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As an Acupuncturist, I have had the unique privilege of helping people through their toughest health issues, many of which have involved traumatic injury. Having been through a traumatic injury myself when I was hit by a drunk driver, I understand firsthand the strength, the patience, and will power required to get through such a difficult experience. I was pleased to discover all of the ways that Acupuncture and Herbs helped me throughout my healing process. The pace and outcome of my recovery exceeded the expectations of all of my Western Doctors. I credit most of my healing success directly to Traditional Chinese Medicine. My experience of having been seriously injured, and of having healed from that, along with my clinical training, uniquely equips me to be able to assist others with their healing whether it is from a Traumatic Injury, Acute and Chronic Pain resulting from other factors, as well as a number of other conditions that Acupuncture can be very effective healing. Some of these include

Headaches, Stress, Anxiety, Metabolic Disorders, Weight Loss, Facial Rejuvenation, Hyperhidrosis, Infertility, Chronic Pain, and much more.

Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation (CFR) I learned Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation from Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, who is a pioneer in this field. CFR is sometimes referred to as Face-lift Acupuncture because of its renewing effects on the face. While CFR does not change bone structure, it is a safe, painless and effective treatment to erase fine lines, reduce deeper lines, and firm bags around the neck and eyes. CFR is a non-invasive procedure that is less costly than surgery. There is no recovery time needed, it’s more like having a day at the spa.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been growing in popularity to address many issues, including weight loss. The way that TCM tackles weight loss is like anything else, by restoring your body to its natural, balanced state. There can be myriad factors contributing to your imbalance,

such as metabolic factors, emotional factors, or even pathological factors such as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I will determine your particular imbalance on your first visit by doing a thorough health history and intake, including pulse and tongue diagnosis. From there I will design your tailor-made acupuncture treatment to balance your system. Chinese Herbs may also be employed to help restore and maintain balance in between acupuncture sessions. If there are dietary, exercise, or lifestyle habits that influence your condition, I will make suggestions to aid with that as well.

Jenn Keys Specialties After graduating, I spent the next 6 years working in Community Medicine. I worked at several Drug Rehabilitation Clinics, Homeless Shelters, and other low-cost clinics. It was a joy to work with this population on many levels. They were often people struggling against impossible odds yet found an inner strength to persevere. Their medical conditions were usually quite advanced and therefore quite severe, so I was able to see how valuable Traditional Chinese Medicine was at helping these complicated diseases. This experience has strengthened me as a practitioner and shaped my areas of expertise. Below are some of the more common conditions I specialize in.

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Best health treatment services provide  

As an Acupuncturist, I have had the unique privilege of helping people through their toughest health issues, many of which have involved tra...

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