Picture

Load cart up with fresh food

Take customer back home



Drive back to house

Schedule a time to meet in person


Nutrition analysis

Tips and Tricks

Product Review

IASK forum

Organic Eggs

Almond Milk

Lean Meat

Organic Vegetables


Unload groceries

Service Journey Map

Take customer to check out

Sit down in dining room with customer

Kitchen table

Sit down in dining room

Discuss final questions/ comments

Final Questions/ Comments of experience


Leave customer’s house

Say Goodbye to Hannah!


Post Reviews


Join Twitter/ Facebook Group

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Marketing plan behance  

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