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Lewis Aquatech has built a plethora of outdoor living spaces at homes throughout the Washington DC area, and no two are alike. Each outdoor living space is professionally designed and appointed, with every luxury incorporated from personal swim jets to high definition outdoor televisions.

Unparalleled Experience

Transforming your outdoor living space from ordinary to extraordinary is a delicate process from start to finish. It requires a keen attention to detail and constant communication. Lewis Aquatech provides not only a beautiful outdoors, but an exciting and memorable experience.

Unmatched Flexibility

Designers work with every client to get the feel they desire for their project. The perfect space for each client is achieved by mixing and matching multiple options and design elements. Whether you want your space to be simple or extravagant, we can design, build and service it for you.

Unsurpassed Service

Consider it done. Our service department is full service and can often address an issue within hours. Whether it is a repair, an upgrade or regular service, Lewis Aquatech is here to serve you.

Undeniable Value

Lewis Aquatech only uses products that we know and believe in. Every material we use has been hand selected by experienced professionals. We understand that your outdoor spaces are an investment for the present and future. With our designs, craftsmanship, and service, you can be confident your investment will last.

The possibilities for your backyard are endless. We can make your dreams come true as well as help you dream. Our designers are not only dreamers but listeners as well. Together we can make it all happen.

Purcellville, VA

THIS IS THE LIFE Shell Shaped Spa with Soothing Water Fountain

We have all dreamed about a magnificent outdoor space, with an infinity edge pool spilling toward a beautiful fireplace and sitting area. Or of relaxing in your personal heated spa. We wonder who has that? Well, how about you? Lewis Aquatech can design and build the perfect place for relaxation, exercise or entertaining. From outdoor kitchens bathed in granite to marbled baths and exquisite pools, our living spaces are destinations in their own right. Our outdoor living spaces are architectural statements with flawless finishes; no detail is overlooked. Every convenience is provided.

Rectangular Pool with Shallow Wading Area for Younger Swimmers

Custom Pavilion with Outdoor Fire Place

Lewis Aquatech can also help you decorate your new space. Our designers can help you choose elegant items to decorate and enhance your outdoor space. From pool tiles and finishes to outdoor appliances and furniture, we can help you find exactly what you want.

How would you like to have your own paradise in your backyard? Cool off in the pool, relax in the spa, and entertain late night in the pavilion.

McLean, VA

2006 Aquatech Gold Award-Residential Concrete Unique Design

2008 Aquatech Best in Show - Residential Concrete Freeform



2010 Aquatech Gold Award - Outdoor Great Room


Commenting on the Aquatech Society: “If there is a moral to this story, it is about never taking short cuts, and about feeling comfortable with your choices. Aquatech builders know that integrity, reliability and quality are what make any company a success and make a pool builder a company that can be trusted”


“Worked on building an outdoor pool, spa, pavilion and landscaping. Wonderful project and we are having lots of enjoyment out of using our backyard paradise!! Great Job Lewis Aquatech” Harding Family, VA

2010 Aquatech Silver Award - Outdoor Great Room

2009 Aquatech Silver Award - Residential Concrete Unique Design


“Great Company Thank you for making it happen. Wonderful job Lewis Aquatech. Our landscape and pool project is wonderful. We’re enjoying all of it.” Keane Family, VA


2010 Aquatech Bronze Award-Residential Concrete Vanishing Edge

Proud Members of

AQUATECH The nations most highly regarded society of pool builders, outdoor designers, and retail professionals.. Established in 1962, Aquatech has elevated the standard for outdoor design.

Don’t Take Our Word For It. Lewis Aquatech, founded in 1947, has established itself as one of the Washington, DC areas premier builders. Redifining the outdoor living area, Lewis is proud to have been recognized in several articles and with numerous prestigous awards. The Aquatech society has been honoring supreme work over the past decade. We our proud of our work and Aquatech agrees.

2007 Aquatech Gold Award - Residential Concrete Unique Design

2008 Aquatech Gold Award - Outdoor Great Room


“We hired Lewis to design our backyard. It included a pool, spa, pavilion and stone work. It’s absolutely stunning!!!!!! Their work is beautiful. Our Project Manager worked with us closely to make sure we were on time and on budget. Great Job Lewis, Thank you for such a wonderful paradise” Jill Kirkland Great Falls, VA


2010 Aquatech Gold Award Residential Concrete with Automiatic Cover

2009 Aquatech Gold Award - Outdoor Great Room

2010 Aquatech Silver Award – Commercial Water Feature

2008 Aquatech Gold Award - Residential Concrete with Automatic Cover

2008 Aquatech Silver Award - Spas & Hot Tubs

2010 Aquatech Gold Award - Pool Renovation

2009 Aquatech Bronze Award - Outdoor Great Room

2010 Aquatech Silver Award - Indoor Pool


“We hired Lewis Aquatech to build our pool, spa, retaining walls and patio. They have an excellent staff and we are delighted with the outcome. We'll enjoy our surroundings for many years. THANK YOU LEWIS AQUATECH!!!” Bill C.

2007 Aquatech Silver Award - Spas & Hot Tubs


2010 Aquatech Best In Show Residential Concrete Freeform (>751 sqft)

2008 Aquatech Best in Show - Residential Concrete Above Ground Pool

2007 Aquatech Silver Award - Commercial Fountains

2010 Aquatech Silver Award Residential Concrete Traditional (>601 sqft)

2008 Aquatech Silver Award - Residential Concrete Traditional

Your home is an expression of yourself and nothing says more about your way of life than a beautiful outdoor space.


Custom pools come in endless shapes. Your property and the lifestyle you wish to have around your pool will have significant bearing on the shape you choose. Lewis Aquatech can build any shape of pool or spa you are looking for.

Freeform Pool A freeform pool is a lagoon style pool or naturalistic pool. It usually has rock features and is built to mimic an oasis. Freeform pools have been popular throughout the country for many years.

Geometric Pool Geometric pools usually have very straight lines or a consistent radius and are typically more traditional looking

Lap Pool Lap pools are typically narrow and long, usually over 50’, to facilitate exercise and swimming for health and fitness.

Where Do You Want Your Oasis To Flow? Have you ever wanted a pool that lies softly in your backyard, with water smooth as glass and the edge of your oasis softly merging with the sunset? The edges of your pool can generate the exact feel you have dreampt of. Negative edge pools are getting more common and require an expert, like Lewis Aquatech, to build. They are also referred to as infinity swimming pools or infinity edge pools. These overflows can provide a very peaceful and rhythmic melody in your backyard. Another up and coming perimeter that is quite elegant is what is known as a wet edge. It provides a smooth sleak look for those looking for that exact moment where water meets hardscapes. The edge is a crisp and beautiful element that adds that extra quality your pool is looking for. The traditional look of coping has reached a point where it is now far from traditional. With the techniques and styles that Lewis Aquatech has mastered, coping not only serves as a border, but an expresive and exciting design element.

Spas Gunite spas are undoubtedly the most luxurious addition to a pool – the look and feel is simply exquisite. As is with a gunite pool, a spa can come in any shape or size. Be it for looks or for health, a gunite spa is the perfect place to soak away the stress of everyday life and to accomplish it in a setting of serene elegance. Many varieties of hydro therapy heads, retractable telescopic fountains, fiber-optic lit water features, natural stone waterfalls, raised walls adorned with statue or sconce fountains, color changing under water lighting, and countless others breathe functionality into your spa. A gunite spa is so much more than hot bubbles in your yard. To truly appreciate the vastness of possibilities, let our design team create a custom designed spa, tailor-fitted to you and your needs.

Water Features Custom water features add an element of peace and tranquility to your poolscape. A great pool is often realized by the water within – it’s appearance, reflections, how it refracts light and color. By adding a vertical element of moving water, the design can spring to life and almost become a work of art. There are many types of water features to choose from, and the effects they can create are seemingly infinite. They are simple to install during construction and are super impressive when finished. Waterfalls are only the beginning of our vast array of features. The following are a few more of our impressive water feature options.

Laminar Jets These impressive jets can shoot up to 7’ high and 8’ into your pool with a smooth arc of water. Lewis Aquatech can even add fiber optic light providing color that travels throughout the stream of the water to create your very own nighttime show! They can be hidden in shrubs or planters and send arcing or falling water into the pool.

Sheer Descent Waterfalls Lewis Aquatech offers Sheer Decent Waterfalls or more commonly called sheet falls, which are a smooth ledge of water falling over an edge. These can be installed in any pool and come in an exciting array of finishes.

Rock Waterfalls Lewis Aquatech can create a backyard of your dreams with rock waterfalls. These striking water features can be adjusted from a quiet trickle to a thundering river. Planters and foliage complete the effect of your own backyard jungle oasis.

Working with Lewis Aquatech assures you of both aesthetically and economically pleasing results that extend your living space to the outdoors. Your swimming pool should be designed with architecture in mind so that the overall concept has balance, practicality and beauty.

Pergolas Pergola – An arbor formed of horizontal trelliswork supported on columns or posts, over which vines or other plants can be trained. Pergolas are beautiful structures made from posts, beams and rafters and are functional and decorative in any outdoor space. Pergolas can be freestanding, but can also be attached to decks or homes as well. Attaching a pergola to a deck or home can instantly extend your living space by several feet and allow you to enjoy summer days on your patio protected from the elements.

Warm. Beautiful. Enticing. Fireplaces should look amazing and create a focal point for your outdoor space. You want your fireplace to take center stage, looking balanced and matching your dÊcor perfectly. The great thing about stone fireplaces is that they never go out of style. Whether your home has a French, Asian, or Italian influence, is decorated with informal country styling, or has a clean line, contemporary look, a stone fireplace create a beautiful enhancement. Another nice thing about stone fireplaces is that the stone can be made from a number of natural resources. For instance, limestone, granite, rock, stone, and marble are all options. Depending on the type of stone that you choose for your fireplace, you will have a wide selection of colors from which to choose. Under the fading light of a gorgeous October day, your family can gather around a beautiful outdoor stone fireplace. These fireplaces are an inexpensive way to add flair, style, and beauty to your home’s outdoor space. Crafted out of natural stones, an outdoor stone fireplace can be the perfect place for your friends and family to gather around on cool frosty evenings. Stone is long lasting and non-combustible material, which is perfect for constructing an outdoor fireplace. In addition, this versatile material is weather resistant that can be formed and shaped to suit any outdoor design from contemporary, rustic, to classic. Many outdoor door fireplaces have beautiful massive stone beams or rock columns while other may have simple mantels.


There are various ways to introduce a fire element into your backyard and bring with it the energy and warmth. A beautifully constructed stone fire pit creates the perfect place for family and friends to gather during all seasons.


Landscaping Our landscape architects and designers create unique master plans and architectural drawings which bring together your wishes with functional yet artistic designs. From projects as simple as adding a beautiful trellis or floral design to your yard, to more complex projects involving complete garden renovations, Lewis Aquatech provides design services to meet your specific needs. Our staff will start with a complete site assessment and then will work with you to enhance your property and bring your ideas to life.

Landscape Design Our skilled professional designers offer complete design services from conceptual sketches to exquisitely detailed master plans. Our design process always begins with listening closely to the client’s ideas, goals, concerns, needs and budget

Landscape Plantings Our complete landscape installation service includes extensive bed preparation and soil amendment, selection and placement of high quality plants and materials, and exact detailing.

Hardscapes We offer complete landscape construction services which include: full masonry stone walls and patios, dry-laid stone work, brick, paver and stone patios, walls and walkways, paver driveways, arbors and pergolas, building outdoor structures and creating outdoor environments complete with fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.

Water Features Lewis Aquatech specializes in creating all types and styles of water features including waterfalls, natural ponds, formal pools, fountains, bubblers and more. Whether you want a subtle or highimpact water feature, water adds new dimensions of movement and pleasing sound elements to your garden.

Outdoor Lighting Landscape lighting provides an entirely new dimension in your landscape. Lighting also extends the usability of outdoor entertaining and traffic areas (patios, paths, driveways etc), it adds to the security of your home and can provide intense or, very subtle and elegant visual enhancements. Lewis Aquatech is well equipped to handle all of your lighting needs.

Decking A pool deck is the foundation of an outdoor living area. Lewis Aquatech designs decks to be functional, while contributing a great deal to the design and decor of your swimming pool space. You may call it a deck, patio or surround, ultimately, though, it is what you will use to get in and get out of your pool while using it to lounge, eat and relax. A pool deck can be built out of concrete, wood, natural stone composite or brick pavers. The options available for materials are practically endless. In addition, Lewis Aquatech is always exploring new materials such as Chinese granites, Turkish limestones and Brazilian hardwoods.

From the simple to the extreme, a homeowner can transform an uninspired outdoor space into a family’s favorite hangout—all it takes is imagination and knowledge of what is available.

Dining Areas Enjoying a comfortable meal outside can be relaxing and refreshing--a pleasurable way to celebrate beautiful weather. Outdoor dining can be stylish as well as practical. Placing a seating area under a pergola or pavilion can give you a place to relax or entertain in your outdoor space. This gives you the option of choosing to dine indoors or moving your dinner plans outside. Install a waterfall in the yard so that outdoor dining is accompanied by the serene sounds of gently running water. Extend your dining area with a nook that is placed outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchens Your outdoor kitchen design will reflect your taste and needs. How elaborate it will be, will depend on what features are important to you and your family. This may often be impacted by how often you cook outdoors and what you can afford. If you cook outdoors only occasionally, you can keep things down to a bare minimum. However, if you cook outdoors as often as the weather will allow and you live in an area with good weather most of the year, you may be justified in going all out. Another important factor is that with the increase in the popularity of outdoors kitchens, combined with the current trend in real estate prices, means that the return on investment associated with these features has increased drastically. You can now count on a return on your investment that is at least 100% of your cost. Depending on the complexity and functionality of your design, you can actually make money on an outdoor kitchen, as much as 200% or more of the initial cost in some cases. In order to maximize your return, it is important to add features with wide appeal. Covers or roofs, heating elements or outdoor fireplaces are important. Just like with a pool, the level of comfort directly affects the usefulness. The more comfortable everyone feels the more enjoyable the experience, the more often you’ll wish to cook or entertain outside.

Fountains Originally, the word "fountain" referred to a natural spring or source, but the term “fountains� has come to mean an artificial structure designed to contain and move water, providing people with refreshment, and aesthetic pleasure, or both. The solid sculptural or architectural fountain structure is designed to manipulate and shape the fluidity of water into delicate or grand jets and sprays, or to channel it into refined or thundering flows and falls, whether into garden fountains or wall water fountains. Fountains can be divided into two categories: those where the statuary of the structure dominates and those where the water is the primary feature. In fountains for the architectural observer, cultural framework is foremost, the water plays a supporting decor role, animating and enhancing the central structure. In other fountains, the aesthetic impact depends chiefly if not exclusively on the rise and fall of water, either as a singular jet or as the sequential choreography of various water movements.

Lewis Decor Concierge Services Let us help you find the perfect theme for your Outdoor Oasis. The services we offer include: Exterior Furnishing Design Services • Procurement, delivery and decorating all of the details of an exquisite outdoor living area • Computer generated modeling of selections • Services include furnishings, pots, lighting selections, artwork, pool pavilion décor, outdoor kitchen selections, etc…. Furniture Renovation and Enhancement • Refinishing of weathered outdoor furniture • Replacement of old cushions with patented drain system cushions • Accoutrements to completely renovate your outdoor space Interior • • •

Décor Services Interior space plannign and design Computer generated design of furnishings, window treatments, rugs and tile designs Material specification, project management and procurement of all selections

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